12 Single Family Detached Homes For Sale Within Walking Distance Of Myers Park

Hundreds of citizens who live near Myers Park rallied together Tuesday night at City Hall to fight the city's plan to rezone land near the park.

They love where they live and they want to maintain the private setting they enjoy while living in the heart of downtown Tallahassee.

I can certainly understand why.

Homes For Sale Within Walking Distance To Myers Park

To give you an idea of what they are fighting for, here are the current homes for sale within walking distance of Myers Park.

Homes For Sale Near Myers Park

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One of the neighborhoods near Myers Park is called Woodland Drives, and the name is spot on.

As you drive around Myers Park, the lush landscape and mature trees create the illusion that you are nowhere near a downtown or State Capitol complex. Yet this is exactly where you are.

I live about two miles away from Myers Park and occasionally walk nearby and around Cascades Park as well. I think Cascades Park is one project the City "got right" and the area just looks phenomenal and it's a great place for a leisurely stroll (Side note: Tony, we're over-due for another 4 mile walk around Cascades Park!).

Myers Park Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods around Myers Park contain most of the earliest homes built here that still remain today. Even if you have no plan to live downtown, take the time to drive around and see why so many residents banded together to protect their sanctuary in the city. I wonder if any other area of town could have rallied a similar number of people for a common cause.

Hopefully, City Planners and the people who live near Myers Park can find some common ground on a solution for noise abatement and the other issues stemming from the development of Cascades Park. It's such a beautiful part of our city and is something worth protecting.

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