Home Builder Floored By Next Wave In Flooring

The newest flooring products have impressed Tallahassee home builders.

Lenny Brantley, of Brantley Construction Services in Tallahassee, says he was blown away with what he refers to as the next wave in flooring.

Tallahassee homebuilder reports next wave of flooring is sweeping the industry

The Next Wave In Flooring

Here's a recent anecdote that Lenny shared with me this past weekend:

While doing an insurance claim about a year ago I was explaining to the owner how their amazing heart pine floors would have to come up and they are very expensive to replace. They informed me that the floors were vinyl.

As you can imagine with 28 years of experience as a home builder in Tallahassee, I explained to them that the old owner may have told them they were vinyl when in fact the floors were definitely real wood.

Then they hit me with the fact they installed them ... needless to say with a flashlight and various tools I set out to prove them wrong. Guess what? I was wrong.

The "hardwood floors" were actually made of vinyl and I still didn’t believe it until I have run into them several times since that experience.

I never wanted to accept engineered wood until I installed it in several million+ dollar homes and I fell in love with them. They are cabinet grade finish with a 25 year warranty (and 3 weeks shaved off construction time to boot!).

I have now come to the conclusion that the vinyl wood may be the new future for flooring in Tallahassee. Why?

  • Lifetime warranties
  • Water proof
  • Less expensive than wood (in almost all cases)

I know the word vinyl will scare a lot of people, but if you see the floors installed, it only takes one time and you will see no difference.

I already have clients I have given all choices to, and they all chose the vinyl wood.

It can be installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms or other high humidity areas. I’m actually going to install them in my parents home soon ... no dog nail scratches anymore. Tell your customers who are building or putting down new floors to absolutely consider this product.

Well, I've known Lenny for a long time and I know he is a highly regarded builder. In fact, he builds homes that exceed the $1M mark, so you should really appreciate the impact this next wave in flooring has had on his outlook on wood floors.

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#1 By Lenny Brantley at 4/7/2018 5:56 PM

Two more owners given the option in the last month chose the vinyl wood flooring. This will be the new standard in floooring in the years to come, this is coming from a contractor that did everything to not like them. They will be throughout my next home.

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