Piney Z Listings & Real Estate Report July 2022

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Piney Z is located on the north side of Conner Blvd and east of Capital Circle SE and has a full amenity package (pool, pavilion, fitness center, gazebo, playground, and a park).

Containing hundreds of three, four, and five-bedroom homes built from 1999 to as recently as 2020, Piney Z has nearly something for everybody in the housing market today.

Homes For Sale In Piney Z

The following are the current Tallahassee MLS listings in Piney Z.

5 Properties

Piney Z Schools

Piney Z is zoned for the following Leon County public schools:

This Piney Z neighborhood report includes charts and graphs that display average home prices, home values, and home sizes, as well as a list of the most recent 1,000 closed home sales in Piney Z.

For each of the three real estate graphs found in this Tallahassee housing report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years but through the middle of July in 2022. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated in the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Piney Z).

Piney Z Home Prices

The average home price in Piney Z has risen nearly 12% thus far in 2022, extending the all-time high annual average.

The average price of the homes sold in Piney Z thus far in 2022 is $333K.

Activity in Piney Z is bistering hot. Home sellers that use an aggressive pre-marketing plan will sell fast and get more money than those who fail to do so. Currently, there are four homes for sale in Piney Z and all of them are already under contract with buyers.

Home Values

The average home value in Piney Z has risen nearly 9% through just two months in 2022 after gaining nearly 13% in 2021. Needless to say, Piney Z's home values are soaring.

The average home value in Piney Z in 2022 is $183 per square foot, extending the all-time high annual average.

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Piney Z is zoned for the following Leon County public schools:

This Piney Z neighborhood report includes charts and graphs that display average home prices, home values, and home sizes, as well as a list of the most recent 1,000 closed home sales in Piney Z.

For each of the three real estate graphs found in this Tallahassee housing report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years but through the middle of July in 2022. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated in the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Piney Z).

Piney Z Home Prices

The average home price in Piney Z has risen nearly 12% thus far in 2022, extending the new all-time high annual average.

The average price of the homes sold in Piney Z thus far in 2022 is $333K.

Activity in Piney Z remains incredibly strong. Home sellers that use an aggressive pre-marketing plan will sell faster and get more money than those who use a traditional marketing plan. Currently, there are eight homes for sale in Piney Z and six of them are already under contract with buyers.

Home Values

The average home value in Piney Z has risen nearly 13% through the first half of 2022 after gaining nearly 13% in 2021. This is a neighborhood with soaring home values with the average homeowner picking up nearly $80K in appreciation in just the past two years!

The average home value in Piney Z thus far in 2022 is $189 per square foot, extending the all-time high annual average.

Home Sizes

The average size of homes sold in Piney Z typically falls within a range of 1,700 to 1,900 square feet, and those sold this year have been no different.

The 21 homes sold thus far in 2022 were measured at an average size of 1,775 square feet.

Piney Z Home Sales

The following list shows the 1,000 most recent home sales in Piney Z. Note that you can reorganize the list by simply clicking the column heading for the data you wish to sort by.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
4907 Heritage Park Boulevard$350,000$2062024-06-1420031,701Resale
1076 Kingdom Drive$309,000$2262024-05-3120031,367Resale
621 Eagle View Circles$470,000$2012024-05-1320042,337Resale
907 Parkview Drive$510,000$2252024-05-0820032,268Resale
1024 Piney Z Plantation Road$325,000$2282024-05-0820021,426Resale
1046 High Meadow Drive$349,900$2292024-05-0120021,531Resale
1043 Park View Drive$340,000$2492024-04-1820001,368Resale
4845 Planters Ridge$340,000$2052024-04-1620001,659Resale
1007 Kingdom Dr$309,000$2372024-03-2520011,306Resale
4903 Heritage Park Blvd$357,500$2172024-03-2520021,644Resale
1170 High Meadow Drive$325,000$2272024-03-1420021,430Resale
4885 Lake Park Drive$410,000$2292024-03-0420011,789Resale
4711 Planters Ridge Dr$322,000$2202024-03-0120011,466Resale
681 Eagle View Circle$342,000$1702024-02-2920032,006Resale
1142 Landings Loop$336,500$2022024-02-2320021,662Resale
4919 Planters Ridge Drive$310,000$2062024-01-3020001,506Resale
1128 Winter Lane$360,000$1852024-01-2420051,951Resale
1047 Kingdom Drive$350,000$2122024-01-1220011,648Resale
1084 Landings Loop$295,000$2012023-12-0520011,471Resale
1047 Piney Z Plantation Road$360,000$2102023-11-3020061,716Resale
1004 Kingdom Drive$322,000$2102023-11-0620011,535Resale
4878 Planters Ridge Drive$328,000$2142023-10-3020021,533Resale
1105 High Meadow Drive$337,000$2162023-09-2820041,562Resale
1121 High Meadow Drive$320,000$2202023-08-3120031,455Resale
1076 Kingdom Drive$283,600$2072023-08-2920031,367Resale
1068 Landings Loop$285,000$1882023-08-1820011,514Resale
1033 Piney Z Plantation Road$310,000$2142023-08-1520001,448Resale
4729 Plantation View Drive$425,000$2082023-08-0420022,039Resale
831 Piney Village Loop$355,000$1752023-07-1920022,029Resale
837 Eagle View Drive$449,500$1952023-06-2920052,306Resale
4640 Heritage Park Blvd$415,000$2492023-06-1620191,668Resale
1191 Landings Loop$295,500$2022023-06-1220011,461Resale
1008 Landings Loop$318,000$2232023-06-0720011,426Resale
729 Eagle View Circle$450,000$1832023-06-0720042,458Resale
4875 Heritage Park Boulevard$350,000$2022023-04-2820041,729Resale
4747 Planters Ridge Drive$315,000$1992023-04-2720011,581Resale
4778 Planters Ridge Drive$360,000$2232023-03-3020021,615Resale
4721 Plantation View Drive$450,000$1782023-03-2020022,529Resale
1004 Kingdom Drive$293,500$1912023-03-1520011,535Resale
4656 Fledgling Drive$390,500$2222023-03-1020041,756Resale
4730 Planters Ridge Drive$312,000$2272023-03-0320021,375Resale
1112 Landings Loop$216,000$1452023-02-1020021,486Resale
1046 Piney Z Plantation Road$312,000$2302023-02-1020021,355Resale
1174 High Meadow Dr$299,900$1932023-02-0219991,550Resale
1080 Landings Loop$295,000$2012023-01-3120011,471Resale
1183 Landings Loop$275,500$1892023-01-1720011,461Resale
1080 Winter Lane$315,000$2152022-12-2920031,467Resale
1072 Kingdom Drive$280,000$1852022-12-1220011,517Resale
844 Eagle View Drive$375,000$2182022-12-0920041,723Resale
1024 Kingdom Drive$280,000$1832022-11-3020011,534Resale
1133 High Meadow Drive$375,000$1942022-11-1820011,930Resale
1075 Parkview Drive$355,000$2002022-10-3120021,778Resale
911 Parkview Drive$375,000$1822022-10-2820012,062Resale
1059 Park View Drive$365,000$1952022-10-2420051,870Resale
4886 Heritage Park Boulevard$304,000$1892022-10-1820021,606Resale
4865 Lake Park Drive$345,000$2162022-10-1120011,597Resale
689 Eagle View Cir$410,000$1572022-09-2920032,617Resale
4923 Heritage Park Boulevard$342,000$2092022-09-2820021,637Resale
917 Parkview Drive$365,000$1832022-09-1520031,997Resale
817 Eagle View Drive$425,000$1952022-09-1220032,177Resale
4657 Nesting Trl$443,000$1882022-09-0120042,358Resale
4860 Lake Park Drive$417,500$2012022-08-3120012,082Resale
832 Eagle View Dr$425,000$1852022-08-1920042,292Resale
1067 Kingdom Drive$296,000$2002022-08-0920011,479Resale
4665 Nesting Trail$438,000$1842022-08-0520012,378Resale
747 Eagle View Drive$355,000$1912022-08-0220011,856Resale
883 Eagle View Drive$424,900$2012022-06-2920042,113Resale
1132 Winter Lane$295,000$2142022-06-2120051,380Resale
826 Piney Village Loop$506,000$2242022-06-1720182,262Resale
4849 Lake Park Drive$378,000$1982022-06-1420011,906Resale
1030 Parkview Drive$335,000$1732022-05-3120031,936Resale
1001 Piney Z Plantation Road$335,000$2112022-05-3120001,589Resale
957 Park View Dr$415,000$2082022-05-0620011,988Resale
957 Parkview Drive$415,000$1772022-05-0620012,349Resale
1020 Landings Loop$275,000$1792022-03-3120011,535Resale
4847 Heritage Park Boulevard$315,000$1972022-03-1820021,601Resale
1120 Winter Lane$295,000$1642022-03-1820051,795Resale
1196 Landings Loop$285,000$1932022-03-1520021,476Resale
1022 High Meadow Drive$355,000$1862022-02-2520031,908Resale
1120 Landings Loop$260,000$1572022-02-1820011,658Resale
4904 Park View Ct$290,000$2202022-02-1819991,321Resale
4707 Planters Ridge Drive$309,000$1862022-02-1120021,660Resale
1216 Landings Loop$280,000$1872022-02-1120011,497Resale
4580 Heritage Park Boulevard$386,900$1802022-01-2820082,152Resale
1183 Landings Loop$253,000$1732022-01-2820011,461Resale
4758 Planters Ridge Drive$307,938$2002022-01-2720011,537Resale
1092 Winter Lane$295,000$1802022-01-1420021,640Resale
875 Eagle View Drive$407,500$1622022-01-1420022,514Resale
4875 Heritage Park Blvd$310,000$1852021-12-3020041,676Resale
864 Eagle View Drive$389,000$1482021-12-2720042,635Resale
745 Eagle View Drive$375,000$1772021-12-2020042,113Resale
937 Piney Z Plantation Road$395,000$1682021-12-1520002,347Resale
1172 Landings Loop$265,000$1802021-12-1320021,476Resale
4656 Fledgling Drive$320,000$1822021-12-0320041,756Resale
861 Piney Village Loop$390,000$1812021-12-0120052,150Resale
762 Eagle View Drive$480,000$1542021-11-3020043,127Resale
4662 Nesting Trail$370,000$2142021-11-2220031,730Resale
1021 Landings Loop$250,000$1612021-11-1920011,551Resale
1039 Winter Lane$279,000$1872021-11-1520011,492Resale
1107 Winter Lane$282,900$1692021-11-0120031,673Resale
1026 High Meadow Drive$310,000$2062021-10-2920021,502Resale
836 Eagle View Drive$397,000$1952021-10-2820042,036Resale
1041 Piney Z Plantation Road$280,000$1962021-10-2620001,428Resale
909 Piney Z Plantation Drive$330,000$1632021-09-2920022,021Resale
1080 Landings Loop$261,000$1772021-09-2820011,471Resale
951 Lone Feather Drive$366,000$1822021-09-2320022,016Resale
1001 Landings Loop$268,000$1812021-09-1720011,479Resale
4885 Lake Park Drive$350,000$1962021-09-1320011,789Resale
1036 Kingdom Dr$240,000$1652021-09-0320011,448Resale
1100 Landings Loop$220,000$1582021-09-0320011,385Resale
4887 Planters Ridge Dr$100,000$512021-09-0120001,946Resale
1064 Piney Z Plantation Road$280,000$1762021-08-3120011,589Resale
1162 Landings Loop$278,000$1882021-08-3120021,478Resale
837 Piney Village Loop$385,000$1612021-08-2620052,394Resale
817 Eagle View Drive$365,000$1722021-08-1120032,124Resale
4919 Planters Ridge Drive$280,000$1862021-08-1020001,506Resale
1060 Piney Z Plantation Road$279,000$1862021-08-0920011,504Resale
1073 High Meadow Drive$280,000$1812021-08-0620021,547Resale
833 Piney Village Loop$320,000$1812021-08-0620041,769Resale
4882 Planters Ridge Drive$283,000$1552021-08-0420021,830Resale
848 Eagle View Drive$375,000$1422021-07-2220032,632Resale
4662 Nesting Trail$325,000$1882021-07-1520031,730Resale
4610 Heritage Park Blvd$313,000$1962021-07-0220191,591Resale
981 Park View Drive$383,000$1702021-07-0220022,247Resale
1168 Landings Loop$239,000$1622021-07-0120021,478Resale
1168 Landings Loop$239,000$1612021-06-3020021,478Resale
1046 High Meadow Dr$255,000$1662021-06-3020021,531Resale
1144 Winter Lane$270,000$1572021-06-2520021,723Resale
4775 Planters Ridge Dr$247,000$1442021-06-2120001,710Resale
1064 Landings Loop$264,000$1582021-06-0720011,676Resale
971 Park View$395,000$1612021-06-0320012,448Resale
971 Park View Dr$395,000$1612021-06-0320012,448Resale
1102 High Meadow Drive$242,500$1642021-05-2720041,483Resale
1142 Landings Loop$280,500$1892021-05-0720021,482Resale
1063 Kingdom Dr$228,000$1542021-05-0720011,479Resale
1088 Winter Lane$242,000$1522021-05-0720021,587Resale
1149 Winter Lane$265,000$1892021-05-0520041,399Resale
861 Eagle View Drive$410,000$1422021-05-0520082,894Resale
1155 Landings Loop$246,700$1652021-04-2820011,495Resale
4738 Planters Ridge Drive$245,000$1582021-04-2820021,550Resale
1036 Piney Z Plantation Road Road$250,000$1792021-04-0220021,395Resale
1153 Landings Loop$230,000$1532021-04-0120011,495Resale
1061 Landings Loop$218,100$1592021-03-1120011,375Resale
871 Eagle View Drive$383,000$1532021-03-0520022,501Resale
849 Eagle View Drive$330,000$1612021-03-0320022,049Resale
1038 High Meadow Drive$258,900$1742021-03-0120021,492Resale
1056 Landings Loop$249,500$1322021-02-2620011,887Resale
1006 High Meadow Drive$260,000$1722021-02-2520021,511Resale
1055 Winter Lane$240,000$1562021-02-1120021,536Resale
828 Eagle View Drive$362,000$1612021-01-2820042,255Resale
1096 Landings Loop$215,200$1412021-01-0820011,530Resale
1029 High Meadow Drive$235,000$1642021-01-0820031,437Resale
1038 High Meadow Drive$185,000$1242020-12-2320021,492Resale
4931 Heritage Park Boulevard$260,000$1602020-12-2320031,624Resale
1040 Piney Z Plantation Road$320,000$1622020-12-1820021,980Resale
4774 Planters Ridge Drive$244,000$1692020-12-1820021,448Resale
1017 Park View Drive$270,000$1622020-12-1519991,662Resale
1001 Kingdom Drive$225,000$1722020-12-0420011,309Resale
4885 Lake Park Drive$264,000$1482020-11-2420011,789Resale
845 Piney Village Loop$320,000$1422020-11-2020052,246Resale
4840 Lake Park Drive$329,900$1542020-11-1920042,147Resale
796 Eagle View Drive$340,000$1482020-11-1720032,301Resale
4915 Heritage Park Boulevard$259,500$1532020-11-0620031,701Resale
4841 Lake Park Drive$240,000$1562020-11-0620001,535Resale
4720 Plantation View Drive$345,000$1482020-11-0620062,333Resale
863 Eagle View Drive$325,000$1362020-11-0320022,394Resale
609 Eagle View Circle$355,000$1382020-11-0220042,571Resale
821 Piney Village Loop$329,900$1522020-10-3020032,164Resale
1183 Landings Loop$235,000$1612020-10-2920011,461Resale
1001 High Meadow Drive$253,000$1322020-10-2719991,919Resale
4767 Planters Ridge Drive$259,900$1512020-10-2620011,718Resale
1029 Piney Z Plantation Road$221,500$1562020-10-0820021,416Resale
1001 Landings Loop$232,000$1572020-10-0220011,479Resale
693 Eagle View Circle Circle$285,000$1622020-09-2820031,760Resale
4716 Plantation View Drive$345,000$1472020-09-2120062,351Resale
4703 Planters Ridge Drive$230,000$1452020-09-1820011,585Resale
4733 Plantation View Drive$318,000$1442020-08-2020012,205Resale
1153 High Meadow Drive$289,000$1592020-08-1020021,819Resale
4897 Lake Park Drive$254,000$1632020-08-0720041,555Resale
907 Parkview Drive$385,000$1702020-07-3120032,268Resale
969 Watersview Drive$350,000$1422020-07-3120042,465Resale
1121 High Meadow Drive$240,000$1652020-07-3120031,455Resale
4751 Planters Ridge Drive$229,600$1502020-07-3020011,530Resale
1100 Winter Lane$260,000$1492020-07-2420021,747Resale
4762 Planters Ridge Drive$219,900$1422020-07-2320011,548Resale
701 Eagle View Circle$335,999$1532020-07-1520022,203Resale
887 Eagle View Drive$317,000$1372020-07-1020012,321Resale
4660 Heritage Park Boulevard$304,500$1822020-06-2620191,670Resale
983 Watersview Drive$333,000$1392020-06-1920032,391Resale
836 Piney Village Loop$369,900$1812020-06-1820202,043New
1005 Landings Loop$239,900$1662020-06-1220011,442Resale
4862 Heritage Park Boulevard$250,000$1542020-06-0520021,619Resale
834 Piney Village Loop$369,900$1812020-05-2820202,043New
1047 Kingdom Drive$198,000$1372020-05-2620011,444Resale
1091 Piney Z Plantation Road$245,000$1492020-05-1520011,647Resale
4863 Heritage Park Boulevard$248,000$1522020-05-0420031,628Resale
1002 Kingdom Drive$227,500$1572020-04-2720011,453Resale
920 Park View Drive$306,000$1472020-04-2420012,080Resale
4650 Heritage Park Boulevard$307,900$1822020-04-2320191,690New
1072 Piney Z Plantation Road$235,000$1472020-04-1520011,604Resale
4738 Planters Ridge Drive$210,000$1362020-04-0720021,539Resale
4845 Planters Ridge Drive$215,000$1302020-03-1220001,659Resale
872 Piney Village Loop$310,000$1372020-02-2820072,267Resale
745 Eagle View Drive$320,000$1482020-02-2820042,156Resale
693 Eagle View Circle$265,000$1512020-02-2620031,760Resale
1067 Kingdom Drive$205,000$1392020-02-1220011,479Resale
837 Eagle View Drive$329,500$1412020-02-0720052,334Resale
1005 Landings Loop$158,300$1092020-02-0520011,442Resale
4750 Ne Planters Ridge Drive$237,000$1382020-01-2820011,715Resale
4750 Planters Ridge Dr$237,000$1512020-01-2820011,568Resale
1092 Winter Ln$119,000$722020-01-2720021,640Resale
1035 Kingdom Dr$205,000$1382020-01-1720011,479Resale
4855 Heritage Park Boulevard$231,500$1422020-01-1520021,630Resale
4620 Heritage Park Boulevard$307,900$1842019-12-2720191,670New
4862 Planters Ridge Drive$213,000$1462019-12-2020041,458Resale
969 Watersview Dr$236,300$962019-12-1920042,465Resale
4657 Soaring Way$367,000$1382019-12-1320052,654Resale
4914 Heritage Park Boulevard$252,500$1472019-12-0620021,716Resale
861 Piney Village Loop$315,000$1472019-12-0620052,150Resale
1029 High Meadow Drive$210,000$1462019-12-0420031,437Resale
813 Eagle View Drive$300,000$1402019-11-0820032,149Resale
1018 High Meadow Drive$230,000$1462019-11-0720021,571Resale
1068 Landings Loop$203,000$1342019-10-1820011,514Resale
1187 Landings Loop$197,750$1192019-10-1720011,658Resale
4770 Planters Ridge Drive Drive$257,000$1342019-10-0820021,913Resale
1023 Winter Lane$261,000$1262019-10-0820002,066Resale
4610 Heritage Park Boulevard$306,900$1922019-09-2620191,595New
988 Watersview Drive$209,000$1232019-09-2320041,705Resale
4630 Heritage Park Blvd Road$324,900$1932019-09-2020191,680New
1013 Piney Z Plantation Road$224,000$1502019-09-2020011,496Resale
1057 High Meadow Dr$210,000$1492019-09-2020031,407Resale
4856 Lake Park Drive$310,000$1462019-09-0620042,120Resale
4763 Planters Ridge Dr$220,000$1412019-09-0420041,555Resale
4860 Lake Park Drive$287,500$1382019-09-0320012,084Resale
964 Park View Dr$275,000$1382019-08-3020011,983Resale
804 Eagle View Drive$289,000$1372019-08-2620022,110Resale
4640 Heritage Park Boulevard$299,900$1802019-08-0920191,670New
1165 High Meadow Drive$245,000$1452019-08-0920021,692Resale
1049 Winter Lane$246,500$1512019-08-0120021,632Resale
1076 Kingdom Drive$169,286$1242019-07-3120031,367Resale
4903 Heritage Park$231,000$1412019-07-2620021,644Resale
974 Parkview Drive$270,000$1492019-07-2620021,815Resale
713 Eagle View Circle$305,000$1332019-07-2420032,292Resale
1032 Kingdom Drive$193,000$1302019-07-0820011,479Resale
1043 Park View$210,200$1542019-07-0820001,368Resale
4849 Lake Park Dr$270,000$1422019-07-0120011,906Resale
4859 Heritage Park Boulevard$256,000$1602019-06-2820021,601Resale
1039 Winter Lane$223,000$1492019-06-2820011,492Resale
1124 Landings Loop$185,000$1172019-06-1720011,577Resale
1177 High Meadow Dr$215,000$1452019-06-0720011,475Resale
1171 Landings Loop$210,500$1432019-05-2920021,476Resale
1080 Winter Lane$195,000$1332019-05-2320031,467Resale
4882 Heritage Park Boulevard$252,000$1472019-05-2320021,716Resale
1149 Winter Lane$220,000$1572019-05-2020041,399Resale
4660 Heritage Park Boulevard$299,900$1802019-05-2020191,670New
1104 Winter Lane$210,000$1342019-05-1520031,572Resale
836 Eagle View Drive$245,000$1202019-05-0220042,036Resale
844 Eagle View Dr$263,000$1532019-04-2620041,723Resale
4879 Planters Ridge Dr$257,000$1382019-04-2620001,866Resale
1047 Piney Z Plantation Road$239,900$1402019-04-1219991,716Resale
4664 Fledgling Dr.$340,000$1362019-04-0820022,491Resale
1067 Park View Drive$250,000$1492019-04-0420021,678Resale
4891 Planters Ridge Drive$263,000$1482019-04-0120001,773Resale
4707 Planters Ridge Drive$232,000$1402019-03-2920021,660Resale
832 Piney Village Loop$359,000$1692019-03-2820182,122New
1225 Landings Loop$188,000$1292019-03-2620011,461Resale
836 Eagle View Dr$231,100$1142019-03-0420042,036Resale
820 Eagle View Drive$290,000$1272019-03-0120042,276Resale
1055 Park View Drive$280,000$1632019-02-1319991,723Resale
4841 Planters Ridge Drive$207,000$1362019-02-0819991,523Resale
709 Eagle View Circle$317,000$1222019-01-2920042,592Resale
1108 Winter Lane$200,000$1462019-01-2220031,374New
1037 High Meadow Drive$225,000$1432019-01-1820031,577Resale
1047 Park View$185,000$1032018-12-2819991,798Resale
4670 Heritage Park Boulevard$287,900$1812018-12-2120181,595New
1088 Landings Loop$200,000$1262018-12-2020011,582Resale
910 Park View Drive$340,000$1272018-12-0720032,684Resale
838 Piney Village$369,000$1792018-12-0320182,060New
853 Piney Village Loop$315,000$1452018-11-3020052,180Resale
871 Eagle View Drive$330,000$1322018-11-3020022,501Resale
1149 Landings Loop$203,000$1362018-11-3020011,495Resale
4680 Heritage Park Boulevard$299,900$1802018-11-2720181,670New
874 Piney Village Loop$329,000$1332018-11-1920082,479Resale
1027 Winter Lane$195,000$1432018-11-1420021,360Resale
1073 Kingdom Drive$190,000$1152018-11-1320011,648Resale
1106 High Meadow Drive$198,000$1442018-10-2520041,379Resale
1183 Landings Loop$185,000$1272018-10-1920011,461Resale
826 Piney Village Loop$369,000$1632018-10-1920182,262New
4719 Planters Ridge Drive$242,500$1452018-10-0920011,678Resale
828 Piney Village Loop$350,000$1552018-10-0220182,262New
1003 Kingdom Dr$173,500$1312018-09-2820011,321Resale
861 Piney Village Loop$315,800$1472018-09-1220052,150Resale
4837 Planters Ridge Drive$237,500$1502018-08-2020031,587Resale
1004 Piney Z Plantation Road$210,000$1262018-08-1620031,671Resale
1046 High Meadow Drive$215,000$1402018-08-1520021,531Resale
4767 Planters Ridge Dr$225,000$1312018-08-1520011,718Resale
1079 Parkview Drive$236,000$1472018-08-1420021,608Resale
961 Park View Drive$299,900$1392018-08-1020002,154Resale
917 Parkview Drive$276,000$1382018-07-3120031,997Resale
804 Eagle View Dr$221,000$1042018-07-3120022,110Resale
1145 High Meadow Drive$195,000$1472018-07-3020021,331Resale
972 Watersview Dr$290,000$1382018-07-2520012,097Resale
613 Eagle View Circle$280,000$1412018-07-1920041,992Resale
830 Piney Village$369,900$1812018-07-0920182,043New
1116 Winter Lane$227,000$1342018-07-0620031,699Resale
1067 Park View Drive$188,000$1122018-07-0620021,678Resale
1024 Piney Z Plantation Road$190,000$1332018-07-0620021,426Resale
4710 Planters Ridge Drive$223,000$1452018-07-0320021,539Resale
4721 Plantation View Dr$305,000$1212018-06-2920022,529Resale
912 Parkview$335,000$1222018-06-2920022,752Resale
1007 Kingdom Drive$185,297$1422018-06-2820011,306Resale
1165 Winter Lane$215,000$1522018-06-2720021,411Resale
4690 Heritage Park Boulevard$315,000$1792018-06-2620181,757New
1069 Winter Lane$210,000$1302018-06-2620011,619Resale
1069 Kingdom Drive$174,500$1182018-06-2120011,481Resale
1208 Landings Loop$170,000$1312018-06-1520011,300Resale
4898 Planters Ridge Drive$248,000$1462018-06-1519991,699Resale
1002 Kingdom Dr$205,000$1412018-06-1420011,453Resale
1155 Landings Loop$199,900$1342018-06-0720011,495Resale
4720 Plantation View Drive$310,000$1332018-06-0220062,333Resale
1157 High Meadow$250,000$1242018-05-3020022,020Resale
673 Eagle View Circle$262,500$1452018-05-2520031,812Resale
1031 Landings Loop$190,000$1372018-05-1620011,385Resale
1025 Parkview Drive$260,000$1402018-04-2620001,851Resale
1051 Kingdom Drive$200,000$1172018-04-2420011,710Resale
1017 Landings Loop$192,000$1332018-04-2020011,447Resale
1121 High Meadow Drive$208,000$1432018-04-1120031,455Resale
984 Park View Dr$322,000$1512018-04-0920012,119Resale
863 Eagle View Drive$297,500$1242018-04-0420022,394Resale
1196 Landings Loop$202,500$1372018-03-3020021,476Resale
4717 Plantation View Drive$310,000$1362018-03-2320022,278Resale
4660 Fledgling Drive$346,000$1312018-03-2320042,637Resale
4860 Lake Park Dr$172,000$952018-03-1520011,796Resale
731 Eagle View Circle$310,000$1442018-03-1520052,150Resale
1045 High Meadow Drive$180,000$1202018-03-1220021,505Resale
1161 Winter Lane$199,000$1352018-03-0920031,469Resale
1129 High Meadow Drive$190,000$1122018-03-0320021,702Resale
929 Parkview Drive$288,000$1412018-02-2320022,048Resale
1051 Park View$226,500$1412018-02-2119991,611Resale
925 Piney Z Plantation Road$315,000$1512018-02-1620002,084Resale
4915 Planters Ridge Drive$235,000$1342018-01-3119991,755Resale
1001 Kingdom Drive$180,000$1382018-01-3120011,309Resale
1046 High Meadow Drive$207,500$1362018-01-3020021,531Resale
701 Eagle View Circle$313,000$1442018-01-2620022,181Resale
1056 Kingdom Dr$172,000$1072018-01-2320011,606Resale
1066 High Meadow Lane$215,000$1352017-12-2020031,588Resale
1016 Kingdom Dr$183,000$1242017-12-1920011,479Resale
1065 Landings Loop$180,000$1312017-11-3020011,375Resale
1028 Piney Z Plantation Road$186,500$1312017-11-2820021,426Resale
4727 Planters Ridge Drive$211,000$1282017-11-1320011,645Resale
1056 Piney Z Plantation Road$187,000$1272017-11-1019991,478Resale
4650 Soaring Way$302,500$1192017-10-2720032,547Resale
1002 Kingdom Drive$180,000$1112017-08-0420011,623Resale
1067 Kingdom Drive$185,000$1252017-08-0220011,479Resale
624 Eagle View Circle$300,000$1332017-07-3120032,260Resale
1072 Piney Z Plantation Road$212,000$1322017-07-2620011,604Resale
1039 Landings Loop$180,000$1312017-07-2620011,374Resale
1213 Landings Loop$195,500$1342017-07-2620021,461Resale
1172 Landings Loop$190,000$1292017-07-2520021,476Resale
4912 Park View Ct$200,000$1342017-07-2519991,498Resale
999 Parkview Drive$327,500$1422017-07-1920052,314Resale
1073 High Meadow Drive$210,000$1362017-07-1720021,547Resale
4890 Planters Ridge Dr$205,000$1192017-07-1220001,729Resale
641 Eagle View Cir$323,900$1362017-07-0620032,387Resale
1023 Winter Lane$235,000$1142017-06-3020002,066Resale
1107 Winter Lane$220,000$1322017-06-2820031,673Resale
4905 Park View Court$236,000$1372017-06-2820011,729Resale
1040 Kingdom Drive$165,000$1112017-06-2320011,488Resale
1157 Winter Lane$195,000$1302017-06-1520031,500Resale
742 Eagle View Drive$340,000$1352017-06-1220022,516Resale
4590 Heritage Park Blvd$262,000$1322017-06-0720081,980Resale
719 Eagle View Circle$307,500$1482017-06-0520042,071Resale
4845 Lake Park Dr$215,000$1132017-05-3120011,911Resale
4862 Heritage Park Blvd$218,000$1352017-05-2220011,619Resale
860 Eagle View Drive$269,000$1362017-05-1720031,982Resale
993 Park View Drive$320,000$1462017-05-1520052,185Resale
1026 High Meadow Drive$199,900$1272017-04-2820021,576Resale
1017 Piney Z Plantation Road$187,400$1272017-04-2820021,476Resale
1068 Landings Loop$181,500$1202017-04-1920011,514Resale
4726 Planters Ridge Drive$211,000$1232017-04-1720031,711Resale
4706 Planters Ridge Drive$178,000$1292017-04-1420021,375Resale
1072 Landings Loop$175,000$1182017-04-0520011,483Resale
1048 Winter Lane$205,000$1212017-04-0520021,701Resale
845 Piney Village Loop$269,900$1202017-03-3120052,246Resale
777 Eagle View Drive$350,000$1222017-03-3120042,864Resale
1174 High Meadow Dr$200,000$1292017-03-2719991,550Resale
1076 Landings Loop$179,900$1212017-03-2220011,483Resale
1124 Winter Lane$218,000$1212017-03-1420051,800Resale
1039 Winter Lane$189,900$1272017-03-0120011,492Resale
1099 Winter Lane$140,000$942017-02-2820021,483Resale
840 Eagle View Drive$309,800$1242017-02-2820042,495Resale
4862 Planters Ridge Drive$187,000$1292017-02-2220041,451Resale
1088 Landings Loop$187,000$1182017-02-2220011,582Resale
1037 Piney Z Plantation Road$186,000$1272017-02-1020011,460Resale
934 Piney Z Plantation Road$340,000$1182017-02-1020062,878Resale
1052 Winters Lane$172,000$1252017-01-2720031,375Resale
1048 Piney Z Plantation Rd$180,000$1302017-01-2019991,383Resale
967 Park View Drive$284,000$1372016-12-3020022,079Resale
1162 Landings Loop$135,000$912016-12-2020021,478Resale
1030 Park View Drive$240,000$1242016-12-1620031,936Resale
1021 Park View Dr$220,000$1272016-12-0919991,728Resale
1021 Parkview Dr$220,000$1272016-12-0919991,728Resale
874 Piney Village Loop$310,000$1252016-12-0920082,479Resale
1148 Winter Lane$194,500$1312016-12-0720021,483Resale
1085 Piney Z Plantation Road$157,000$1092016-11-3020021,444Resale
1032 Kingdom Drive$175,000$1182016-11-2920011,479Resale
1065 Landings Loop$155,000$1132016-11-2820011,375Resale
1121 High Meadow Drive$180,000$1242016-11-0420031,455Resale
1036 Piney Z Plantation Road$178,000$1282016-10-3020021,395Resale
1019 Kingdom Drive$169,000$1282016-10-2820011,321Resale
1073 Sw Piney Z Plantation Road$182,500$1292016-10-2820001,419Resale
1036 Kingdom Drive$183,000$1262016-10-2720011,448Resale
1142 High Meadow Drive$184,900$1292016-10-2720011,437Resale
867 Eagle View$299,000$1332016-10-2520022,242Resale
1165 High Meadow Drive$209,000$1242016-10-1920021,692Resale
1073 Piney Z Plantation Rd$182,500$1292016-10-1820001,419Resale
1084 Landings Loop$173,000$1182016-10-1720011,471Resale
1068 Winter Lane$179,900$1222016-10-1420051,471Resale
1068 Winter Ln$179,900$1222016-10-1420041,471Resale
4754 Planters Ridge Drive$200,000$1172016-09-3020031,716Resale
4902 Heritage Park Blvd$185,000$1032016-09-1620001,790Resale
829 Piney Village Loop$300,000$1372016-08-2920032,185Resale
1062 High Meadow$217,000$1232016-08-2620031,768Resale
4905 Lake Park Drive$236,000$1212016-08-1920031,947Resale
817 Eagle View Dr$285,000$1342016-08-1620032,124Resale
4902 Heritage Park Blvd$185,000$1032016-08-1120001,790Resale
915 Park View Dr$246,000$1202016-08-0520012,045Resale
915 Parkview Drive$264,000$1292016-08-0520012,045Resale
848 Eagle View Drive$276,000$1052016-08-0320032,632Resale
1012 Kingdom Drive$184,900$1252016-07-2920011,479Resale
1202 Landings Loop$169,000$1232016-07-2920011,370Resale
833 Piney Village Loop$227,000$1282016-07-2720041,769Resale
1142 Landings Loop$177,900$1202016-07-2220021,482Resale
4851 Heritage Park Boulevard$213,000$1272016-07-2020021,683Resale
1044 Kingdom Dr$159,000$1072016-07-1820011,488Resale
730 Eagle View Cir$270,000$1282016-06-3020032,109Resale
762 Eagle View Dr$377,000$1592016-06-2320042,364Resale
4663 Fledgling Drive$385,000$1232016-06-2320043,127Resale
686 Eagle View Circle$280,000$1232016-06-2020052,285Resale
887 Eagle View Drive$295,000$1272016-06-1320012,321Resale
4882 Heritage Park Blvd$215,500$1262016-05-2620021,716Resale
1060 Winter Lane$166,000$1142016-05-2620031,460Resale
1063 Parkview Drive$216,000$1212016-05-0920021,782Resale
4746 Planters Ridge$189,000$1212016-05-0620021,560Resale
1064 Kingdom Drive$180,000$1102016-04-2920011,642Resale
4724 Plantation View$271,000$1182016-04-2620062,304Resale
773 Eagle View Drive$290,000$1332016-04-2220042,185Resale
1008 Kingdom Drive$175,000$1142016-04-1220011,535Resale
907 Park View Dr$282,900$1252016-04-0620032,268Resale
1142 Landings Loop$122,600$832016-04-0420021,482Resale
1105 High Meadow Drive$169,900$1092016-03-2920041,562Resale
910 Park View Drive$287,000$1072016-03-1720032,684Resale
4899 Heritage Park Boulevard$208,000$1162016-03-0820021,794Resale
608 Eagle View Cir$229,154$1022016-03-0820042,244Resale
1056 Winter$221,000$1172016-03-0820041,881Resale
4657 Soaring Wy$270,100$1102016-02-2920052,454Resale
4755 Planters Ridge Drive$175,250$1142016-02-1920041,543Resale
1141 High Meadow Dr$151,500$952016-01-3120021,586Resale
1014 High Meadow Dr$217,000$1212016-01-2720021,791Resale
4889 Lake Park Drive$195,000$1172016-01-0820011,665Resale
4922 Heritage Park Boulevard$204,500$1192015-12-1820031,716Resale
1042 High Meadow Drive$175,000$1202015-12-1720021,461Resale
1116 Winter Lane$202,000$1192015-12-1120031,699Resale
1049 Landings Loop$163,000$1022015-11-1920011,599Resale
1224 Landings Loop$170,000$1262015-11-1320011,352Resale
792 Eagle View Drive$268,000$1162015-11-1020022,320Resale
853 Piney Village Loop$276,000$1272015-10-2720052,180Resale
4901 Lake Park Dr$223,500$1212015-10-1620021,852Resale
4926 Heritage Park Boulevard$191,000$1172015-10-0820031,626Resale
1063 Park View Drive$135,100$762015-10-0820021,782Resale
1133 High Meadow Drive$215,000$1112015-10-0720011,930Resale
1122 High Meadow Drive$186,000$1132015-09-3020021,645Resale
1001 Piney Z Plantation Road$200,000$1242015-08-3120001,614Resale
1016 Kingdom Drive$160,000$1082015-08-2820011,479Resale
745 Eagle View Drive$265,000$1232015-08-2520042,156Resale
4917 Park View Court$190,000$1112015-08-2120001,716Resale
1175 Landings Loop$172,500$1172015-08-1720021,476Resale
4847 Heritage Park Blvd$190,000$1172015-07-3120021,630Resale
4931 Heritage Park Blvd$190,000$1172015-07-3120031,624Resale
4664 Fledgling Drive$305,000$1212015-07-1520022,512Resale
1106 High Meadow Dr$168,900$1222015-07-1020041,379Resale
4915 Planters Ridge Drive$205,000$1172015-07-0219991,755Resale
4731 Planters Ridge Drive$192,000$1122015-06-3020041,709Resale
4590 Heritage Park Boulevard$260,000$1312015-06-2420091,980Resale
1008 Piney Z Plantation Rd$194,000$1002015-06-1920031,936Resale
1043 Kingdom Drive$165,000$1122015-06-1620011,479Resale
912 Park View Drive$259,900$942015-06-1620022,752Resale
1140 Landings Loop$155,000$1052015-06-1520011,479Resale
1136 Landings Loop$155,000$1052015-06-1520011,479Resale
4904 Park View Court$175,000$1292015-06-1019991,360Resale
4870 Heritage Park Blvd$68,800$412015-06-0920021,659Resale
4927 Heritage Park Blvd$190,000$1172015-06-0520031,624Resale
1012 Kingdom Drive$155,000$1052015-05-2920011,479Resale
1072 Piney Z Plantation Rd$186,100$1162015-05-2220011,604Resale
1004 Piney Z Plantation Rd$205,000$1232015-05-2020031,671Resale
4882 Planters Ridge Dr$201,000$1102015-05-1520021,830Resale
4905 Park View Ct$199,900$1162015-05-1520011,729Resale
1102 High Meadow Dr$160,000$1082015-05-1220041,483Resale
4877 Lake Park Dr$309,900$1362015-05-0820032,287Resale
4759 Planters Ridge Dr$188,000$1202015-05-0420041,561Resale
995 Park View Dr$265,000$1232015-04-2020052,153Resale
1093 Piney Z Plantation Rd$185,000$1102015-04-0220011,677Resale
1080 Piney Z Plantation Rd$200,000$1112015-03-3020011,808Resale
1078 High Meadow Dr$190,000$1402015-03-3020031,357Resale
1017 Park View Dr$204,500$1232015-03-2719991,662Resale
769 Eagle View Dr$253,000$1182015-03-1120042,142Resale
701 Eagle View Cir$265,000$1372015-03-1020021,940Resale
4778 Planters Ridge Dr$187,500$1162015-03-0420021,615Resale
780 Eagle View Dr$249,900$1262015-02-2420031,976Resale
4915 Heritage Park Blvd$180,000$1062015-02-0620031,701Resale
1029 High Meadow Dr$149,900$1042015-02-0620031,437Resale
939 Park View Dr$283,500$1182014-12-2320022,412Resale
4895 Heritage Park Blvd$170,000$1082014-12-1920031,568Resale
1025 Park View Dr$215,000$1172014-12-1820001,830Resale
1073 Piney Z Plantation Rd$167,000$1182014-12-1820001,419Resale
1069 Piney Z Plantation Rd$190,000$1112014-12-1820011,716Resale
1059 Park View Dr$210,000$1122014-12-0120051,870Resale
797 Eagle View Dr$290,000$1122014-11-0320032,584Resale
1021 Landings Loop$158,000$1022014-10-2920011,551Resale
1126 High Meadow Dr$173,000$1222014-10-2820031,418Resale
4866 Planters Ridge Dr$185,000$1212014-10-0820021,530Resale
1077 Piney Z Plantation Rd$163,200$1092014-10-0320021,492Resale
1061 High Meadow Dr$185,000$1152014-10-0220031,604Resale
1001 High Meadow Dr$187,000$1142014-09-3019991,644Resale
4926 Heritage Park Blvd$192,500$1182014-09-1920031,626Resale
1157 Winter Ln$185,000$1232014-09-1120031,500Resale
4767 Planters Ridge Dr$192,000$1122014-09-1120011,718Resale
900 Park View Dr$243,000$1242014-08-2620021,962Resale
1001 Landings Loop$160,300$1082014-08-2520011,479Resale
953 Park View Dr$255,000$1272014-08-2120012,013Resale
677 Eagle View Cir$143,000$812014-08-0820031,760Resale
629 Eagle View Cir$270,000$1102014-07-3120032,454Resale
1212 Landings Loop$158,000$1112014-07-2520011,428Resale
4875 Heritage Park Blvd$188,000$1122014-07-2420041,676Resale
661 Eagle View Cir$243,000$1242014-06-3020021,961Resale
4735 Planters Ridge Dr$185,000$1102014-06-2520031,682Resale
4716 Plantation View Dr$295,000$1252014-06-2420062,351Resale
868 Eagle View Dr$285,000$1182014-06-1620082,406Resale
633 Eagle View Cir$260,000$1162014-06-0620042,236Resale
1021 Piney Z Plantation Rd$171,000$1182014-06-0220011,448Resale
4660 Fledgling Dr$305,000$1162014-05-2320042,637Resale
4855 Heritage Park Blvd$199,900$1232014-05-2320021,630Resale
1192 Landings Loop$155,000$1062014-05-2320021,461Resale
1020 Landings Loop$155,000$1012014-05-1420011,535Resale
1091 Piney Z Plantation Rd$202,000$1232014-05-0920011,647Resale
1024 Landings Loop$158,000$1082014-05-0520011,468Resale
1048 Kingdom Dr$143,000$1112014-05-0220011,290Resale
1199 Landings Loop$156,500$1072014-05-0120011,461Resale
1076 Piney Z Plantation Rd$185,000$1192014-04-2120011,556Resale
4878 Planters Ridge Dr$151,000$982014-04-1820021,533Resale
1161 Winter Ln$141,400$962014-04-1420031,469Resale
4883 Planters Ridge Dr$204,500$1152014-04-0820001,775Resale
4704 Planters Ridge Dr$174,000$1022014-03-1420021,702Resale
905 Piney Z Plantation Rd$248,000$1192014-02-2520002,078Resale
808 Eagle View Dr$259,900$972014-02-1320012,689Resale
4905 Lake Park Dr$211,000$1262014-02-0520031,672Resale
1136 Winter Ln$169,900$1232014-02-0120021,378Resale
632 Eagle View Cir$221,500$1112014-01-2420031,989Resale
825 Eagle View Dr$259,000$1112014-01-1020052,338Resale
1065 Landings Loop$155,000$1132013-12-2020011,375Resale
1049 High Meadow Dr$160,000$1082013-12-1120031,476Resale
1153 Winter Ln$158,000$1182013-12-1020021,342Resale
1055 Kingdom Dr$154,900$1062013-12-0320011,461Resale
860 Eagle View Dr$225,000$1142013-11-2120031,982Resale
4721 Plantation View Dr$242,500$962013-11-0820022,529Resale
789 Eagle View Dr$265,000$1132013-11-0120032,345Resale
4893 Lake Park Dr$222,000$1242013-11-0120021,794Resale
1156 Winter Ln$187,000$1242013-10-1620011,508Resale
1046 Piney Z Plantation Rd$141,000$1042013-10-0720021,355Resale
1049 Landings Loop$162,500$1022013-10-0120011,599Resale
1040 Kingdom Dr$155,000$1042013-09-3020011,488Resale
852 Eagle View Dr$267,000$1092013-09-2620012,458Resale
1173 Winter Ln$200,000$1252013-09-1920011,605Resale
867 Piney Village Loop$265,000$1202013-09-1720042,207Resale
624 Eagle View Cir$265,000$1172013-08-2920032,260Resale
4931 Heritage Park Blvd$198,000$1222013-08-2320031,624Resale
984 Watersview Dr$240,000$862013-08-1620012,799Resale
709 Eagle View Cir$310,000$1202013-08-1520042,592Resale
4859 Heritage Park Blvd$204,900$1282013-08-0820021,601Resale
820 Eagle View Dr$280,000$1232013-07-3120042,276Resale
1145 Winter Ln$185,500$1272013-07-2420031,462Resale
1015 Landings Loop$159,000$1102013-07-1620011,447Resale
1051 Park View Dr$186,000$1152013-07-1219991,611Resale
4861 Lake Park Dr$170,000$1122013-07-0820041,524Resale
1002 High Meadow Dr$189,000$1182013-07-0120021,597Resale
883 Eagle View Dr$225,000$1062013-06-2820042,113Resale
964 Park View Dr$219,000$1102013-06-2520011,983Resale
1096 Landings Loop$156,000$1092013-06-2020011,426Resale
937 Piney Z Plantation Rd$200,000$852013-06-1220002,347Resale
4883 Heritage Park Blvd$188,000$1152013-05-3020021,637Resale
1013 Piney Z Plantation Rd$177,000$1182013-05-2420011,496Resale
730 Eagle View Cir$240,000$1142013-05-1720032,109Resale
713 Eagle View Cir$280,000$1222013-05-1520032,292Resale
4862 Planters Ridge Dr$175,000$1212013-05-1520041,451Resale
961 Park View Dr$242,000$1122013-05-1520002,154Resale
1039 Park View Dr$210,800$1242013-05-1520031,703Resale
712 Eagle View Cir$250,000$1092013-05-1020042,293Resale
793 Eagle View Dr$211,000$1042013-05-1020032,038Resale
964 Park View Dr$219,000$1102013-05-0320011,983Resale
4720 Plantation View Dr$281,000$1202013-05-0320062,333Resale
1037 High Meadow Dr$192,500$1312013-04-0420031,468Resale
1060 Kingdom Dr$163,000$1012013-03-2920011,606Resale
849 Piney Village Loop$234,500$1042013-03-2920052,245Resale
1000 Piney Z Plantation Rd$180,000$1242013-03-2820001,446Resale
1149 Winter Ln$168,000$1202013-03-1120041,399Resale
4893 Lake Park Dr$217,000$1212013-03-0420021,794Resale
731 Eagle View Cir$270,000$1262013-02-2220052,150Resale
1092 Winter Ln$195,000$1192013-02-1520021,640Resale
1137 Winter Ln$166,700$1072013-02-0820001,555Resale
906 Park View Dr$270,000$1062013-01-2820032,554Resale
845 Piney Village Loop$245,000$1122013-01-2320052,188Resale
825 Piney Village Loop$240,000$1192013-01-2320042,025Resale
921 Piney Z Plantation Rd$327,500$1192013-01-1820012,763Resale
4774 Planters Ridge Dr$155,000$1072013-01-1520021,448Resale
1047 Piney Z Plantation Rd$175,000$1022013-01-0419991,716Resale
4919 Planters Ridge Dr$178,000$1182012-12-2720001,506Resale
4657 Soaring Way$222,500$912012-12-1220052,454Resale
868 Piney Village Loop$309,000$1322012-12-0720072,341Resale
4653 Nesting Trl$275,000$1092012-11-2720042,516Resale
874 Piney Village Loop$294,000$1222012-11-1620082,404Resale
904 Park View Dr$235,000$942012-11-1620012,488Resale
1064 Kingdom Dr$160,000$972012-11-0620011,642Resale
633 Eagle View Cir$265,000$1192012-10-2320042,236Resale
929 Park View Dr$240,000$1172012-10-1620022,048Resale
926 Piney Z Plantation Rd$235,000$1012012-09-2820062,327Resale
915 Park View Dr$210,000$1032012-09-2820012,045Resale
1021 Landings Loop$156,000$1012012-09-2820011,551Resale
900 Park View Dr$228,000$1162012-09-0620021,962Resale
1167 Landings Loop$157,000$1062012-08-3120021,476Resale
1120 Winter Ln$175,000$972012-08-0920051,795Resale
1039 Landings Loop$150,000$1092012-08-0920011,374Resale
1132 Landings Loop$165,000$1092012-08-0720021,514Resale
1041 Piney Z Plantation Rd$165,000$1162012-08-0320001,428Resale
1001 High Meadow Dr$180,000$1092012-07-3019991,644Resale
1076 Kingdom Dr$134,000$982012-07-0620031,367Resale
1209 Landings Loop$147,000$1012012-06-2720021,461Resale
4869 Planters Ridge Dr$196,500$1112012-06-2720001,768Resale
860 Eagle View Dr$192,000$972012-06-2220031,982Resale
4778 Planters Ridge Dr$148,500$922012-06-1520021,615Resale
1080 Piney Z Plantation Rd$155,000$862012-06-1320011,808Resale
4774 Planters Ridge Dr$98,300$682012-06-0620021,448Resale
1126 High Meadow Dr$164,000$1162012-06-0420031,418Resale
1161 High Meadow Dr$170,000$1082012-05-3120021,569Resale
4724 Plantation View Dr$224,900$982012-05-2620062,304Resale
1165 High Meadow Dr$174,000$1032012-05-1820021,692Resale
861 Eagle View Dr$250,000$942012-05-1420082,657Resale
637 Eagle View Cir$330,000$1252012-04-1820042,637Resale
4915 Heritage Park Blvd$145,000$852012-04-1620031,701Resale
4901 Planters Ridge Dr$175,000$1102012-03-2919991,584Resale
689 Eagle View Cir$249,900$1062012-03-2020032,367Resale
4840 Lake Park Dr$278,000$1292012-01-3120042,147Resale
1020 Piney Z Plantation Rd$175,500$1082012-01-0320021,621Resale
1036 Park View Dr$153,000$1052011-12-2920011,461Resale
1059 Kingdom Dr$155,000$1062011-12-2020011,461Resale
4870 Heritage Park Blvd$188,000$1132011-12-1920021,659Resale
1134 High Meadow Dr$175,000$1092011-12-1320031,602Resale
1019 Kingdom Dr$157,000$1192011-11-2220011,321Resale
1137 High Meadow Dr$170,000$1102011-10-2820021,552Resale
751 Eagle View Dr$263,000$1022011-10-2720042,575Resale
861 Piney Village Loop$245,000$1142011-09-3020052,150Resale
979 Watersview Dr$275,000$1042011-09-2820042,634Resale
1187 Landings Loop$177,400$1212011-09-1220011,461Resale
844 Eagle View Dr$215,000$1252011-08-3120041,723Resale
1150 Landings Loop$167,800$1122011-08-0220021,501Resale
4779 Planters Ridge Dr$185,000$1232011-08-0120001,510Resale
825 Eagle View Dr$250,000$1072011-07-2920052,338Resale
856 Eagle View Dr$245,500$1182011-07-2820012,084Resale
1084 Landings Loop$159,000$1082011-07-2220011,471Resale
1001 Piney Z Plantation Rd$185,000$1162011-07-0120001,589Resale
1090 High Meadow Dr$150,000$1052011-06-1520021,427Resale
1068 Winter Ln$182,500$1242011-05-2020041,471Resale
761 Eagle View Dr$262,500$1172011-05-0620052,245Resale
1023 Kingdom Dr$147,000$1132011-04-2820011,306Resale
1069 Kingdom Dr$162,000$1092011-04-2720011,481Resale
1073 High Meadow Dr$160,000$1032011-04-1920021,547Resale
1172 Landings Loop$176,700$1202011-03-3020021,476Resale
1184 Landings Loop$180,000$1222011-03-1620021,476Resale
1113 High Meadow Dr$196,000$1242011-03-1520031,575Resale
4919 Heritage Park Blvd$190,000$1122011-03-1220031,701Resale
4718 Planters Ridge Dr$165,000$992011-02-2320041,669Resale
1133 High Meadow Dr$202,500$1052011-01-3120011,930Resale
4741 Plantation View Dr$240,000$1112010-12-2920022,169Resale
4902 Planters Ridge Dr$178,400$1052010-12-1420001,707Resale
925 Piney Z Plantation Rd$293,500$1412010-12-1320002,084Resale
949 Park View Dr$255,000$1242010-11-2320012,054Resale
648 Eagle View Cir$300,000$932010-11-1520073,219Resale
4580 Heritage Park Blvd$249,000$1252010-11-1520081,998Resale
801 Eagle View Dr$260,000$1002010-11-0920032,603Resale
939 Park View Dr$275,800$1142010-11-0820022,412Resale
1020 Landings Loop$153,000$1002010-10-2820011,535Resale
4860 Lake Park Dr$245,000$1362010-10-1520011,796Resale
1023 Kingdom Dr$135,200$1042010-10-0820011,306Resale
1055 Park View Dr$213,500$1242010-08-0319991,723Resale
1032 Kingdom Dr$172,000$1162010-07-3020011,479Resale
4725 Plantation View Dr$231,000$1272010-07-3020021,812Resale
959 Lone Feather Dr$288,000$1112010-07-3020012,584Resale
872 Piney Village Loop$260,000$1152010-07-2920072,267Resale
953 Park View Dr$269,500$1342010-07-1720012,013Resale
4702 Planters Ridge Dr$190,000$1202010-06-2920101,580New
921 Piney Z Plantation Rd$355,500$1292010-06-1120012,763Resale
1064 Kingdom Dr$160,000$972010-06-0220011,642Resale
1075 Park View Dr$230,300$1332010-05-2720021,737Resale
4714 Planters Ridge Dr$200,000$1202010-05-2420031,669Resale
813 Eagle View Dr$265,900$1272010-05-1420032,093Resale
4704 Planters Ridge Dr$165,000$1182010-05-0720021,393Resale
1108 Landings Loop$181,500$1202010-04-2920021,514Resale
1060 Winter Ln$201,000$1382010-04-1620031,460Resale
1165 High Meadow Dr$180,000$1062010-04-0220021,692Resale
1041 Landings Loop$170,000$1252010-03-2920011,358Resale
1077 Piney Z Plantation Rd$179,000$1202010-03-2420021,492Resale
4889 Lake Park Dr$195,000$1182010-03-1820011,646Resale
1023 Landings Loop$178,000$1162010-03-1620011,535Resale
977 Watersview Dr$215,000$1092010-02-2320031,973Resale
628 Eagle View Cir$267,000$1272010-01-2920022,108Resale
4739 Planters Ridge Dr$214,000$1292009-12-2920021,662Resale
4874 Heritage Park Blvd$178,000$1152009-12-2120021,552Resale
907 Park View Dr$280,000$1232009-12-2120032,268Resale
625 Eagle View Cir$295,000$1202009-12-1720022,468Resale
1145 High Meadow Dr$164,000$1232009-12-1120021,331Resale
1003 Kingdom Dr$160,000$1212009-11-2020011,321Resale
1072 Winter Ln$175,000$1222009-11-2020001,433Resale
1022 High Meadow Dr$212,000$1112009-10-2920031,908Resale
1067 Kingdom Dr$178,000$1202009-10-2120011,479Resale
4905 Park View Ct$167,300$972009-10-1320011,729Resale
1141 High Meadow Dr$180,000$1132009-09-3020021,586Resale
4882 Heritage Park Blvd$202,500$1182009-09-2120021,716Resale
4909 Park View Ct$185,000$1042009-09-1120001,774Resale
836 Eagle View Dr$255,000$1252009-09-0420042,036Resale
685 Eagle View Cir$320,000$1272009-08-2820042,515Resale
821 Piney Village Loop$235,000$1202009-07-3020031,960Resale
964 Park View Dr$232,000$1172009-07-1720011,983Resale
1036 Park View Dr$195,000$1332009-06-3020011,461Resale
1045 Landings Loop$170,000$1062009-06-2320011,599Resale
4732 Plantation View Dr$280,000$1192009-06-2220062,351Resale
780 Eagle View Dr$251,000$1272009-06-1520031,976Resale
750 Eagle View Dr$268,000$1022009-06-1220022,625Resale
1162 Landings Loop$175,300$1192009-06-1120021,478Resale
4590 Heritage Park Blvd$284,000$1432009-06-0420081,980New
4919 Planters Ridge Dr$196,000$1302009-06-0120001,506Resale
905 Piney Z Plantation Rd$265,000$1282009-05-2220002,078Resale
4837 Planters Ridge Dr$195,500$1232009-05-2220031,587Resale
1213 Landings Loop$180,000$1232009-05-1420021,461Resale
4905 Park View Ct$167,300$972009-05-1220011,729Resale
1148 Winter Ln$165,000$1112009-05-0720021,483Resale
1037 Piney Z Plantation Rd$182,500$1252009-04-1720011,460Resale
974 Park View Dr$247,500$1362009-04-1720021,815Resale
4915 Planters Ridge Dr$226,000$1292009-04-1019991,755Resale
765 Eagle View Dr$305,000$1242009-03-1220042,468Resale
1018 High Meadow Dr$194,000$1232009-03-0920021,571Resale
4726 Planters Ridge Dr$200,000$1172009-03-0320031,711Resale
4907 Heritage Park Blvd$190,000$1122009-01-1620031,701Resale
1057 Landings Loop$175,000$1272008-12-1220011,374Resale
1150 Landings Loop$180,000$1202008-11-2420021,501Resale
4877 Lake Park Dr$270,000$1182008-11-1720032,287Resale
4759 Planters Ridge Dr$214,000$1372008-11-1420041,561Resale
4915 Heritage Park Blvd$225,000$1322008-10-3020031,701Resale
669 Eagle View Cir$315,000$1262008-10-1420032,496Resale
4751 Planters Ridge Dr$208,000$1392008-10-1020011,500Resale
1168 Landings Loop$185,000$1252008-10-1020021,478Resale
1162 High Meadow Dr$185,000$1292008-10-0320021,430Resale
911 Park View Dr$275,000$1332008-10-0120012,062Resale
1047 Park View Dr$215,000$1182008-09-2419991,819Resale
1018 High Meadow Dr$128,000$812008-09-1320021,571Resale
4917 Lake Park Dr$230,000$1352008-09-1220021,710Resale
4650 Soaring Way$332,000$1302008-09-0420032,547Resale
825 Eagle View Dr$260,000$1112008-08-2220052,338Resale
742 Eagle View Cir$345,000$1372008-08-0820022,516Resale
1025 Park View Dr$248,000$1362008-07-2120001,830Resale
817 Eagle View Dr$282,500$1332008-07-1720032,124Resale
1108 Winter Ln$190,000$1382008-07-0720031,374Resale
1148 Landings Loop$200,000$1372008-07-0320021,461Resale
1055 Park View Dr$205,000$1192008-06-2319991,723Resale
1096 Landings Loop$187,500$1312008-06-2320011,426Resale
1032 Kingdom Dr$185,000$1252008-06-2020011,479Resale
1149 Landings Loop$190,000$1272008-06-2020011,495Resale
868 Eagle View Dr$351,000$1462008-06-0920082,406New
1015 Kingdom Dr$167,000$1262008-05-3020011,321Resale
1072 Piney Z Plantation Rd$215,000$1342008-05-2920011,604Resale
1112 Winter Ln$200,000$1352008-05-0920031,479Resale
4661 Nesting Trl$272,000$1302008-05-0820032,097Resale
1137 Winter Ln$213,000$1372008-04-3020001,555Resale
989 Park View Dr$321,000$1682008-04-2520021,912Resale
1221 Landings Loop$207,000$1422008-04-2120031,461Resale
874 Piney Village Loop$368,000$1532008-04-1720082,404New
4856 Lake Park Dr$297,500$1402008-04-1120042,120Resale
4710 Planters Ridge Dr$208,500$1352008-03-2820021,539Resale
861 Eagle View Dr$372,900$1402008-03-1020082,657New
729 Eagle View Cir$350,000$1422008-02-2920042,458Resale
1149 Winter Ln$198,000$1422008-02-2920041,399Resale
1174 High Meadow Dr$200,000$1292008-02-2919991,550Resale
867 Eagle View Dr$310,000$1382007-12-2020022,242Resale
910 Park View Dr$286,000$1072007-12-1820032,684Resale
1020 Kingdom Dr$200,000$1302007-12-1720011,539Resale
1100 Winter Ln$245,000$1402007-12-0720021,747Resale
1183 Landings Loop$210,000$1442007-11-2020011,461Resale
4712 Plantation View Dr$379,900$1452007-11-0520072,627New
933 Piney Z Plantation Rd$317,500$1462007-10-1920002,174Resale
913 Piney Z Plantation Rd$260,000$1382007-10-1220011,884Resale
701 Eagle View Cir$335,000$1732007-10-1220021,940Resale
4922 Heritage Park Blvd$220,000$1282007-10-0320031,716Resale
1004 Piney Z Plantation Rd$205,000$1232007-09-2520031,671Resale
995 Park View Dr$292,500$1362007-09-1720052,153Resale
866 Piney Village Loop$370,000$1602007-09-0420072,311New
917 Park View Dr$298,000$1492007-08-2420031,997Resale
917 Park View Dr$298,000$1492007-08-2420031,997Resale
4881 Lake Park Dr$253,000$1362007-08-2120011,865Resale
1149 Landings Loop$211,600$1422007-08-1420011,495Resale
1001 Kingdom Dr$184,000$1412007-08-0320011,309Resale
1149 High Meadow Dr$205,000$1512007-07-3120021,358Resale
4853 Planters Ridge Dr$260,000$1582007-07-2720011,641Resale
4877 Lake Park Dr$273,500$1202007-07-1820032,287Resale
636 Eagle View Cir$283,000$1442007-07-1620021,962Resale
1069 Kingdom Dr$210,000$1422007-07-1620011,481Resale
1066 High Meadow Dr$241,000$1522007-07-1320031,588Resale
1107 Winter Ln$247,500$1482007-07-0620031,673Resale
1034 High Meadow Dr$255,000$1392007-07-0220021,831Resale
1016 Landings Loop$210,000$1322007-06-2920011,592Resale
1091 Piney Z Plantation Rd$242,500$1472007-06-2920011,647Resale
1072 Piney Z Plantation Rd$186,600$1162007-06-2820011,604Resale
931 Park View Dr$300,000$1312007-06-2220022,294Resale
4886 Heritage Park Blvd$247,800$1542007-06-1520021,606Resale
1154 Landings Loop$209,000$1412007-06-1120021,478Resale
1026 Park View Dr$200,000$1412007-05-2420041,423Resale
4770 Planters Ridge Dr$250,000$1312007-05-2320021,913Resale
1033 High Meadow Dr$250,000$1442007-05-2220031,734Resale
4863 Heritage Park Blvd$251,000$1552007-05-2120031,624Resale
689 Eagle View Cir$371,000$1572007-05-1520032,367Resale
868 Piney Village Loop$382,900$1642007-05-1420072,341New
1132 Landings Loop$205,000$1352007-05-0320021,514Resale
1121 High Meadow Dr$212,000$1462007-04-3020031,455Resale
725 Eagle View Cir$300,000$1482007-04-3020022,027Resale
920 Park View Dr$305,000$1462007-04-2720012,087Resale
1048 Piney Z Plantation Rd$200,000$1492007-04-2719991,346Resale
926 Piney Z Plantation Rd$369,600$1592007-04-1920062,327New
833 Piney Village Loop$273,000$1542007-04-1320041,769Resale
1088 Winter Ln$225,000$1432007-04-1120021,575Resale
1068 Winter Ln$214,500$1462007-04-0520041,471Resale
945 Piney Z Plantation Rd$330,000$1302007-03-2320002,547Resale
4859 Heritage Park Blvd$229,000$1432007-03-2220021,601Resale
4895 Planters Ridge Dr$256,500$1492007-03-2120001,726Resale
900 Park View Dr$295,000$1502007-03-1620021,962Resale
1169 High Meadow Dr$195,000$1462007-03-1620021,340Resale
1012 Piney Z Plantation Rd$235,000$1542007-03-0720021,526Resale
1041 Piney Z Plantation Rd$213,000$1492007-02-2620001,428Resale
1088 Winter Ln$160,000$1022007-02-2620021,575Resale
1085 Piney Z Plantation Rd$216,000$1502007-02-2320021,444Resale
1153 Winter Ln$200,000$1492007-02-2220021,342Resale
853 Eagle View Dr$444,900$1592007-02-2220052,803Resale
4895 Planters Ridge Dr$211,000$1222007-02-1620001,726Resale
1188 Landings Loop$210,000$1442007-02-1120021,459Resale
729 Eagle View Cir$349,900$1422007-02-0820042,458Resale
4929 Lake Park Dr$269,300$1352007-01-3120031,999Resale
1017 Landings Loop$203,000$1402007-01-3120011,447Resale
1015 Landings Loop$203,000$1402007-01-3120011,447Resale
887 Eagle View Dr$345,000$1492007-01-1620012,321Resale
4886 Planters Ridge Dr$252,500$1482007-01-1020011,702Resale
1208 Landings Loop$190,000$1402007-01-0920011,353Resale
4738 Planters Ridge Dr$231,000$1502006-12-2920021,539Resale
4738 Planters Ridge Dr$231,000$1502006-12-2920021,539Resale
1033 Piney Z Plantation Rd$210,000$1452006-12-2220001,448Resale
1080 Winter Ln$212,000$1452006-12-2220031,467Resale
899 Eagle View Dr$340,000$1522006-12-2120012,235Resale
1000 Kingdom Dr$155,000$1002006-12-1920011,555Resale
870 Piney Village Loop$353,700$1512006-12-1520062,344New
628 Eagle View Cir$325,400$1542006-11-3020022,108Resale
922 Piney Z Plantation Rd$385,900$1582006-11-2720062,441New
1099 Winter Ln$230,000$1552006-11-0720021,483Resale
1037 High Meadow Dr$225,000$1532006-11-0320031,468Resale
1184 Landings Loop$203,000$1382006-11-0320021,476Resale
4706 Planters Ridge Dr$204,900$1492006-10-2020021,375Resale
1142 High Meadow Dr$193,000$1362006-10-1320011,416Resale
4915 Planters Ridge Dr$224,000$1282006-10-0619991,755Resale
781 Eagle View Dr$357,000$1572006-09-2920032,279Resale
824 Eagle View Dr$281,000$1422006-09-2920041,977Resale
828 Eagle View Dr$334,000$1482006-09-2920042,255Resale
1138 High Meadow Dr$209,900$1452006-09-2920011,445Resale
1071 Park View Dr$265,300$1542006-09-2920021,719Resale
1199 Landings Loop$214,500$1472006-09-2820011,461Resale
1039 Kingdom Dr$205,000$1402006-09-2320011,461Resale
1125 High Meadow Dr$212,000$1382006-09-2120021,536Resale
712 Eagle View Cir$335,000$1462006-09-1520042,293Resale
1073 High Meadow Dr$227,000$1472006-09-0520021,547Resale
735 Eagle View Dr$485,000$1772006-08-2120052,744Resale
1088 Landings Loop$220,000$1392006-08-1820011,582Resale
4661 Soaring Way$323,500$1552006-08-1820042,092Resale
4724 Plantation View Dr$354,900$1542006-08-1520062,304New
1076 Piney Z Plantation Rd$250,000$1612006-08-0720011,556Resale
621 Eagle View Cir$352,000$1512006-08-0420042,337Resale
979 Watersview Dr$365,000$1392006-07-3120042,634Resale
999 Park View Dr$332,500$1572006-07-2820052,112Resale
1065 High Meadow Dr$209,900$1442006-07-2820031,454Resale
4657 Nesting Trl$355,000$1512006-07-2820042,358Resale
4913 Park View Ct$228,000$1532006-07-2119991,490Resale
4716 Plantation View Dr$352,800$1502006-07-1920062,351Resale
4913 Lake Park Dr$268,000$1442006-07-1420021,862Resale
930 Piney Z Plantation Rd$359,900$1302006-07-14----New
977 Watersview Dr$311,000$1582006-07-1020031,973Resale
1114 High Meadow Dr$223,000$1542006-07-0320041,451Resale
1202 Landings Loop$194,000$1422006-06-3020011,370Resale
1179 Landings Loop$210,700$1412006-06-3020021,493Resale
4720 Plantation View Dr$349,900$1502006-06-3020062,333New
961 Park View Dr$357,000$1662006-06-3020002,154Resale
934 Piney Z Plantation Rd$372,800$1302006-06-3020062,878New
713 Eagle View Cir$370,000$1612006-06-2920032,292Resale
1169 Winter Ln$214,500$1522006-06-2620021,411Resale
1221 Landings Loop$225,000$1542006-06-2320031,461Resale
1059 Kingdom Dr$212,500$1452006-06-1520011,461Resale
4728 Plantation View Dr$350,000$1452006-05-3120062,415New
4853 Planters Ridge Dr$252,000$1542006-05-3020011,641Resale
1212 Landings Loop$193,000$1352006-05-2520011,428Resale
904 Piney Z Plantation Rd$300,000$1422006-05-1820032,108Resale
4929 Lake Park Dr$292,500$1462006-05-1720031,999Resale
1167 Landings Loop$202,500$1372006-05-1520021,476Resale
1041 Piney Z Plantation Rd$218,000$1532006-05-1520001,428Resale
4754 Planters Ridge Dr$245,500$1472006-05-1120031,667Resale
739 Eagle View Dr$375,000$1612006-05-1120052,335Resale
1109 High Meadow Dr$215,000$1522006-04-2920031,414Resale
4656 Fledgling Dr$281,000$1602006-04-2820041,756Resale
4927 Heritage Park Blvd$250,000$1542006-04-2820031,624Resale
1020 Kingdom Dr$185,000$1202006-04-2620011,539Resale
1105 High Meadow Dr$217,500$1392006-04-2020041,562Resale
4855 Heritage Park Blvd$235,000$1442006-04-1320021,630Resale
907 Park View Dr$330,000$1462006-04-1220032,268Resale
4732 Plantation View Dr$348,000$1482006-04-0320062,351New
1216 Landings Loop$187,400$1252006-03-3120011,497Resale
1045 Landings Loop$205,000$1282006-03-3120011,599Resale
1128 Winter Ln$259,900$1332006-03-3020051,951New
1172 Landings Loop$205,000$1392006-03-2720021,476Resale
4751 Planters Ridge Dr$224,000$1492006-03-1720011,500Resale
4849 Lake Park Dr$273,900$1442006-03-1720011,906Resale
613 Eagle View Cir$319,000$1602006-03-1520041,992Resale
968 Watersview Dr$271,000$1442006-02-2820031,884Resale
4759 Planters Ridge Dr$230,000$1472006-02-2820041,561Resale
1064 Kingdom Dr$190,000$1162006-02-2720011,642Resale
983 Watersview Dr$330,000$1382006-02-1720032,391Resale
1038 High Meadow Dr$193,100$1292006-02-1620021,492Resale
4714 Planters Ridge Dr$227,500$1362006-01-2720031,669Resale
1209 Landings Loop$206,000$1412006-01-2720021,461Resale
1159 Landings Loop$200,000$1432006-01-2720011,397Resale
1062 High Meadow Dr$247,800$1462006-01-2020031,699Resale
777 Eagle View Dr$380,000$1442006-01-1920042,637Resale
1157 High Meadow Dr$284,900$1412006-01-1320022,020Resale
1120 Winter Ln$250,000$1392006-01-0520051,795Resale
4725 Plantation View Dr$273,000$1512006-01-0520021,812Resale
825 Eagle View Dr$363,500$1552005-12-3020052,338New
4874 Heritage Park Blvd$217,000$1402005-12-3020021,552Resale
941 Piney Z Plantation Rd$310,000$1552005-12-2720001,999Resale
1036 Piney Z Plantation Rd$200,000$1432005-12-2720021,395Resale
1060 Winter Ln$212,600$1462005-12-1620031,460Resale
1220 Landings Loop$183,500$1392005-12-1520011,321Resale
4882 Heritage Park Blvd$250,000$1462005-12-0920021,716Resale
1036 Park View Dr$210,000$1442005-12-0520011,461Resale
1090 High Meadow Dr$215,900$1512005-12-0220021,427Resale
941 Piney Z Plantation Rd$310,000$1552005-12-0120001,999Resale
761 Eagle View Dr$349,900$1562005-11-2920052,245New
1099 Winter Ln$210,000$1422005-11-2920021,483Resale
1023 Winter Ln$275,000$1502005-11-2320001,835Resale
1059 Park View Dr$253,900$1362005-11-2220051,870Resale
837 Eagle View Dr$360,000$1602005-11-2220052,254New
4782 Planters Ridge Dr$246,100$1372005-11-1720001,792Resale
4778 Planters Ridge Dr$229,900$1422005-11-1720021,615Resale
837 Piney Village Loop$288,200$1292005-11-1520052,230New
681 Eagle View Cir$280,000$1402005-11-1420032,006Resale
4658 Soaring Way$331,000$1342005-11-1420022,478Resale
4782 Planters Ridge Dr$246,100$1372005-11-1020001,792Resale
849 Piney Village Loop$289,900$1292005-10-3120052,245New
4890 Planters Ridge Dr$235,000$1362005-10-2820001,729Resale
983 Watersview Dr$330,000$1382005-10-2820032,391Resale
1117 High Meadow Dr$205,000$1492005-10-2420031,372Resale
1060 Piney Z Plantation Rd$219,000$1462005-10-2420011,504Resale
1124 Winter Ln$219,900$1222005-10-2120051,800New
1124 Winter Ln$224,900$1252005-10-1920051,800New
981 Park View Dr$323,000$1412005-10-1420022,292Resale
1006 High Meadow Dr$180,000$1192005-10-1120021,511Resale
608 Eagle View Cir$335,000$1492005-10-0520042,244Resale
1069 Kingdom Dr$201,000$1362005-09-3020011,481Resale
4654 Soaring Way$334,500$1272005-09-3020022,625Resale
4851 Heritage Park Blvd$230,000$1372005-09-2320021,683Resale
845 Piney Village Loop$289,900$1322005-09-2320052,188New
4658 Nesting Trl$285,000$1402005-09-0920032,037Resale
4909 Park View Ct$245,000$1382005-08-2420001,774Resale
1004 Piney Z Plantation Rd$217,000$1282005-08-2320031,691Resale
841 Piney Village Loop$274,900$1262005-08-1620052,179New
709 Eagle View Cir$383,000$1482005-08-1120042,592Resale
1184 Landings Loop$199,300$1352005-08-1120021,476Resale
1187 Landings Loop$189,900$1302005-08-0520011,461Resale
649 Eagle View Cir$325,000$1372005-08-0520022,379Resale
867 Piney Village Loop$313,000$1422005-08-0520042,207Resale
4847 Heritage Park Blvd$230,000$1442005-08-0320021,601Resale
1027 Winter Ln$189,000$1042005-08-0120021,820Resale
1068 Kingdom Dr$187,500$1172005-08-0120011,606Resale
1082 High Meadow Dr$232,900$1472005-07-2920031,588Resale
1063 Park View Dr$240,000$1352005-07-2920021,782Resale
1149 High Meadow Dr$185,000$1362005-07-2920021,358Resale
1169 Winter Ln$193,000$1232005-07-2820021,566Resale
1029 Piney Z Plantation Rd$192,500$1362005-07-2820021,416Resale
4879 Planters Ridge Dr$245,000$1312005-07-2820001,866Resale
1067 Kingdom Dr$186,000$1262005-07-2720011,479Resale
1165 Winter Ln$199,000$1412005-07-2220021,411Resale
1038 High Meadow Dr$159,000$1072005-07-1920021,492Resale

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