Long-Term Trends In Tallahassee Housing January 21, 2010

The long term trends in the following real estate graph are moving in a direction that is positive for the Tallahassee housing market. Daily new listings in Tallahassee are dropping, Daily new home failures (homes that failed to sell) are dropping, new pending home sales are rising/stable, and daily new home sales are on the rise.

Tallahassee Real Estate Market One Year Inventory Trends

A one year trend allows us to examine activity in the housing market without the impact of seasonality (meaning each point on the graph represents 365 days of the year, each with a holiday season and a summer season). That means we are getting a true view of the trends in the market.

The downside of looking at all of these at the same time is that they have to share the same scale, so micro-movements can easily go unnoticed and it takes weeks or months to notice a change in a trend. Do you see one in the graph above? Check back tomorrow and we'll cover the changing trend above by isolating it in its own real estate graph.

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