Will Roberts

Will Roberts Tallahassee Realtor

Will was born in North Carolina and grew up in Central Florida. In 1992, Will, in his eighth grade year, entered the family business and began training as a home designer at South Lake Residential Design, Clermont FL. He continued to design homes in the Orlando area through high school and into college during the great housing boom of the 90’s.

After college in Florida and Virginia, Will went on to found customizedhomeplans.com in 2004. Owning one of the first online businesses dedicated to totally custom home design services, he has had the chance to work one-on-one with homeowners and builders all over the country from coast to coast and Hawaii (even internationally including Canada and Cameroon). During this time he has been involved in various property investments and many building projects in Central Florida, Virginia and Tennessee.

In 2010 Will and his family moved to the coast south of Tallahassee where he established a successful home building business while maintaining online home design. After earning his Franklin County Florida Registered Contractors License he has renovated, remodeled and built many projects in the last few years. In 2013 he built a new home in Tallahassee where he now lives.

His success in home design and building has come from deep rooted ethics, honesty and integrity which all of his customers have come to trust. With lifelong friends as clients - some professional relationships lasting 20 years! - Will believes in treating customers as friends.

Being in the designing and building trade, an interest in the real estate profession came natural. Will has joined Joe Manausa Real Estate with great enthusiasm and team spirit! As your agent he promises the best service and will provide for your real estate needs with all of your goals in mind. So, whether you are buying or selling, call on Will today. He wants to be your personal agent!

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