One Golf Course Community In Tallahassee Is Appreciating Right Now

We like to track many different trends in the Tallahassee real estate market, and one that we've written about for many years relates to activity in the golf course communities.

There are four major golf courses in town, and several others that are smaller or municipal. For the purpose of our real estate report, we will address Killearn Golf Course, Golden Eagle Golf Course, Summerbrooke Golf Course, and Southwood Golf Course.

It is around these four that most of the golf-course related real estate sales occur.

Tallahassee Golf Course Communities Update

I was surprised to find that so far in 2015, three of the four golf course communities are showing a decline in home values.

Tallahassee Golf Course Homes

In the real estate graph above, the average price per square foot of all homes sold each year are plotted. While 2003 through 2014 contain a full calendar year's worth of home sales, the 2015 sales are from January through mid February.

It's early enough in the year that we might be jumping the gun on this, but thus far, we can observe the following:

  • Southwood's home values are lower than both last year and the year before
  • Killearn Estates home values are lower than both last year and the year before
  • Summerbrooke home values are lower than both last year and the year before, and represent the second consecutive year of declines
  • Golden Eagle Plantation home values are on the rise for the second consecutive year

Not All Golf Course Homes

It's important to note that the home sales measured by the graph above are not all on the golf course, rather they are in communities that contain a premium golf course.

Additionally, it only measures existing home sales (resales), so this information is key for people who own a home in one of these communities and is considering a sale. Often times, it can be misleading to see what builders are getting and then think that an existing home owner would get the same value for a used home.

Homes For Sale In Golf Course Communities

The following list shows homes for sale in the four premium golf course communities in Tallahassee.

Golf course frontage with views

7 Properties

If you would like to know more about selling a home or buying a home in one of these four golf course communities, just drop me a note and we can schedule a time to meet to review your needs and help you determine the best current values in the market.

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