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Woodland Place New Home Sales Report January 2020

Woodland Place is a new construction neighborhood on the east side of TallahasseeWoodland Place is located just a few minutes east of downtown Tallahassee, out Apalachee Parkway.

Offering new construction homes each with 3-bedrooms and 2-baths for less than $300K, it's not surprising that this 46-home neighborhood is nearly sold-out in less than two full years.

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Woodland Place Schools

Woodland Place falls within the following Leon County Public school zones:

Our report also includes all graphs that compute trends for home prices, home values, and home sizes. Additionally, we have included a table of all home sales in Woodland Place going back to the first sale in 2018.

If you plan on selling or buying a home in Woodland Place, all the information you need is right here.

For each of the three real estate graphs found below, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Woodland Place).

Woodland Place Home Price Trends

As a newer neighborhood with the final few homes remaining before the sell-out, expect to see home prices move higher as this neighborhood remains in high-demand. The average price of a home sold in Woodland Place in 2019 was up less than 1% to $269K.

Woodland Place home sales are very active as these brand-new homes priced below $300K are in high demand. Currently, the builder has the final four new construction homes for sale in Woodland Place and one of them is already under contract with a buyer.

Home Value Trends In Woodland Place

Average home values in Woodland Place were 6% higher in 2019 than were the average of the two homes sold in 2018.

As this is a brand-new neighborhood, values were set by what the builder (Premier Construction) felt they could charge and still produce the sales volume they desired. I guess a 2-year sellout met with their approval :).

There has been just one resale so far in this two-year-old neighborhood, and if it is any indication of where values are going, expect to see them going higher. The one resale was held for 16 months but sold for 12.6% more!

The 41 homes sold in 2019 had an average value of $175 per square foot.

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Woodland Place Home Size Trends

The average size of a home sold in Woodland Place will likely range from 1,400 square feet to 1,700 square feet.

The 41 Woodland Place homes sold in 2019 were measured at an average size of 1,539 square feet.

Woodland Place Home Sales

The following is a list of all the home sales in Woodland Place going back to the first one in 2018.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
5598 Leaning Oak Trail$307,145$1862020-02-1120191,650New
5610 Leaning Oak Trail$299,013$1812020-02-0620191,650New
5592 Leaning Oak Trail$305,320$1852020-01-2820191,650New
1146 Willow Crossing Dr$276,357$1752020-01-1520191,580New
1119 March Road$284,900$1802019-12-3120181,580Resale
1129 Willow Crossing Dr$278,525$1762019-12-1820191,580New
1123 Willow Crossing Dr$284,794$1802019-12-1720191,580New
5563 Leaning Oak Trail$286,540$1812019-11-1520181,580New
1158 Willow Crossing Dr$272,129$1722019-11-1220191,580New
1141 Willow Crossing Drive$280,215$1772019-11-0820191,580New
1147 Willow Crossing Dr$266,900$1692019-11-0520191,580New
1164 Willow Crossing Dr$280,448$1782019-11-0520191,580New
5593 Leaning Oak Trail$274,279$1742019-10-2220191,580New
1170 Willow Crossing Dr$274,198$1742019-10-1120191,580New
1153 Willow Crossing Dr$280,423$1772019-10-0920191,580New
1159 Willow Crossing Dr$270,938$1712019-10-0820191,580New
1135 Willow Crossing Dr$294,161$1862019-09-2620191,580New
1193 March Road$262,328$1812019-09-1320191,450New
5587 Leaning Oak Trail$273,208$1732019-09-0920181,580New
1099 Willow Crossing Drive$270,908$1712019-08-2920181,580New
1128 Willow Crossing Drive$280,479$1782019-08-1420191,580New
1106 Willow Crossing Drive$282,443$1792019-08-0820191,580New
1122 Willow Crossing Drive$274,683$1742019-07-1920191,580New
1134 Willow Crossing Drive$273,908$1732019-07-1920191,580New
1185 March Road$266,100$1842019-06-2620191,450New
1145 March Road$256,705$1772019-06-0720191,450New
1165 Willow Crossing Drive$270,408$1712019-06-0620191,580New
5599 Leaning Oak Trail$276,331$1752019-06-0620191,580New
5551 Leaning Oak Trail$255,900$1762019-05-1520181,450New
5581 Leaning Oak Trail$266,900$1692019-05-1420191,580New
1137 March Road$257,856$1782019-04-1720181,450New
1129 March Road$256,371$1772019-04-1220181,450New
1171 Willow Crossing Drive$271,085$1722019-04-1220191,580New
1123 March Road$258,196$1782019-03-2620191,450New
5575 Leaning Oak Trail$268,676$1702019-03-1520181,580New
5569 Leaning Oak Trail$279,900$1702019-03-1420181,650New
5556 Leaning Oak Trl$255,400$1762019-03-0820181,450New
1199 March Road$258,619$1782019-03-0120181,450New
5557 Leaning Oak Trail$258,262$1782019-02-1520181,450New
1111 Willow Crossing Drive$253,110$1752019-02-0720181,450New
1105 Willow Crossing Drive$268,251$1702019-01-2520181,580New
1177 March Road$251,054$1732019-01-2420181,450New
1117 Willow Crossing Dr$248,001$1712019-01-2220181,450New
5609 Leaning Oak Trail$268,920$1632019-01-2220181,650New
5550 Leaning Oak Trl$251,883$1742019-01-0920181,450New
1100 Willow Crossing Dr$281,055$1702018-11-0220181,650New
1119 March Road$253,073$1602018-08-3120181,580New

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