58 Single Family Homes UNDER $200K In Northeast Tallahassee

If you have a $200,000 budget and want to buy a single family detached home in Northeast Tallahassee, you are running out of time.

This price range and area represent the hottest ticket in town, so we have corralled all the listings here to make it easy to find the deal of the year.


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Finding a single family detached home for sale below $200K in Northeast Tallahassee is possible right now, in fact, there are two priced below $100K! Of course, when you see the condition they are in, you'll realize that they really "cost" more than most of the other homes featured on this page.

The reason that we believe that time is running out for buyers is that demand is rising, supply is declining, and home builders can no longer build a single family detached home on a decent lot for $200,000. In fact, in NE Tallahassee, it will soon be very rare to find a lot where a builder can deliver a single family detached home for less than $400,000!

And this represents opportunity for today's homebuyer.

Why The $200K Home Will Soon Disappear

When you know that you can purchase something that can no longer be replaced, it provides a level of safety in an investment that others cannot duplicate.

For example, if you are looking for a $850,000 home in Northwest Tallahassee, there is nearly two year's worth of supply for these homes and home builders would be standing in line to create more (if there existed demand for homes at this price in NW Tallahassee). Since the demand is low and supply is high, builders are not creating more right now.

But this is not the case for single family homes priced under $200,000 in Northeast Tallahassee.

The hottest commodity in town right now are homes priced from $150,000 to $200,000, and the hottest area is Northeast Tallahassee due in large part to the excellent ratings of the schools that service those homes (both public and private).

How To Ensure You Get A Great Deal On A Home UNDER $200K

If you are like most people looking to buy a home (at any price), you'll likely start the process at looking at listings online.

When you get to where you are within a few months of buying a home, you'll probably start clicking on the links associated with the homes for sale that you like, and you'll start asking questions and perhaps inquire about getting to visit one or two that you really like.

And this is when you start losing money.


Because you are letting a home and its listing agent assign you a buyer's agent. Or worse. Perhaps as a buyer you'll work with the listing agent (you know, the person hired by the home seller to get the most amount of money possible for the home). Do you really think this will work out to your advantage?

If you would like to insure that you get a great deal on your next home purchase, here's a better process:

  • Look at homes online, get a feel for what you like and do not look (in terms of area and home features).
  • Also, look online at reviews of real estate agents. Find somebody that has hundreds of past-client reviews so that you get the best you can find (did you know the seller will pay your agent, regardless of whether you choose a good one or a bad one?).
  • Interview agents until you find one that demonstrates they know the most about current market conditions and they execute processes designed to save you money.
  • Interview with their recommended lender to initiate your home funding plan.
  • Identify your target areas and price ranges and have your agent provide opinions on values.
  • Then start looking at homes to buy.

If you follow this process rather than the one that comes natural, you'll end up saving thousands of dollars when you buy your next home.

If you would like to know more about how we can save you money when buying a home UNDER $200K in Northeast Tallahassee, quickly drop me a note and we'll immediately schedule a time before the best deals are all sold to the other buyers already in the market.

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