Building Permits Provide Great Picture Of The Housing Problem

When we combine single-family permits with multi-family permits, it is clear that we have a major problem in the housing market

Today we are going to examine building permits in detail, as the issue of home affordability is going to become one of the most prominent topics for many years in the national media.

The number of new homes and multi-family properties being permitted and built today is far short of what we need and a new housing crisis has formed. I am not warning about a housing bubble, rather I have brought the data that shows how grossly underbuilt the housing market is in 2022.

Follow along as I share graphs and tables that show how the problem formed and what we are facing today. If you believe you might be moving sometime in the next ten years, this is "must-have" information for you to plan your future.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I have been saying (and writing) that we are not building enough homes for more than five years, and the graph below is why I am so confident that it is true.

Total number of single-family building permits through 12/31/2021

The graph above tracks the number of single-family building permits each year, with detached homes plotted in blue and attached homes plotted in red. The green line plots the total ten-year average.

During the forty-year period from 1970 through 2010, Leon County permitted (on average) nearly 1,500 single-family homes each year, but over the past ten years, that average has declined 58% to just 620 homes per year. This huge decline would not be a big issue if we had been producing multi-family homes to make up the difference. Unfortunately, as you will see in the next graph, that did not happen.

Multi-Family Construction Remains Flat

People have to live somewhere. If not in single-family homes, then multi-family is the most likely alternative.

Total number of multi-family building permits through 12/31/2021

This graph plots the number of multi-family building permits in Leon County each year in red and shows the ten-year average as a solid blue line. While single-family building permits declined by 58%, multi-family permits only rose 1% over the past ten years.

Even with all the new student rental properties built near the universities, there really hasn't been much change in the multi-family market. I suspect this will be changing as we see interest rates move higher.

Residential Building Permits Paint A Clear Forecast

When we combine single-family permits with multi-family permits, it is clear that we have a major problem in the housing market.

Total number of residential building permits through 12/31/2021

The graph above incorporates the data from the two previous graphs and delivers a conspicuous image of the void in the supply-side of the housing market. The past twenty years (which includes the housing bubble years) have seen residential permits decline by 44% when compared to the average from the previous 40 years.

This is not some short-term glitch in the data, this is a clear sign that we are heading towards a home affordability crisis that will impact both homeowners and tenants alike. Below, we examine some interesting dynamics about home values and how they have changed due to the decline in new construction.

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Home Value Changes: New Versus Existing Homes

This graph plots the change in the average price per square foot of new and existing homes. New home values are plotted in red, while existing home values are plotted in blue.

Graph of new construction costs versus existing home values over time

The value of existing homes is completely market-driven; good 'ol supply and demand at work. But new home values (costs) are far less so. If people are not willing to pay what it costs to build a home, then builders stop building.

The massive reduction in new home construction over the past 15 years has had a visibly significant impact on existing values. With not enough shelter to serve our growing population, existing-home values have been rising fast.

In fact, for the past seven years, we've seen existing home values rise at an average annual rate of 6.7% while new home values have risen at an annual rate of 3.3%. This has brought the values of each much closer together as we see in the next graph.

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The Difference In Values Between New And Used Homes

In this graph, we've plotted the average new home value (in price per square foot) in red, and the average existing home value is plotted in blue. The difference (the Delta) is plotted in gray (highlighted in yellow) and is reported on the right vertical axis.

Graph shows new construction costs versus existing home values

What I'm looking for in this graph is found by following the delta between the two, and it has fallen to just below 22%, the lowest we've seen in thirteen years! Simply put, relative to used homes, new homes are more affordable than we've seen since 2008!

What's interesting is that from 2000 through 2007, the average difference in values between new and used was less than 10%. This is an important fact that explains the big difference between today's soaring market and the market that formed the housing bubble of 2006.

Twenty years ago, builders were able to produce homes for a large portion of the homebuyer pool. But when loan qualification standards were tightened, the number of buyers in the market sunk well below the production volume that builders were producing.

Now contrast that period of change with that of today. Builders have not been able to produce for the vast majority of buyers, as the delta has been far too large due to increased costs of construction, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and a diminished supply of affordable lots. Instead of building for the masses, builders have been restricted to building for a much smaller segment of the population.

This has left us with a supply imbalance that is completely opposite of the housing bubble years. Back then, there were so many speculators in the market, oftentimes buying new construction homes and then flipping them to other buyers after the homes were completed. There are far fewer speculators and the majority of the inventory today is not coming from builders, rather it's from those homeowners needing to sell their homes because they are buying another one.

As mortgage interest rates rise, we will see a similar effect on the current housing market as did the change in available loan programs had on the 2006 market. We will see demand decline, but this time we are going to see supply diminish too as the majority of today’s inventory is from sellers who are also buyers. So when buyers no longer qualify for what they wish to buy, they will depart the market taking their potential homes to sell with them. In other words, declining demand will also result in declining supply.

Ultimately, what this graph shows is that the high cost of new construction has been pulling up the average value of existing homes, as the lack of supply that is not being replaced by new homes has created the scarcity that provokes runaway appreciation.

And just like the rest of the economy, inflation is going to strike new construction hard this year. Building supplies, labor, and land are all moving higher (faster) this year. I won't be surprised if new construction costs/values move up 10% or more this year, and we might even see a trend reversal in the delta shown above. This, in turn, will put even more pressure on existing homes, and runaway appreciation is a very likely outcome.

Equally important, it will be interesting to see how the Fed moves this year, as it controls the direction of the housing market. If the Fed keeps the Fed Funds Rate relatively low, builders will have a chance to start filling the void of homes that our growing population needs. But if the Fed responds rapidly (rashly?), I believe the majority of homebuilding could very well move to investors building homes to lease to people who can no longer afford to buy them.

We'll keep our eye on all the moving pieces of the housing market and let you know through our regular reports here and on our YouTube Channel. For our readers who are curious where new homes are selling today, you can see a table of the most recent new construction home sales below.

Recent New Home Construction Sales

The following table shows the most recent 1,000 new home sales in Tallahassee. Please note that you can sort the table by clicking on any column header.

NeighborhoodAddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQF
Canopy3663 Meadow Vista Lane$324,206$2462023-12-0820231,319
Fallschase203 Bienville Place$417,214$2622023-12-0820231,590
Hammock At Oak Grove608 Knotted Pine$576,100$2822023-12-0820232,043
Fallschase375 Ursaline Street$497,408$2422023-12-0720232,055
Cambridge Parc4680 Greta Boulos Street$630,000$2242023-12-0720232,818
Canopy3671 Meadow Vista Lane$329,096$2572023-12-0620231,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2251 Del Carmel Way$217,900$1702023-12-0120231,280
Canopy3656 Meadow Vista Lane$393,332$2182023-11-3020231,802
Canopy3658 Meadow Vista Lane$393,332$2182023-11-3020231,804
Killearn Lakes11092 Wildlife Trail$500,000$2502023-11-2920232,002
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2241 Del Carmel Way$217,900$1702023-11-2920231,280
Fallschase327 Ursaline Street$524,453$2042023-11-2920232,572
Fallschase145 Tulane Way$411,500$2242023-11-2820231,835
Chastain Manor8755 Glenoak Trail$552,036$2152023-11-2820232,572
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2243 Del Carmel Way$211,900$1662023-11-2820231,280
Villas At Raymond Diehl2932 Raymond Diehl Court$392,900$2352023-11-2220231,670
Camellia Bluff2208 Tallahassee Drive$549,900$2422023-11-2120232,273
Canopy3836 Ardmore Lane$589,558$2292023-11-2020232,572
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2245 Del Carmel Way$221,900$1732023-11-1720231,280
Fallschase185 Tulane Way$396,257$2162023-11-1720231,835
Fallschase4168 Rampart Drive$506,580$2482023-11-1720232,042
Canopy3667 Meadow Vista Lane$326,706$2502023-11-1720231,306
Chastain Manor8771 Greenridge Lane$531,969$2072023-11-1720232,572
Canopy3868 Ardmore Lane$804,783$2332023-11-1620233,447
Jordans Pass6093 Jordans Pass Drive$279,000$2132023-11-1620231,312
Fallschase175 Tulane Way$499,900$2172023-11-1520232,304
Hansell Hill2035 Hansell Hill Drive$399,900$2182023-11-1520231,835
Shiloh3893 W Shiloh Way$889,000$3072023-11-1520232,900
Canopy3609 Meadow Vista Lane$320,820$2462023-11-1520231,306
Canopy3613 Meadow Vista Lane$320,330$2432023-11-1020231,319
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2261 Del Carmel Way$221,900$1732023-11-0920231,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2249 Del Carmel Way$221,500$1732023-11-0920231,280
Canopy3660 Meadow Vista Lane$411,992$2282023-11-0920231,804
Canopy3864 Ardmore Lane$783,400$2272023-11-0720233,447
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2257 Del Carmel Way$221,500$1732023-11-0620231,280
Fletcher Oaks466 Grand Oaks Road$389,512$2162023-11-0320231,804
Fallschase144 Bienville Place$475,900$2582023-11-0320231,844
Fallschase202 Bienville Place$416,159$2622023-11-0120231,590
Bannerman Commons6724 Carandolet Lane$725,000$2722023-11-0120222,667
Villas At Raymond Diehl2924 Raymond Diehl Court$392,900$2352023-11-0120231,670
Jordans Pass6178 Jordans Pass Drive$290,000$2042023-10-3120231,419
Hansell Hill2050 Hansell Hill Drive$424,900$2322023-10-3120231,835
Canopy3848 Ardmore Lane$781,125$2272023-10-3120233,447
Hill N Dale Estates1870 Hill N Dale Dr S$360,000$1622023-10-3120232,228
Rivers Landing4996 Sampler Drive$292,900$1872023-10-3020231,568
Rivers Landing4545 Rivers Landing Drive$292,900$1872023-10-2720231,568
Canopy3666 Meadow Vista Lane$396,512$2202023-10-2720231,802
Fallschase4160 Rampart Drive$646,900$2552023-10-2720232,535
Fallschase133 Benoit Circle$699,900$2532023-10-2720232,763
Chastain Manor8657 Brooklin Place$544,554$2122023-10-2620232,572
Jordans Pass1170 Kiki Court$361,000$1602023-10-2620232,261
Fallschase4120 Rampart Drive$539,900$2342023-10-2620232,304
Fallschase351 Ursaline Street$467,578$2502023-10-2520231,873
Tippecanoe Hills2483 Wildcat Ridge$335,000$2202023-10-2020231,523
Canopy3619 Meadow Vista Lane$318,330$2542023-10-2020231,252
Fallschase140 Tulane Way$432,900$2692023-10-2020231,612
Fallschase4164 Rampart Drive$534,715$2472023-10-2020232,169
Canopy3664 Meadow Vista Lane$408,012$2262023-10-1920231,804
Canopy3650 Meadow Vista Lane$407,917$2262023-10-1820231,802
Tower Gates5755 Flowerbrook Circle$311,000$1972023-10-1820231,578
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2259 Del Carmel Way$221,900$1732023-10-1820231,280
Homestead Ridge3365 Almanac Road$357,000$2442023-10-1720231,461
Canopy3607 Meadow Vista Lane$320,820$2462023-10-1620231,306
Arbor Hill2581 Bussman Drive$328,000$1962023-10-1620231,670
Bannerman Commons3012 Gentilly Street$730,000$2742023-10-1320222,667
Bonaventure3014 Camelliawood Lane$235,000$2012023-10-1320231,169
Canopy3625 Meadow Vista Lane$325,830$2552023-10-1320231,280
Fletcher Oaks451 Grand Oaks Road$388,362$2152023-10-1320231,804
Tower Gates4458 River Breeze Lane$311,000$1952023-10-1320231,592
Canopy3611 Meadow Vista Lane$319,820$2452023-10-1220231,306
Tower Gates4460 River Breeze Lane$316,000$2002023-10-1120231,578
Fallschase181 Benoit Circle$522,460$2612023-10-1120232,004
Fallschase134 Bienville Place$548,000$2522023-10-0620232,177
Rivers Landing4514 Rivers Landing Drive$299,900$2162023-10-0620231,387
Tallahassee Ranch Club6929 Ranch Club Road$940,300$2552023-10-0520233,685
Hartsfield Hills1656 San Damian Road$545,900$2352023-10-0520232,326
Fallschase339 Ursaline Street$501,908$2442023-10-0320232,055
Hansell Hill2011 Hansell Hill Drive$414,212$2262023-09-3020231,835
Tapley Trail1245 Tapley Trail$365,599$1902023-09-2920231,927
Tapley Trail1251 Tapley Trail$367,800$1912023-09-2920231,927
Canopy3623 Meadow Vista Lane$320,330$2432023-09-2920231,319
Fallschase4100 Rampart Drive$574,750$2492023-09-2920232,304
Hansell Hill2023 Hansell Hill Drive$402,699$2192023-09-2920231,835
Hansell Hill2027 Hansell Hill Drive$404,951$2212023-09-2920231,835
Fallschase4124 Rampart Drive$429,550$2342023-09-2920231,835
Fallschase4116 Rampart Drive$429,900$2342023-09-2920231,835
Fallschase4104 Rampart Drive$432,900$2362023-09-2920231,835
Canopy3856 Ardmore Lane$783,400$2272023-09-2920223,447
Canopy3631 Meadow Vista Lane$320,820$2512023-09-2820231,280
Rivers Landing4781 Silent Creek Lane$270,000$2062023-09-2820231,312
Canopy3633 Meadow Vista Lane$320,330$2432023-09-2720231,319
Canopy3649 Meadow Vista Lane$318,330$2542023-09-2620231,252
Rivers Landing5002 Sampler Drive$289,900$1852023-09-2520231,568
Rivers Landing4605 Rivers Landing Drive$267,305$2212023-09-2520231,212
Rivers Landing5009 Sampler Drive$277,700$2002023-09-2220231,387
Rivers Landing5033 Sampler Drive$285,900$1822023-09-2220231,568
Rivers Landing5003 Sampler Drive$285,900$1822023-09-2220231,568
Rivers Landing5015 Sampler Drive$289,900$1852023-09-2220231,568
Rivers Landing5008 Sampler Drive$290,795$1852023-09-2220231,568
Canopy3645 Meadow Vista Lane$318,330$2492023-09-2120231,280
Rivers Landing5014 Sampler Drive$285,900$1822023-09-2120231,568
Canopy3617 Meadow Vista Lane$336,975$2582023-09-2020231,306
Oxford Gates5717 Bascom Lane$438,000$2272023-09-2020231,926
None8610 Scott Tower Road$485,000$2402023-09-1520232,022
Fallschase124 Bienville Drive$514,080$2522023-09-1520232,042
Rivers Landing5026 Sampler Drive$285,900$1822023-09-1520231,568
Rivers Landing5020 Sampler Drive$274,900$1982023-09-1520231,387
Hammock At Oak Grove8516 Castle Pine Drive$670,560$2542023-09-1520232,640
None2929 Miccosukee Road$512,500$1282023-09-1520234,000
Fallschase141 Benoit Circle$598,050$2362023-09-1420232,535
Canopy3662 Meadow Vista Lane$401,512$2232023-09-1320231,804
Rivers Landing5038 Sampler Drive$288,400$1842023-09-1320231,568
Preakness Point1314 Preakness Point$1,050,000$3572023-09-1220232,938
Canopy3641 Meadow Vista Lane$318,345$2492023-09-1220231,280
Hermitage1320 Rachel Lane$1,450,000$3862023-09-0820223,756
Rivers Landing4765 Silent Creek Lane$258,398$2022023-09-0720231,278
Canopy3635 Meadow Vista Lane$320,820$2512023-09-0620231,280
Canopy3621 Meadow Vista Lane$326,213$2552023-09-0620231,280
Green Acres At Pedrick1551 Cherry Blossom Circle$549,900$2222023-09-0520222,477
Florida Pecan Endowment5003 Scawthorn Drive$484,900$2272023-09-0120232,134
Rivers Landing4834 Sampler Drive$293,500$2122023-08-3120231,382
Rivers Landing5032 Sampler Drive$274,900$1982023-08-3120231,387
Rivers Landing4542 Rivers Landing Drive$277,400$1772023-08-3120231,568
Tapley Trail1241 Tapley Trail$362,800$1882023-08-3120231,927
Fallschase315 Ursaline Street$469,268$2512023-08-2920231,873
Fallschase267 Bienville Place$507,081$1972023-08-2820232,572
Canopy3653 Meadow Vista Lane$322,255$2442023-08-2820231,319
Fallschase125 Benoit Circle$551,000$2392023-08-2820232,304
Fallschase4152 Rampart Drive$529,960$2642023-08-2520232,004
Canopy3629 Meadow Vista Lane$323,595$2582023-08-2420231,252
Rivers Landing4773 Silent Creek Lane$294,655$2082023-08-2320231,419
Canopy3627 Meadow Vista Lane$318,895$2442023-08-2320231,306
Rivers Landing4530 Rivers Landing Drive$272,400$1962023-08-2220231,387
Fletcher Oaks450 Grand Oaks Road$398,962$2212023-08-2120221,804
Canopy3657 Meadow Vista Lane$320,820$2462023-08-2120231,306
Tower Gates5695 Pinebarren Road$316,000$2242023-08-1720211,409
Canopy3643 Meadow Vista Lane$319,095$2422023-08-1620231,319
Canopy3821 Ardmore Lane$598,446$2522023-08-1520232,378
Fletcher Oaks454 Grand Oaks Road$391,512$2172023-08-1420221,804
None8121 Proctor Road$1,850,000$4812023-08-1420233,850
Canopy3668 Meadow Vista Lane$408,332$2272023-08-1120231,802
Rivers Landing4541 Rivers Landing Drive$269,900$1952023-08-1120231,387
Hammock At Oak Grove8517 Castle Pine Drive$653,796$2542023-08-1120232,574
Canopy3637 Meadow Vista Lane$323,330$2452023-08-1020231,319
Tower Gates4350 Bottle Brush Lane$257,000$1822023-08-1020231,409
Canopy3639 Meadow Vista Lane$319,320$2492023-08-0820231,280
Cambridge Parc4688 Greta Boulos Street$630,000$2242023-08-0820232,818
Oxford Gates5705 Bascom Lane$586,000$2302023-08-0720232,548
Tapley Trail1229 Tapley Trail$355,300$1842023-08-0420231,927
Fallschase251 Bienville Place$493,383$2402023-08-0420232,055
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1011$265,000$2232023-08-0420091,188
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1811$276,500$2332023-08-0420091,188
Fletcher Oaks435 Stately Oaks Place$427,905$2372023-08-0420231,804
Tower Gates5746 Flowerbrook Circle$313,000$2222023-08-0420211,409
Summerbrooke955 Summerbrooke Drive$995,000$3102023-08-0420233,213
Fallschase152 Tulane Way$454,900$2552023-08-0320231,782
Fallschase117 Benoit Circle$438,500$2392023-08-0220231,835
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2231 Del Carmel Way$199,900$1562023-08-0220221,280
Tower Gates5750 Flowerbrook Circle$320,000$2012023-08-0220231,592
Canopy3647 Meadow Vista Lane$320,195$2452023-08-0120231,306
Fallschase101 Benoit Circle$515,850$2302023-07-3120232,246
Tapley Trail1221 Tapley Trail$355,300$1842023-07-3120231,927
Green Acres At Pedrick1579 Cherry Blossom Circle$439,900$2342023-07-3120221,879
Hansell Hill2022 Hansell Hill Drive$424,900$2322023-07-3120231,835
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2209 Del Carmel Way$195,000$1522023-07-3120221,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2211 Del Carmel Way$195,000$1522023-07-3120221,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2213 Del Carmel Way$195,000$1522023-07-3120221,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2215 Del Carmel Way$195,000$1522023-07-3120221,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2217 Del Carmel Way$195,000$1522023-07-3120221,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2219 Del Carmel Way 4$195,000$1522023-07-3120221,280
Villas At Raymond Diehl2927 Raymond Diehl Court$384,900$2302023-07-3120231,670
None6036 Proctor Rd$525,000$5822023-07-311956901
Fallschase104 Tulane Way$458,820$2522023-07-2820231,818
Canopy3817 Ardmore Lane$583,801$2272023-07-2820232,572
Canopy3655 Meadow Vista Lane$314,720$2412023-07-2820231,306
Tower Gates4487 River Breeze Lane$311,000$1952023-07-2820221,592
Rivers Landing4534 Rivers Landing Drive$272,400$1742023-07-2820231,568
Tapley Trail1224 Tapley Trail$362,800$1882023-07-2720231,927
Tower Gates4481 River Breeze Lane$316,000$1982023-07-2720231,592
Rivers Landing4537 Rivers Landing Drive$269,900$1722023-07-2720231,568
Rivers Landing4538 Rivers Landing Drive$274,900$1982023-07-2720231,387
Fletcher OaksPedrick Rd$424,400$2492023-07-2720201,702
Fallschase201 Ursaline Street$427,259$2692023-07-2520231,590
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 2002$286,500$2412023-07-2120091,188
Rivers Landing4533 Rivers Landing Drive$274,900$1982023-07-2120231,387
Fletcher Oaks458 Grand Oaks Road$391,512$2172023-07-2120231,804
Tapley Trail1233 Tapley Trail$330,300$1952023-07-2020231,697
Tower Gates5752 Flowerbrook Circle$313,000$2222023-07-2020211,409
Canopy3659 Meadow Vista Lane$323,330$2582023-07-1920231,252
Pasadena Hills1104 Lompoc Court$479,900$2392023-07-1920232,011
Tapley Trail1228 Tapley Trail$330,300$1952023-07-1920231,697
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1608$276,500$2142023-07-1920091,295
Canopy3651 Meadow Vista Lane$318,330$2492023-07-1920231,280
Fletcher Oaks427 Stately Oaks Place$413,902$2292023-07-1720231,804
Fallschase250 Bienville Place$494,883$2412023-07-1720232,055
Pointe North6029 Leigh Read$2,250,000$4822023-07-1720234,665
Fallschase116 Tulane Way$439,900$2572023-07-1420231,715
Fletcher Oaks431 Stately Oaks Place$416,157$2312023-07-1420231,804
2805 Thomasville Road2799 Thomasville Road$2,360,000$3302023-07-1420237,157
Centerville Trace3632 Harpers Ferry Drive$389,000$2392023-07-1420231,626
Rivers Landing4529 Rivers Landing Drive$269,900$1722023-07-1420231,568
Pine Dove Estates5406 Peace Dove Trail$612,000$2572023-07-1420222,377
Miccosukee Woods9139 Ravena Road$525,000$2312023-07-1420232,275
Talquin Meadows2964 Gatlin Road$290,000$1962023-07-1420231,478
Fallschase271 Ursaline Street$417,659$2632023-07-1320231,590
Rivers Landing4808 Silent Creek Lane$310,000$1862023-07-1320221,670
Killearn Lakes8774 Minnow Creek Drive$384,000$2432023-07-1320231,582
Canopy3813 Ardmore Lane$606,536$2552023-07-1220232,378
Fallschase165 Benoit Circle$548,000$2522023-07-1220232,177
Tower Gates4348 Bottle Brush Lane$262,000$1862023-07-1020211,409
Talquin Meadows2960 Gatlin Road$314,000$1752023-07-0720231,794
Talquin Meadows2968 Gatlin Road$275,000$1912023-07-0720231,440
Canopy3809 Ardmore Lane$578,139$2252023-07-0720232,572
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2225 Del Carmel Way 5$208,000$1632023-07-0720221,280
Fletcher Oaks462 Grand Oaks Road$393,000$2182023-07-0720221,804
Canopy3801 Ardmore Lane$754,285$2192023-07-0320223,447
Fallschase128 Tulane Way$427,680$2402023-06-3020231,782
Tapley Trail1220 Tapley Trail$337,800$1992023-06-3020231,697
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2221 Del Carmel Way$199,900$1562023-06-3020221,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2223 Del Carmel Way$211,900$1662023-06-3020221,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2227 Del Carmel Way$208,000$1632023-06-3020221,280
Sunrise At Mission Overlook2229 Del Carmel Way$208,000$1632023-06-3020221,280
Camellia Oaks578 Winter Bloom Way$535,000$2682023-06-3020231,996
Canopy3800 Ardmore Lane$753,725$2192023-06-2920233,447
Lincoln Heights1119 Volusia St$121,600--2023-06-280--
Lincoln Heights1117 Volusia St$121,600--2023-06-280--
Rivers Landing4525 Rivers Landing Drive$264,900$1912023-06-2820231,387
Cambridge Parc2754 Michel Boulos Street$630,000$2242023-06-2720232,818
Canopy3857 Broadmore Lane$579,721$2442023-06-2620222,378
Rivers Landing4521 Rivers Landing Drive$259,900$1662023-06-2620231,568
Montejo5278 Montejo Drive$255,000$2042023-06-2620221,251
Canopy3804 Ardmore Lane$584,846$2462023-06-2320232,378
Tallahassee Highlands2406 Pennlyn Drive$320,000$2522023-06-2320231,268
Southwood2513 Mount Vernon Lane$567,150$2392023-06-2320222,378
Huntington Woods2791 Faringdon Drive$320,000$1912023-06-2320231,675
Rivers Landing4522 Rivers Landing Drive$274,900$1982023-06-2320231,387
Tower Gates5744 Flowerbrook Circle$309,000$1942023-06-2320221,592
Meridian Oaks627 Raspberry Way$875,000$2832023-06-2320233,087
Tapley Trail1225 Tapley Trail$330,300$1952023-06-2220231,697
Southwood3486 Coneflower Drive$546,538$2542023-06-2220222,152
None1569 Pine Street$555,000$2392023-06-2120232,323
Fallschase219 Bienville Place$501,374$1952023-06-2120232,572
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1808$278,000$2152023-06-1620091,295
Canopy2460 Sweet Valley Heights$455,967$2432023-06-1520221,873
Spring Valley829 California Street$250,000$1772023-06-1520231,410
Canopy2448 Sweet Valley Heights$473,881$2312023-06-1420222,055
Mariana Oaks3382 Mariana Oaks Drive$585,000$2442023-06-1420232,394
Southwood3485 Coneflower Drive$595,404$2502023-06-1420222,378
Homestead Ridge3389 Frontier Road$417,645$2122023-06-1320221,971
Bannerman Commons3024 Gentilly Street$725,000$2722023-06-1220222,667
Fletcher Oaks478 Grand Oaks Road$395,062$2192023-06-1220231,802
Southwood3477 Scarlet Sage Way$750,000$2562023-06-0920232,927
Fallschase4148 Rampart Drive$598,050$2362023-06-0920232,535
Camellia Bluff2204 Tallahassee Drive$633,000$2572023-06-0920232,461
Fallschase266 Bienville Place$455,158$2432023-06-0920231,873
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1402$263,500$2222023-06-0920091,188
Canopy3603 Meadow Vista Lane$320,330$2432023-06-0920231,319
Hammock At Oak Grove521 Knotted Pine Drive$569,800$2652023-06-0920232,151
Rivers Landing4777 Silent Creek Lane$315,000$2022023-06-0820231,561
Canopy3837 Broadmore Lane$519,835$2422023-06-0820232,152
Southwood3398 Coneflower Drive$566,586$2382023-06-0720222,378
Fallschase235 Bienville Place$451,398$2412023-06-0520221,873
Canopy2872 Mews Landing Lane$212,135$1662023-06-0220231,280
Oxford Gates5728 Bascom Lane$438,000$2272023-06-0220221,926
Southwood3406 Coneflower Drive$576,109$2232023-06-0120222,589
Linene Woods398 Castleton Circle$525,000$2632023-06-0120232,000
Tower Gates5756 Flowerbrook Circle$308,000$2192023-06-0120211,409
Lakeview1240 N Adams Street$499,000$2542023-05-3120231,964
Lee Manor942 Hastie Road$323,000$1942023-05-3120231,661
Rivers Landing4517 Rivers Landing Drive$249,900$1802023-05-3120231,387
Tower Gates5760 Flowerbrook Circle$316,000$1982023-05-3120221,592
Tower Gates5762 Flowerbrook Circle$308,000$2192023-05-3120231,409
Fallschase4144 Rampart Drive$548,365$2522023-05-3020232,177
Canopy2444 Sweet Valley Heights$524,251$2042023-05-2620232,572
Southwood3477 Coneflower Drive$585,119$2462023-05-2620222,378
Hammock At Oak Grove568 Knotted Pine Drive$551,060$2752023-05-2520232,004
Lakeview1236 N Adams Street$515,000$2622023-05-2520231,964
Canopy3861 Broadmore Lane$537,215$2502023-05-2420232,152
Fletcher Oaks5627 Fletcher Oaks Drive$399,512$2212023-05-2420221,804
Rivers Landing4769 Silent Creek Lane$268,000$2212023-05-2420231,212
Tower Gates5758 Flowerbrook Circle$311,000$1972023-05-2420211,578
Canopy2880 Mews Landing$212,135$1662023-05-2320231,280
Canopy3831 Forest Lawn Terrace$526,444$2562023-05-2320222,055
Canopy3833 Broadmore Lane$570,946$2402023-05-2320232,378
Rivers Landing4505 Rivers Landing Drive$249,900$1592023-05-2320231,568
Camellia Oaks570 Winter Bloom Way$509,900$2532023-05-2220232,018
Southwood3022 Four Oaks Boulevard$789,900$1762023-05-2220234,496
Camellia Bluff2206 Tallahassee Drive$625,000$2522023-05-1920232,483
Griffin College Heights1338 Clay Street$230,000$1602023-05-1920221,440
Plaza Tower300 S DUVAL ST 1508$273,000$2112023-05-1920091,295
Villas At Raymond Diehl2928 Raymond Diehl Court$384,900$2302023-05-1920231,670
Mariana Oaks3374 Mariana Oaks Drive$585,000$2452023-05-1720222,388
Southwood2509 Mount Vernon Lane$600,109$2322023-05-1720222,589
Tippecanoe Hills2465 Tippecanoe Ridge$375,000$2342023-05-1720231,606
Camellia Oaks471 Karcher Avenue$514,900$2582023-05-1620231,996
Lakeview1238 N Adams Street$505,040$2572023-05-1620231,964
Camellia Oaks465 Karcher Avenue$509,900$2532023-05-1520222,018
Canopy2441 Sweet Valley Heights$589,674$2282023-05-1520222,589
Canopy2876 Mews Landing$212,135$1622023-05-1520191,306
Canopy3865 Broadmore Lane$567,292$2642023-05-1520232,152
Fallschase218 Bienville Place$456,530$2442023-05-1520231,873
Lee Manor903 Frazier Avenue$315,000$1902023-05-1520231,661
Rivers Landing4513 Rivers Landing Drive$254,900$1632023-05-1520231,568
Canopy2387 Sweet Meadow Vista$761,040$2212023-05-1220223,447
Chastain Manor8765 Glen Oak Trail$583,000$2542023-05-1220232,297
Plaza Tower300 S DUVAL ST$258,500$2182023-05-1220091,188
Rivers Landing4510 Rivers Landing Drive$254,900$1632023-05-1220231,568
Tower Gates5711 Pinebarren Road$312,000$2212023-05-1220221,409
Fallschase229 Ursaline Street$494,333$2412023-05-1120222,055
Tower Gates5754 Flowerbrook Circle$316,000$1982023-05-1120221,592
None2049 Solomon Court$669,900$2562023-05-1020232,620
Southwood3469 Coneflower Drive$542,290$2522023-05-1020222,152
Tower Gates5407 River Reserve Lane$308,000$2192023-05-0920221,409
Fallschase173 Benoit Circle$563,960$2622023-05-0520232,151
Fallschase234 Bienville Place$510,451$1982023-05-0520222,572
Fletcher Oaks459 Grand Oaks Road$413,512$2292023-05-0520231,804
Killearn Lakes7501 Beaver Ford Road$510,000$2552023-05-0520232,002
None1575 Pine Street$550,000$2372023-05-0520222,323
Summer Lake1767 San Damien Road$660,000$2492023-05-0520232,650
Villas At Raymond Diehl2931 Raymond Diehl Court$384,900$2302023-05-0520221,670
Canopy3869 Broadmore Lane$596,994$2312023-05-0420232,589
Tower Gates4352 Bottle Brush Lane$303,000$2152023-05-0220211,409
Burgess Circle3127 Parklawn Street$330,000$1922023-05-0120231,718
Rivers Landing4501 Rivers Landing Drive$244,900$1772023-04-2820231,387
Tapley Trail1213 Tapley Trail$330,300$1952023-04-2820231,697
Rivers Landing4509 Rivers Landing Drive$244,900$1772023-04-2820231,387
Jordans Pass6190 Jordans Pass Drive$286,000$1972023-04-2820221,454
Rivers Landing4761 Silent Creek Lane$290,000$1992023-04-2720231,454
Rivers Landing4764 Silent Creek Lane$267,000$2202023-04-2720231,212
The Hammock At Oak Grove509 Knotted Pine Drive$582,000$2842023-04-2720222,050
Canopy2383 Sweet Meadow Vista$770,830$2242023-04-2720223,447
Camellia Oaks576 Winter Bloom Way$514,900$2552023-04-2720232,018
Woodrun East2685 Chandalar Lane$275,000$1922023-04-2520221,432
Canopy2456 Sweet Valley Heights$484,636$2362023-04-2420222,055
Homestead Ridge9300 Arcadia Avenue$389,000$2162023-04-2420231,800
Lakeview1265 N Duval Street$499,000$2542023-04-2120221,964
None1571 Pine Street$550,000$2372023-04-2120222,323
Jordans Pass1069 Lacey Lane$288,000$1932023-04-2020221,496
Tapley Trail1205 Tapley Trail$325,300$1922023-04-1920231,697
Fletcher Oaks438 Grand Oaks Road$389,782$2162023-04-1920221,804
Southwood3478 Coneflower Drive$576,194$2232023-04-1820222,589
Sundance Acres9005 Tabb Lane$951,720$2582023-04-1720233,685
Pasadena Hills1115 Lompoc Court$520,000$2302023-04-1420232,263
Lakeview1267 N Duval Street$499,000$2542023-04-1420221,964
Southwood3454 Coneflower Drive$570,654$2402023-04-1420222,378
Canopy3841 Broadmore Lane$563,184$2372023-04-1420232,378
Fallschase4132 Rampart Drive$466,440$2482023-04-1420231,881
Fallschase4140 Rampart Drive$469,500$2582023-04-1420231,818
None1573 Pine Street$550,000$2372023-04-1320232,323
Canopy2437 Sweet Valley Heights$621,590$2412023-04-1320232,582
Rivers Landing4760 Silent Creek Lane$335,000$2012023-04-1320231,670
Lakeview1242 N Adams Street$499,000$2542023-04-1120231,964
Fallschase4136 Rampart Circle$573,960$2672023-04-0720232,151
Tower Gates5411 River Reserve Lane$309,150$2192023-04-0720221,409
Killearn Lakes3510 Turkey Run$569,900$2462023-04-0620232,318
Bannerman Commons3014 Gentilly Street$725,000$2722023-04-0520232,667
Fallschase243 Ursaline Street$449,000$2402023-04-0520221,873
Jordans Pass6134 Jordans Pass Drive$335,000$1762023-04-0520221,907
Fletcher Oaks443 Grand Oaks Road$388,512$2152023-04-0320221,804
Tower Gates5715 Pinebarren Road$262,000$1862023-04-0320211,409
Tapley Trail1209 Tapley Trail$349,900$1822023-03-3120231,927
Canopy2367 Sweet Meadow Vista$557,417$2342023-03-3120222,378
Oxford Gates5720 Bascom Lane$458,000$2152023-03-3120222,132
Camellia Oaks574 Winter Bloom Way$512,500$2612023-03-3120231,964
Rivers Landing4800 Silent Creek Lane$361,000$1602023-03-3020232,261
The Hammock At Oak Grove554 Knotted Pine Drive$612,150$2752023-03-3020232,226
Tapley Trail1201 Tapley Trail$349,900$1822023-03-2920231,927
Fletcher Oaks474 Grand Oaks Road$393,832$2182023-03-2420221,804
The Hammock At Oak Grove522 Knotted Pine Drive$634,500$2502023-03-2420222,535
Tower Gates5691 Pinebarren Road$305,300$1922023-03-2420221,592
Fletcher Oaks470 Grand Oaks Road$393,512$2182023-03-2220221,804
Magnolia Hills9293 White Blossom Way$1,400,000$3262023-03-2220234,300
Evening Rose1634 Cottage Rose Lane$440,000$2592023-03-2120201,697
Rivers Landing4776 Silent Creek Lane$270,000$1752023-03-2120221,540
Tower Gates5409 River Reserve Lane$299,000$1882023-03-2120221,592
Jordans Pass6142 Jordans Pass Drive$300,000$1572023-03-2120231,907
Lakeview1261 N Duval Street$499,000$2542023-03-2020231,964
Lakeview1263 N Duval Street$499,000$2542023-03-2020221,964
Southwood3485 Scarlet Sage Way$700,000$2472023-03-2020222,831
Fallschase257 Ursaline Street$509,924$1982023-03-1720232,572
Pine Dove Estates7990 Lonesome Dove Lane$625,000$2522023-03-1720222,479
Southwood3494 Coneflower Drive$580,580$2442023-03-1620222,378
Fallschase164 Tulane Way$414,789$2422023-03-1520231,715
Villas At Raymond Diehl2923 Raymond Diehl Court$367,300$2202023-03-1520211,671
Southwood3470 Coneflower Drive$581,618$2252023-03-1520232,589
Bannerman Commons6726 Carandolet Lane$874,000$2662023-03-1520233,291
Tower Gates5413 River Reserve Lane$311,150$2212023-03-1420221,409
Hammock At Oak Grove550 Knotted Pine$729,900$2442023-03-1020222,986
Canopy2395 Sweet Meadow Vista$763,890$2222023-03-0920223,447
Southwood3274 Jasmine Hill Road$581,872$2252023-03-0820222,589
Jordans Pass6125 Jordans Pass Drive$295,000$1932023-03-0820221,530
Tower Gates5405 River Reserve Lane$304,000$1912023-03-0720221,592
Canopy3853 Broadmore Lane$526,210$2452023-03-0620232,152
Brockswood ParkXxx Claude Prichard Drive$637,120$2652023-03-0320232,403
Fallschase149 Benoit Circle$466,320$2572023-03-0320231,818
Homestead Ridge3490 Frontier Road$395,000$2102023-03-0320221,881
Camellia Oaks473 Karcher Avenue$509,900$2592023-03-0320221,967
Fletcher Oaks482 Grand Oaks Road$396,012$2202023-03-0320221,804
Villas At Raymond Diehl2920 Raymond Diehl Court$377,500$2302023-03-0120211,641
Bannerman Commons3018 Gentilly Street$725,000$2722023-03-0120222,667
Tower Gates4354 Bottle Brush Lane$329,600$1902023-03-0120211,736
Oxford Gates5712 Bascom Lane$546,000$2142023-03-0120222,548
Lakeview1244 N Adams Street$499,000$2542023-02-2820221,964
Hartsfield Hills1641 San Damian$491,000$2172023-02-2820232,264
Canopy2452 Sweet Valley Heights$488,906$1902023-02-2820222,572
Canopy3846 Forest Lawn Terrace$579,759$2442023-02-2720222,378
Tallahassee Highlands2399 Eddie Road$184,000$1442023-02-2720221,275
Fallschase176 Tulane Way$427,680$2652023-02-2420231,612
Southwood3422 Coneflower Drive$498,500$2322023-02-2420232,152
Camellia Oaks193 Camellia Oaks Avenue$387,500$2522023-02-2320221,535
Glenview Place419 Glenview Drive$468,000$2572023-02-2120221,818
Camellia Oaks475 Karcher Avenue$512,500$2612023-02-2120231,964
Southwood2506 Blue Ridge Drive$558,546$2352023-02-1720222,378
Tower Gates4489 River Breeze Lane$291,000$2072023-02-1720221,409
Rivers Landing4788 Silent Creek Lane$285,000$2072023-02-1720221,378
The Hammock At Oak Grove513 Knotted Pine Drive$567,200$2642023-02-1720222,147
Jordans Pass6118 Jordans Pass Drive$344,000$1592023-02-1620232,161
Southwood2501 Mount Vernon Lane$537,915$2502023-02-1620222,152
Hammock At Oak Grove560 Knotted Pine Drive$579,000$2642023-02-1620222,196
Canopy2379 Sweet Meadow Vista$515,169$2002023-02-1520222,572
Tower Gates4479 River Breeze Lane$294,200$2092023-02-1520211,409
Tower Gates5687 Pinebarren Road$304,000$1912023-02-0920221,592
Southwood3461 Coneflower Drive$556,250$2342023-02-0620222,378
The Hammock At Oak Grove501 Knotted Pine Drive$617,500$2542023-02-0620222,433
Evening Rose1744 Cottage Rose Lane$424,980$2502023-02-0320231,698
Rivers Landing4600 Rivers Landing Drive$335,000$1762023-02-0220221,907
Camellia Oaks572 Winter Bloom Way$504,900$2572023-02-0220231,967
Southwood2505 Mount Vernon Lane$557,890$2352023-01-3120222,378
Fletcher Oaks434 Grand Oaks Road$389,112$2162023-01-3120221,804
Killearn Lakes2429 Bass Bay Dr$787,000--2023-01-3120213,818
The Hammock At Oak Grove518 Knotted Pine Drive$684,250$2532023-01-2720222,709
Tower Gates5415 River Reserve Lane$304,000$1912023-01-2720221,592
Fallschase188 Tulane Way$402,400$2502023-01-2620231,612
The Hammock At Oak Grove526 Knotted Pine Drive$578,760$2602023-01-2620232,226
Maple Ridge3060 Four Oaks Boulevard$1,151,000$3092023-01-2520223,720
Rivers Landing4784 Silent Creek Lane$246,638$1932023-01-2520231,278
Oxford Gates5721 Bascom Lane$484,456$2112023-01-2520222,296
Fletcher Oaks442 Grand Oaks Road$391,562$2172023-01-2320221,804
The Hammock At Oak Grove8505 Castle Pine Drive$689,900$2472023-01-2320232,795
Summer Lake1767 San Damian Road$670,000$2532023-01-2020232,650
Canopy2423 Sweet Meadow Vista$454,748$2432023-01-2020221,873
Southwood3251 Jasmine Hill Drive$576,472$2232023-01-1920222,589
Southwood3241 Jasmine Hill Rd$576,472$2232023-01-1920222,589
Canopy2355 Sweet Meadow Vista$518,415$2412023-01-1820232,152
Canopy2363 Sweet Meadow Vista$521,131$2422023-01-1320222,152
Fallschase4128 Rampart Drive$507,730$2402023-01-1320232,118
Rivers Landing4780 Silent Creek Lane$260,645$1842023-01-1320221,419
Southwood2495 Blue Ridge Drive$510,230$2372023-01-1020222,152
Southwood2499 Blue Ridge Drive$454,300$2112023-01-1020222,152
Montejo5254 Montejo Drive$258,000$1722023-01-0920221,502
Hammock At Oak Grove564 Knotted Pine Drive$509,900$2702023-01-0620221,892
Camellia Oaks568 Winter Bloom Way Avenue$493,221$2472023-01-0620231,996
Camellia Oaks469 Karcher Avenue$485,400$2472023-01-0420221,964
Fletcher Oaks5631 Fletcher Oaks Drive$400,807$2222023-01-0420221,804
Tower Gates5683 Pinebarren Road$299,000$1882022-12-3020211,592
None8014 Susan Bradford Lane$1,800,000$3962022-12-2920224,545
Mariana Oaks3370 Mariana Oaks Drive$560,000$2512022-12-2920222,233
Camellia Oaks566 Winter Bloom Way$509,900$2602022-12-2320221,964
Rivers Landing4785 Silent Creek Lane$295,000$1782022-12-2220221,657
Tower Gates5675 Pinebarren Road$317,801$2002022-12-2120221,592
Southwood2493 Mount Vernon Lane$523,545$2552022-12-2020222,055
Southwood2497 Mount Vernon Lane$550,707$2142022-12-2020222,572
Tippecanoe Hills2285 Wabash Trail$330,000$2172022-12-1920221,523
Canopy2433 Sweet Meadow Vista$487,983$2372022-12-1920222,055
Tower Gates4461 River Breeze Lane$330,000$1842022-12-1620221,792
Tower Gates5679 Pinebarren Road$300,000$1882022-12-1620221,592
Camellia Oaks467 Karcher Avenue$469,402$2392022-12-1620221,967
Jordans Pass6213 Jordans Pass Drive$342,000$1702022-12-1420222,007
Southwood2489 Mount Vernon Lane$519,760$2192022-12-1420222,378
Maple Ridge2378 Maple Leaf Way$1,004,900$2722022-12-1320223,700
Fletcher Oaks430 Grand Oaks Road$409,423$2272022-12-0920221,804
Tower Gates4356 Bottle Brush Lane$300,455$1902022-12-0920211,578
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1211$254,500$2192022-12-0820091,160
Canopy2359 Sweet Meadow Vista$562,186$2362022-12-0820222,378
Tower Gates5707 Pinebarren Road$304,000$1912022-12-0120221,592
Tower Gates4495 River Breeze Lane$320,000$1842022-12-0120221,736
Southwood3462 Coneflower Drive$449,151$2192022-12-0120222,055
Tower Gates5707 Pinebarren Rd$304,000$1912022-11-3020221,592
Southwood2508 Mount Vernon Lane$468,132$2132022-11-3020212,195
Tippecanoe Hills2324 Flint Run$330,000$2172022-11-2920221,523
Canopy3838 Forest Lawn Terrace$509,789$2372022-11-2920222,152
Canopy2409 Sweet Valley Heights$510,912$2372022-11-2920222,152
Henderson Property401 Meridian Place$900,000$2872022-11-2820223,131
Canopy2417 Sweet Valley Heights$495,000$2302022-11-2220222,152
Mariana Oaks3360 Mariana Oaks Drive$625,000$2492022-11-2220222,506
Homestead Ridge3373 Frontier Road$419,000$2002022-11-2120222,095
Tower Gates5699 Pinebarren Road$287,000$2042022-11-1820221,409
Tower Gates4342 Bottle Brush Lane$314,150$1972022-11-1820221,592
Campbell Park420 Gaile Avenue$203,000$1542022-11-1820221,320
Centerville Conservation6611 Lake Pisgah Drive$1,778,417$4022022-11-1820224,420
Killearn Lakes3505 Turkey Run Lane$585,000$2382022-11-1820222,459
Rivers Landing4797 Silent Creek Lane$295,000$2032022-11-1720221,454
Rivers Landing4789 Silent Creek Lane$262,754$1762022-11-1720221,496
Canopy2420 Sweet Valley Heights$484,769$2362022-11-1620222,055
University Green1992 Green Castle Lane$182,500$1472022-11-1520221,240
Southwood2511 Blue Ridge Drive$494,728$2082022-11-1520222,378
Tower Gates5703 Pinebarren Road$299,000$1892022-11-1420221,578
University Green1990 Green Castle Lane$180,000$1452022-11-1420221,240
Canopy2424 Sweet Valley Heights$520,425$2422022-11-1420222,152
Camellia Oaks4421 Grace Park Trail$492,400$2362022-11-1420222,088
Tower Gates5735 Pinebarren Road$296,000$1882022-11-1020211,578
Sleepy Hollow7133 Sleepy Hollow Circle$963,600$3032022-11-1020223,179
Camellia Oaks4423 Grace Park Trail$502,400$2302022-11-1020222,180
Canopy2440 Sweet Valley Heights$468,336$2132022-11-0820212,195
Southwood2502 Blue Ridge Drive$466,148$2172022-11-0820222,152
Talquin Meadows3026 Gatlin Road$265,000$1842022-11-0420221,440
Hammock At Oak Grove561 Knotted Pine Drive$701,385$2552022-11-0420222,746
Camellia Oaks465 Karcher Avenue$501,664$2492022-11-0420222,018
Camellia Oaks4413 Grace Park Trail$489,900$2352022-11-0420222,088
Canopy2436 Sweet Valley Heights$459,793$2452022-11-0320221,873
Tower Gates4346 Bottle Brush Lane$280,000$1992022-10-3120211,409
Tower Gates4344 Bottle Brush Lane$304,000$1912022-10-3120211,592
Timber Run5463 Dayflower Circle$354,900$2162022-10-3120221,645
Bannerman Condominiums6728 Carandolet Lane$701,980$2632022-10-3120222,667
Camellia Oaks4415 Grace Park Trail$490,400$2352022-10-3120222,088
Campbell Park416 Gaile Avenue$213,000$1612022-10-2820221,320
Rivers Landing4757 Silent Creek Lane$294,600$1762022-10-2720221,677
Rivers Landing4609 Rivers Landing Drive$286,245$1502022-10-2720221,907
Montejo5270 Montejo Drive$262,850$1752022-10-2720221,502
Montejo5262 Montejo Drive$262,850$1752022-10-2720221,502
Canopy2429 Sweet Meadow Vista$552,086$2322022-10-2720222,378
Southwood3390 Coneflower Drive$510,687$2152022-10-2720222,378
Canopy2413 Sweet Valley Heights$550,486$2312022-10-2620222,378
Southwood2504 Mount Vernon Lane$520,915$2422022-10-2520212,152
Southwood2503 Blue Ridge Drive$467,436$2172022-10-2120222,152
Rivers Landing4614 Rivers Landing Drive$345,000$1652022-10-2020222,085
Chastain Manor8763 Greenridge Lane$502,664$1952022-10-1820222,572
Camellia Oaks4417 Grace Park Trail$502,400$2302022-10-1720222,180
Camellia Oaks506 Karcher Avenue$484,900$2402022-10-1720212,018
Canopy2428 Sweet Valley Heights$567,666$2392022-10-1720222,378
Montejo369 Carmen Rocio Way$285,000$1882022-10-1420221,519
Hammock At Oak Grove505 Knotted Pine Drive$459,900$2532022-10-1420221,818
Camellia Oaks190 Camellia Oaks Avenue$424,900$2772022-10-1420221,535
Tower Gates4457 River Breeze Lane$313,000$1972022-10-1220211,592
Southwood2512 Mount Vernon Lane$517,680$2412022-10-1120222,152
Golden Eagle Plantation2958 St. Stevens Drive$950,000$2702022-10-1020213,524
Hartsfield Hills1648 San Damian Road$472,000$2032022-10-0720222,326
Southwood3282 Jasmine Hill Road$521,314$2192022-10-0720222,378
Tower Gates4340 Bottle Brush Lane$310,450$1972022-10-0720211,578
Tower Gates5414 River Breeze Lane$281,000$1992022-10-0720211,409
Evening Rose1741 Cottage Rose$381,000$2402022-10-0720211,590
Tower Gates4360 Bottle Brush Lane$299,000$1882022-10-0620211,592
Canopy3851 Forest Lawn Terrace$567,800$2392022-10-0620222,378
Chastain Manor8761 Greenridge Lane$507,596$1972022-10-0620222,572
Canopy3847 Forest Lawn Terrace$574,374$2422022-10-0520222,378
Bannerman Condominiums3016 Gentilly$731,350$2742022-10-0420222,667
Chastain Manor8759 Greenridge Lane$500,000$1942022-10-0420222,572
Hammock At Oak Grove549 Knotted Pine Drive$643,750$2582022-10-0420222,500
Tower Gates4492 River Breeze Lane$320,000$1842022-10-0320211,736
Tower Gates4490 River Breeze Lane$305,000$1932022-09-3020211,578
Villas At Raymond Diehl2936 Raymond Diehl Court$367,500$2202022-09-3020211,670
Camellia Oaks4411 Grace Park Trail$488,400$2352022-09-3020222,075
Camellia Oaks4419 Grace Park Trail$490,450$2362022-09-3020222,075
Glenview Place417 Glenview Drive$478,418$2632022-09-2920221,818
Jordans Pass6194 Jordans Pass Drive$260,000$1982022-09-2920221,312
Southwood2491 Blue Ridge Drive$519,088$2182022-09-2820222,378
Bond1725 Holton Street$208,500$1682022-09-2720221,238
Chastain Manor8770 Greenridge Lane$503,401$1962022-09-2720222,572
Tower Gates4459 River Breeze Lane$292,130$2072022-09-2620221,409
Canopy2407 Sweet Meadow Vista$564,811$2382022-09-2620222,378
University Green1988 Green Castle Lane$180,000$1452022-09-2320221,240
Southwood3233 Jasmine Hill Road$523,704$2202022-09-2320222,378
Southwood3438 Coneflower Drive$523,678$2042022-09-2320222,572
Camellia Oaks4409 Grace Park Trail$507,400$2332022-09-2320222,180
Hammock At Oak Grove8521 Castle Pine Drive$567,791$2362022-09-2320222,408
Talquin Meadows3040 Gatlin Road$278,000$1882022-09-2220221,478
Camellia Oaks192 Camellia Oaks Avenue$371,775$2422022-09-2020221,535
Camellia Oaks194 Camellia Oaks Avenue$373,400$2432022-09-1920221,535
Camellia Oaks4405 Grace Park Trail$484,400$2482022-09-1620221,957
Jordans Pass6198 Jordans Pass Drive$279,500$1972022-09-1520221,419
Bannerman Condominiums3028 Gentilly Street$725,000$2722022-09-1520222,667
Tower Gates4358 Bottlebrush Lane$259,000$1842022-09-0920211,409
Sycamore Ridge10753 Sycamore Ridge Lane$329,000$1952022-09-0920221,688
Tallahassee Highlands2400 Pennlyn Drive$280,000$2212022-09-0920221,268
Southwood3446 Coneflower Drive$460,892$1792022-09-0920222,572
Chastain Manor8768 Greenridge Lane$496,174$1932022-09-0920222,572
Hammock At Oak Grove8520 Castle Pine Drive$652,960$2192022-09-0920222,986
Summerbrooke7969 Lochknoll Lane$623,750$2232022-09-0920202,803
Green Acres At Pedrick1567 Cherry Blossom Circle$478,000$2142022-09-0920212,234
Talquin Meadows3034 Gatlin Road$265,000$1842022-09-0820221,440
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1408$256,000$1982022-09-0620091,295
Camellia Oaks196 Camellia Oaks Avenue$364,900$2382022-09-0620221,535
Camellia Oaks4403 Grace Park Trail$490,900$2372022-09-0620222,075
University Green1986 Green Castle Lane$180,000$1452022-09-0220221,240
Upper East2303 Lake Hall Road$479,000$2212022-09-0220222,170
Bannerman Condominiums3030 Gentilly Street$725,000$2722022-09-0220222,667
Chastain Manor8766 Greenridge Lane$483,233$2352022-09-0220222,055
Hammock At Oak Grove8512 Castle Pine Drive$612,500$2502022-09-0220222,450
Hammock At Oak Grove8529 Castle Pine Drive$560,000$2212022-09-0120222,535
Retreat At Mahan5152 Royal Fern Circle$499,900$2642022-09-0120221,892
University Green1982 Green Castle Lane$180,000$1452022-08-3120221,240
University Green1984 Green Castle Lane$180,000$1452022-08-3120221,240
Governors Court3087 Governors Court Drive$389,000$1852022-08-3020222,100
Rivers Landing4582 Rivers Landing Drive$329,500$1732022-08-3020221,907
Rivers Landing4796 Silent Creek Lane$260,199$1302022-08-2920222,007
Villas At Raymond Diehl2919 Raymond Diehl Court$357,500$2142022-08-2920211,670
Chastain Manor8764 Greenridge Lane$450,957$2412022-08-2920221,873
Camellia Oaks198 Camellia Oaks Avenue$373,400$2432022-08-2920221,535
Jordans Pass1049 Lacey Lane$283,340$1912022-08-2620221,487
Montejo373 Carmen Rocio Way$285,000$1882022-08-2620221,519
Canopy2888 Mews Landing$207,976$1622022-08-2620221,280
Southwood2498 Blue Ridge Drive$462,395$2152022-08-2620222,152
Canopy2892 Mews Landing$207,976$1622022-08-2420221,280
Hammock At Oak Grove546 Knotted Pine Drive$569,260$2652022-08-2420222,151
Southwood3266 Jasmine Hill Road$521,207$2192022-08-2220222,378
Chastain Manor8760 Greenridge Lane$488,432$1902022-08-2220222,572
Tower Gates5743 Pinebarren Road$245,000$1542022-08-1920211,592
Villas At Raymond Diehl2935 Raymond Diehl Court$384,900$2302022-08-1920211,670
Hammock At Oak Grove573 Knotted Pine Drive$562,500$2222022-08-1920222,535
Camellia Oaks4401 Grace Park Trail$504,900$2322022-08-1920222,180
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1201$247,000$2092022-08-1820091,180
Glenview Place415 Glenview Drive$480,000$2722022-08-1820221,764
Tower Gates5739 Pinebarren Road$273,082$1722022-08-1620211,592
Jordans Pass6202 Jordans Pass Drive$249,500$1952022-08-1620221,278
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1208$253,000$1952022-08-1220091,295
Hammock At Oak Grove565 Knotted Pine Drive$587,760$2642022-08-1220222,226
Retreat At Mahan5211 Old Retreat Way$599,900$2402022-08-1220212,500
Plaza Tower300 S Duval Street$240,000$2022022-08-0920091,188
Oak Grove Plantation8040 Oak Grove Plantation Road$1,187,000$2872022-08-0920214,130
Tower Gates5747 Pinebarren Road$262,200$1652022-08-0520211,592
Tower Gates5727 Pinebarren Road$279,390$1762022-08-0520211,592
Tallahassee Highlands2417 Eddie Road$285,000$2252022-08-0520221,268
Camellia Oaks4395 Grace Park Trail$499,900$2392022-08-0520222,088
Canopy2884 Mews Landing$207,976$1622022-08-0420221,280
Lafayette Oaks2308 Napoleon Bonaparte Drive$651,000$2432022-08-0220222,680
Southwood3430 Coneflower Drive$457,700$2232022-08-0220222,055
Lexington Parc2364 Lexington Pond Way$325,000$1972022-08-0220221,650
Southwood3585 Esplanade Way$474,900$2322022-08-0220202,048
Bannerman Condominiums3026 Gentilly Street$706,359$2652022-08-0120222,667
Retreat At Mahan5355 Spirit Rock Place$528,857$2202022-08-0120222,404
University Green1994 Green Castle Lane$180,000$1452022-07-2920221,240
None13448 Rabbit Run Trail$500,000$2412022-07-2920222,073
Lexington Parc2297 Lexington Parc Drive$325,000$1972022-07-2920221,650
Bannerman Condominiums6732 Carandolet Lane$689,000$2582022-07-2920222,667
Hammock At Oak Grove569 Knotted Pine Drive$569,260$2652022-07-2920222,151
Hammock At Oak Grove553 Knotted Pine Drive$569,900$2692022-07-2920222,118
Rivers Landing4756 Silent Creek Lane$260,000$1832022-07-2820221,419
Rivers Landing4768 Silent Creek Lane$285,000$1862022-07-2820221,530
Upper East2307 Lake Hall Road$479,000$2212022-07-2820222,170
Apalachee Hills2338 Quazar Cir$320,000$2792022-07-2820211,146
Southwood2500 Mount Vernon Lane$499,608$1942022-07-2820222,572
Meridian Hills372 Beaver Lake Road$640,000$2642022-07-2820222,424
Camellia Oaks4316 Terebinth Trail$548,000$2832022-07-2820221,936
Summerfield3364 Skyview Drive$359,900$2082022-07-2720221,731
Chastain Manor8760 Greenridge Lane$481,544$2342022-07-2720222,055
Green Acres At Pedrick5608 Cherry Blossom Way$493,000$2262022-07-2720222,186
University Green1980 Green Castle Lane$194,900$1572022-07-2620221,240
Southwood2510 Blue Ridge Drive$460,455$2102022-07-2620222,195
Rivers Landing4893 Sampler Drive$319,000$1782022-07-2220221,794
None13460 Rabbit Run Trail$475,000$2572022-07-2220221,850
Bannerman Condominiums6734 Carandolet Lane$635,000$2452022-07-2220222,588
Montejo5224 Montejo Drive$230,000$1772022-07-1920221,300
Tower Gates4488 River Breeze Lane$298,000$2122022-07-1820211,409
Canopy2432 Sweet Valley Heights$407,205$2172022-07-1820221,873
Canopy3842 Forrest Lawn Terrace$510,844$2152022-07-1520222,378
Hammock At Oak Grove545 Knotted Pine Drive$517,600$2412022-07-1520222,147
Camellia Oaks4391 Grace Park Trail$469,900$2392022-07-1520221,967
Retreat At Mahan5250 Old Retreat Way$500,500$2252022-07-1520222,226
Southwood2496 Mount Vernon Lane$469,341$2142022-07-1420222,195
Camellia Oaks4407 Grace Park Trail$502,400$2302022-07-1420222,180
Montejo5228 Montejo Drive$240,000$1852022-07-1120221,300
Cavendish Cove4505 Cavendish Court$567,955$2462022-07-0820222,305
Montejo5232 Montejo Drive$230,000$1772022-07-0720221,300
Southwood2492 Mount Vernon Lane$510,740$2372022-07-0620212,152
Winfield Forest1172 Winfield Forest Drive$579,400$2362022-07-0120222,450
Rivers Landing4618 Rivers Landing Drive$269,744$1292022-06-3020222,086
Rivers Landing4601 Rivers Landing Drive$215,000$1992022-06-3020221,079
Montejo5220 Montejo Drive$245,000$1882022-06-3020221,300
Montejo5258 Montejo Drive$262,850$1752022-06-2720221,502
Rivers Landing4772 Silent Creek Lane$247,154$1742022-06-2420221,419
Rivers Landing4613 Rivers Landing Drive$242,950$1902022-06-2420221,278
Green Acres At Pedrick1561 Cherry Blossom Circle$502,050$2252022-06-2420222,234
Retreat At Mahan5239 Old Retreat Way$444,900$2122022-06-2420212,103
Montejo5250 Montejo Drive$267,850$1782022-06-2320221,502
Canopy3830 Forest Lawn Terrace$421,730$2252022-06-2220221,873
Centerville Conservation6689 Lake Pisgah Drive$1,220,000$3702022-06-2020223,300
Canopy2412 Sweet Valley Heights$432,477$2312022-06-1720221,873
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 1101$245,000$2072022-06-1520091,186
Tower Gates5719 Pinebarren Road$296,000$2102022-06-1520221,409
Canopy2425 Sweet Valley Heights$443,160$2372022-06-1420221,873
Rivers Landing4793 Silent Creek Lane$280,000$1972022-06-1020221,419
Tower Gates4484 River Breeze Lane$268,865$1912022-06-1020211,409
Pine Dove Estates5356 Pine Dove Drive$528,000$2522022-06-1020212,097
Retreat At Mahan5264 Old Retreat Way$461,065$2072022-06-1020222,226
Chastain Manor8701 Glenoak Trail$476,396$1852022-06-0920202,572
Summerfield3936 Ella Drive$425,000$1842022-06-0820222,310
Southwood3414 Coneflower Drive$480,837$1872022-06-0620222,572
Bannerman Condominiums6736 Carandolet Lane$645,000$2492022-06-0620222,588
Oxford Gates5704 Bascom Lane$482,000$2262022-06-0320212,132
Southwood3258 Jasmine Hill Road$461,069$2142022-06-0220222,152
Rivers Landing4586 Rivers Landing Drive$315,000$1652022-06-0120221,907
Tower Gates4474 River Breeze Lane$225,000$1612022-05-3120211,400
Woodside Heights822 Brent Drive$199,900$1182022-05-3120221,700
Sleepy Hollow7100 Sleepy Hollow$999,500$3022022-05-3120223,309
Southwood3034 Four Oaks Blvd$699,000$2432022-05-3120222,879
Roweling Oaks4123 Roweling Oaks Court$514,900$2212022-05-2720222,335
Tower Gates4480 River Breeze Lane$252,000$1582022-05-2720211,592
Montejo5266 Montejo Drive$262,850$1752022-05-2720221,502
Canopy2389 Sweet Valley Heights$531,924$2242022-05-2720212,378
Southwood3250 Jasmine Hill Road$478,080$2222022-05-2720222,152
Hammock At Oak Grove8508 Castle Pine Drive$719,900$2232022-05-2720223,229
Rivers Landing4801 Silent Creek Lane$280,000$1892022-05-2620221,478
Tower Gates4476 River Breeze Lane$268,150$1902022-05-2620201,409
Plaza Tower300 S Duval Street$253,000$2132022-05-2520091,186
Rivers Landing4804 Silent Creek Lane$270,000$1822022-05-2520221,487
Canopy2416 Sweet Valley Heights$462,519$1802022-05-2520222,572
Tower Gates4485 River Breeze Lane$225,000$1602022-05-2320211,409
Tower Gates4491 River Breeze Lane$264,000$1662022-05-2020211,592
Tower Gates5731 Pinebarren Road$257,000$1822022-05-2020211,409
Rivers Landing4851 Sampler Drive$319,000$1802022-05-1920221,768
Montejo5240 Montejo Drive$250,000$1962022-05-1920221,277
Evening Rose1676 Cottage Rose Lane$420,000$2682022-05-1820221,569
Mariana Oaks3386 Mariana Oaks Drive$625,000$2302022-05-1820222,723
None2603 Williams Road$448,000$2122022-05-1820222,118
Southwood2388 Crimson Clover Way$731,000$2312022-05-1820223,160
Camellia Oaks4389 Grace Park Trail$464,900$2302022-05-1720222,018
Tower Gates4486 River Breeze Lane$274,000$1722022-05-1320211,592
Southwood3281 Jasmine Hill Drive$537,039$2262022-05-1320222,378
Camellia Oaks4387 Grace Park Trail$447,400$2272022-05-1320221,967
Green Acres @ Pedrick5609 Cherry Blossom Way$417,100$2222022-05-1320221,879
Retreat At Mahan5371 Spirit Rock Place$574,900$2092022-05-1320222,745
Canopy2408 Sweet Valley Heights$411,475$1872022-05-1020212,195
Canopy2404 Sweet Valley Heights$446,650$2172022-05-1020212,055
Summer Lake1633 San Damian Road$460,000$2102022-05-0920222,188
Tippecanoe Hills2293 Wabash Trail$365,000$1842022-05-0920211,980
None6845 Proctor Road$750,000$2352022-05-0920213,190
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 2011$265,000$2252022-05-0620091,180
Rivers Landing4578 Rivers Landing Drive$201,102$1002022-05-0620222,012
Camellia Oaks4385 Grace Park Trail$454,900$2282022-05-0620221,996
Retreat At Mahan5184 Royal Fern Circle$474,900$1902022-05-0620222,500
Southwood3257 Jasmine Hill Road$498,145$2312022-05-0520222,152
Retreat At Mahan620 Drifting Sand Trail$453,800$2112022-05-0520222,151
Jordans Pass1021 Lacey Lane$332,500$1542022-05-0320212,166
Ox Bottom Crest5082 Bird Nest Trail$480,000$2232022-05-0220182,152
Retreat At Mahan5367 Spirit Rock Place$568,400$2112022-05-0220222,691
Rivers Landing4792 Silent Creek Lane$273,068$1262022-04-2920222,161
Tower Gates4478 River Breeze Lane$245,000$1542022-04-2920211,592
Camellia Oaks4383 Grace Park Trail$457,400$2332022-04-2920221,964
Camellia Oaks476 Karcher Avenue$428,725$2682022-04-2920221,598
None2836 Hadley Road$550,000$2292022-04-2820232,407
Tower Gates4475 River Breeze Lane$287,000$1652022-04-2720211,736
Tower Gates4482 River Breeze Lane$302,000$1692022-04-2620211,792
Oxford Gates5708 Bascom Lane$416,500$2162022-04-2220211,926
Camellia Oaks4381 Grace Park Trail$454,900$2252022-04-2220222,018
Plaza Tower300 S Duval St 9120$206,000$1742022-04-2120091,186
Southwood3273 Jasmine Hill Road$487,616$2372022-04-2120212,055
Mariana Oaks3378 Mariana Oaks Drive$565,000$2292022-04-2020222,470
Rivers Landing4585 Rivers Landing Drive$258,000$1292022-04-1920222,007
Rivers Landing4812 Silent Creek Lane$226,975$1532022-04-1920221,487
Mariana Oaks3369 Mariana Oaks Drive$559,000$2172022-04-1920222,582
Retreat At Mahan5212 Old Retreat Circle$484,700$2182022-04-1920222,226
Rivers Landing4805 Silent Creek Lane$337,650$1492022-04-1520212,261
Tippecanoe Hills2288 Wabash Trail$365,000$1842022-04-1520211,980
Canopy2405 Sweet Valley Heights$514,702$2162022-04-1520212,378
Camellia Oaks472 Karcher Avenue$429,275$2472022-04-1520221,738
Montejo252 Belair Road$270,000$1782022-04-1420221,519
Canopy2400 Sweet Valley Heights$459,441$1792022-04-1420212,572
Tower Gates4493 River Breeze Lane$266,000$1692022-04-1320211,578
Canopy3834 Forest Lawn Terrace$587,304$2212022-04-1320222,660
Camellia Oaks474 Karcher Avenue$443,400$2462022-04-1320221,803
Rivers Landing4606 Rivers Landing Drive$235,000$1582022-04-1120221,487
Rivers Landing4610 Rivers Landing Drive$197,600$1832022-04-0820221,079
Tower Gates4496 River Breeze Lane$269,000$1692022-04-0820211,592
Tower Gates4494 River Breeze Lane$252,000$1792022-04-0820211,409
Canopy2375 Sweet Meadow Vista$404,117$2162022-04-0820221,873
Chastain Manor8736 Glenoak Trail$407,145$2302022-04-0820211,773
Camellia Oaks466 Karcher Avenue$431,450$2482022-04-0820221,738
Camellia Oaks464 Karcher Avenue$457,500$2862022-04-0820221,598
Summerfield3948 Ella Drive$344,900$1842022-04-0720211,870
Tower Gates4477 River Breeze Lane$260,000$1852022-04-0720211,409
Camellia Oaks468 Karcher Avenue$436,525$2422022-04-0620221,803
Rivers Landing4877 Sampler Drive$255,000$1852022-04-0420221,382
Glenview Place413 Glenview Drive$458,000$2602022-04-0120221,764
Waterbrook2825 Waterbrook Court$135,000$962022-04-0120101,404
Waterbrook2827 Waterbrook Court$135,000$962022-04-0120101,404
Waterbrook2829 Waterbrook Court$135,000$962022-04-0120101,404
Waterbrook2833 Waterbrook Court$135,000$962022-04-0120101,404
Waterbrook2835 Waterbrook Court$135,000$962022-04-0120101,404
Waterbrook2831 Waterbrook Court$135,000$962022-04-0120101,404
Evening Rose1672 Cottage Rose Lane$405,000$2392022-04-0120221,698
Southwood3249 Jasmine Hill Road$543,874$2532022-04-0120222,152
Tower Gates5723 Pinebarren Road$244,515$1742022-03-3120201,409
Dawson Creek2218 Cedarbrook Court$169,900$1302022-03-3020211,308
Dawson Creek2216 Cedarbrook Court$169,900$1302022-03-3020211,308
Retreat At Mahan5268 Old Retreat Way$384,400$2032022-03-3020221,892
Retreat At Mahan5276 Old Retreat Way$384,400$2032022-03-3020221,892
Camellia Oaks610 Winter Bloom Way$449,900$2232022-03-2920212,018
Cottages At Lonnie200 Cottage Court$413,200$1952022-03-2820222,120
Retreat At Mahan5259 Old Retreat Way Trail$419,900$2002022-03-2820222,103
Canopy2401 Sweet Valley Heights$474,811$2212022-03-2520212,152
Bannerman Condominiums6738 Carandolet Lane$729,000$2272022-03-2520223,212
None2840 Hadley Road$665,000$2222022-03-2420223,000
Chastain Manor8730 Glenoak Trail$425,080$1942022-03-2120212,195
Jordans Pass6101 Jordans Pass Drive$287,410$1272022-03-1820222,261
None6706 Oakdown Drive$1,415,000$3452022-03-1820224,099
Camellia Oaks4312 Terebinth Trail$426,775$2402022-03-1820221,779
Lake Carolyn Estates6565 Velda Dairy Road$850,000$2932022-03-1720212,906
Summerfield3908 Ella Drive$356,400$1522022-03-1620212,342
Summerfield3912 Ella Drive$326,400$1802022-03-1620211,818
Mariana Oaks3398 Mariana Oaks Drive$509,500$2212022-03-1620212,304
Chastain Manor8732 Glenoak Trail$436,201$1702022-03-1620212,572
Chastain Manor8709 Glenoak Trail$433,940$1982022-03-1620212,195
Chastain Manor8729 Glenoak Trail$431,705$1972022-03-1520212,195
Avery Park867 Avery Park Drive$446,853$1852022-03-1520212,413
Camellia Oaks463 Olivia Rose Avenue$437,400$2432022-03-1520211,803
Retreat At Mahan5177 Royal Fern Circle$334,900$1842022-03-1520221,818
Chastain Manor8724 Glenoak Trail$447,515$1742022-03-1420212,572
Summerfield3957 Ella Drive$354,900$1522022-03-1120212,342
Camellia Oaks469 Olivia Rose Avenue$427,400$2462022-03-1120221,738
Jordans Pass6141 Jordans Pass Drive$227,686$1782022-03-0920221,278
Camellia Oaks467 Olivia Rose Avenue$436,775$2422022-03-0720221,803
Camellia Oaks4313 Terebinth Trail$409,900$2692022-03-0720221,522
Sagebrook Mill1822 Sagebrook Drive$315,000$2062022-03-0420201,526
Summerfield3960 Ella Drive$367,700$1572022-03-0420222,342
Summerfield3953 Ella Drive$362,000$1912022-03-0420211,900
Chastain Manor8720 Glenoak Trail$445,864$1732022-03-0420212,572
Retreat At Mahan5189 Royal Fern Circle$471,050$2192022-03-0420212,147
Dawson Creek2208 Cedarbrook Court$159,900$1222022-03-0320211,308
Dawson Creek2210 Cedarbrook Court$169,900$1302022-03-0320211,308
Dawson Creek2206 Cedarbrook Court$169,900$1302022-03-0220211,308
Jordans Pass1174 Kiki Court$242,286$1272022-03-0220221,907
Woodside Heights813 Margo Street$210,000$1572022-03-0220221,339
Mariana Oaks3362 Mariana Oaks Drive$555,000$2252022-03-0220222,471
Retreat At Mahan5204 Old Retreat Way$444,900$2472022-03-0220211,800
Lakeview1243 N Bronough Street$420,000$1632022-03-0120212,580
Summerfield3949 Ella Drive$414,900$1772022-03-0120222,342
Tippecanoe Hills2280 Wabash Trail$365,000$1842022-03-0120221,980
Avery Park855 Avery Park Drive$392,170$1972022-02-2820221,993
Camellia Oaks465 Olivia Rose Avenue$422,400$2642022-02-2820221,598
Dawson Creek2200 Cedarbrook Court$175,000$1342022-02-2520221,308
Lakeview1241 N Bronough Street$426,000$1652022-02-2520212,580
Summerfield3941 Ella Drive$349,900$1732022-02-2520212,025
Summerfield3956 Ella Drive$323,400$1782022-02-2520221,818
Canopy2388 Sweet Valley Heights$453,007$1762022-02-2520212,572
Retreat At Mahan5180 Royal Fern Circle$442,900$1992022-02-2520212,226
Canopy2397 Sweet Valley Heights$502,672$2112022-02-2220212,378
Canopy2381 Sweet Valley Heights$517,853$2182022-02-2220212,378
Summerfield3937 Ella Drive$354,900$1522022-02-1820202,342
Summerfield3942 Ella Drive$311,900$1712022-02-1820211,820
Summerfield3944 Ella Drive$316,900$1742022-02-1820211,818
Mariana Oaks7480 Sunny Mariana Ct Court$549,900$2072022-02-1820222,656
Hammock At Oak Grove509 Knotted Pine Drive$481,980$2352022-02-1820222,050
Camellia Oaks461 Olivia Rose Avenue$429,900$2472022-02-1820221,738
Canopy2393 Sweet Valley Heights$479,810$2232022-02-1720212,152
Canopy2385 Sweet Valley Heights$514,762$1992022-02-1620212,589
Canopy2421 Sweet Valley Heights$462,336$1802022-02-1520212,572
Rivers Landing4581 Rivers Landing Drive$269,298$1252022-02-1420222,161
Canopy2396 Sweet Valley Heights$421,072$2252022-02-1120211,873
Summerfield3952 Ella Drive$344,400$1612022-02-1020212,139
Chastain Manor8725 Glenoak Trail$408,586$2302022-02-1020211,773
Rivers Landing4597 Rivers Landing Drive$269,567$1252022-02-0920222,161
Summerfield3945 Ella Drive$361,400$1692022-02-0920212,139
Killearn Lakes3404 Rosemont Ridge$435,000$2292022-02-0820211,896
Glenview Place411 Glenview Drive$435,000$2472022-02-0720211,764
Rivers Landing4577 Rivers Landing Drive$266,500$1882022-02-0420221,419
Summerfield3929 Ella Drive$354,900$1522022-02-0420202,342
Tippecanoe Hills2284 Wabash Trail$365,000$1842022-02-0420211,980
Camellia Oaks199 Camellia Oaks Avenue$339,900$2212022-02-0420221,535
Camellia Oaks4316 Terebinth Trail$449,900$2322022-02-0420221,936
Camellia Oaks197 Camellia Oaks Avenue$359,900$2342022-02-0420221,535
Retreat At Mahan5205 Royal Fern Circle$416,900$1902022-02-0420222,196
Retreat At Mahan5267 Old Retreat Way Trail$485,600$2022022-02-0420222,404
Rivers Landing4573 Rivers Landing Drive$224,086$1512022-02-0320221,487
Tallahassee Ranch Club12285 Bridle Horse Circle$598,450$1962022-02-0320223,048
Chastain Manor8737 Glenoak Trail$453,099$1762022-02-0320212,572
Chastain Manor8728 Glenoak Trail$417,306$1622022-02-0220212,572
Hammock At Oak Grove517 Knotted Pine Drive$453,488$2492022-02-0220221,818
Killearn Lakes9882 N Deerlake$708,775$2212022-02-0220213,200
Killearn Lakes9882 Deerlake N$708,775$2212022-02-0220213,200
Avery Park859 Avery Park Drive$373,978$1962022-02-0220211,912
Northbend4029 Bending Court$364,900$1902022-02-0120211,923
Camellia Oaks612 Winter Bloom Way$434,900$2412022-02-0120211,803
Dawson Creek2203 Cedarbrook Court$159,900$1222022-01-3120211,308
Dawson Creek2204 Cedarbrook Court$164,900$1262022-01-3120211,308
Dawson Creek2202 Cedarbrook Court$169,900$1302022-01-3120211,308
Mariana Oaks3394 Mariana Oaks Drive$520,000$2182022-01-3120212,388
Dawson Creek2201 Cedarbrook Court$159,900$1222022-01-2820211,308
Summerfield3921 Ella Drive$365,200$1562022-01-2820212,342
Camellia Oaks191 Camellia Oaks Avenue$339,900$2212022-01-2820221,535
Camellia Oaks4318 Terebinth Trail$445,000$2452022-01-2820221,818
Woodland Place1106 Willow Crossing Drive$335,000$2122022-01-2720191,580
Camellia Oaks189 Camellia Oaks Avenue$334,900$2182022-01-2720221,535
Summerfield3933 Ella Drive$309,900$1812022-01-2720211,714
Spring Valley1400 Joe Louis Street$187,500$1622022-01-2620211,155
Camellia Oaks602 Winter Bloom Way$463,900$2322022-01-2620211,996
Summerfield3925 Ella Drive$325,900$1742022-01-2420211,870
None2567 Williams Road$647,000$2262022-01-2420222,858
Chastain Manor8713 Glenoak Trail$446,332$1742022-01-2120212,572
Camellia Oaks604 Winter Bloom Way$441,900$2192022-01-2120212,018
Camellia Oaks193 Camellia Oaks Avenue$339,900$2212022-01-2120221,535
Camellia Oaks195 Camellia Oaks Avenue$339,900$2212022-01-2120221,535
Camellia Oaks606 Winter Bloom Way$446,775$2272022-01-2120211,967
Camellia Oaks608 Winter Bloom Way$446,900$2282022-01-2120221,964
Southwood3497 Jasmine Hill Road$517,658$2182022-01-2020192,378
2805 Thomasville Road2803 Thomasville Road$1,375,000$3602022-01-1920223,816
Mariana Oaks3342 Mariana Oaks Dr$497,000$2112022-01-1920212,350
Retreat At Mahan5181 Royal Fern Circle$377,900$2082022-01-1920221,818
Lafayette Oaks2361 Tour Eiffel Drive$589,700$2412022-01-1520212,450
Hartsfield Gardens2443 Ludmila Lane$290,000$1832022-01-1420221,582
Summerfield3917 Ella Drive$318,400$1752022-01-1420211,818
Lafayette Oaks2220 Monaco Drive$575,000$2272022-01-1420212,532
Canopy2433 Sweet Valley Heights$447,450$2042022-01-1320222,195
Chastain Manor8630 Brooklin Place$444,362$1732022-01-1320212,572
Southwood2507 Blue Ridge Drive$540,236$2092022-01-1220222,589
Retreat At Mahan5201 Royal Fern Circle$377,900$2082022-01-1220221,818
Summerfield3913 Ella Drive$366,100$1712022-01-1020212,139
Avery Park847 Avery Park Drive$397,800$2002022-01-1020211,993
Chastain Manor8773 Greenridge Lane$474,241$2312022-01-0820222,055
Summerfield4560 Mary Owen Road$359,900$1792022-01-0720212,006
Avery Park863 Avery Park Drive$371,280$1942022-01-0720211,912
Mariana Oaks3377 Mariana Oaks Drive$540,900$2202022-01-0620222,459
Summerfield3905 Ella Drive$324,900$1712022-01-0520211,900
Summerfield3909 Ella Drive$328,000$1802022-01-0520211,818
Wellington Place4570 Rice Drive$230,000$1522022-01-0520221,512
Camellia Oaks415 Tea Blossom Place$434,900$2252021-12-3120201,936
Jordans Pass1029 Lacey Lane$324,000$1502021-12-3020212,166
Evening Rose1733 Cottage Rose Lane$361,480$2272021-12-3020211,590
Camellia Oaks4320 Terebinth Trail$449,900$2322021-12-2920211,936
Cottages At Lonnie209 Cottage Court$345,200$1972021-12-2820211,756
Summerfield4552 Mary Owen Road$314,900$1682021-12-2220211,870
Canopy2392 Sweet Valley Heights$441,722$2152021-12-2220212,055
Chastain Manor8613 Brooklin Place$417,850$1622021-12-2220212,572
Chastain Manor8733 Glenoak Trail$394,798$1802021-12-2220212,195
Camellia Oaks600 Winter Bloom Way$451,900$2302021-12-2220211,964
Southwood2494 Blue Ridge Drive$521,692$2192021-12-2120212,378
Brookside Village5734 Village Ridge Lane$500,000$2102021-12-2120212,378
Rivers Landing4589 Rivers Landing Drive$244,589$1462021-12-1720211,670
Summerfield4556 Mary Owen Drive$289,900$1552021-12-1720201,870
Jordans Pass6133 Jordans Pass Drive$242,681$1272021-12-1720211,907
Cottages At Lonnie206 Cottage Court$379,900$1852021-12-1720212,054
Tallahassee Highlands2547 Eddie Road$330,000$1772021-12-1720201,862
Southwood2376 Crimson Clover Way$660,612$2312021-12-1720212,860
Chastain Manor8618 Brooklin Place$443,446$1722021-12-1720212,572
Retreat At Mahan5231 Old Retreat Way$447,531$2022021-12-1720212,214
Chastain Manor8622 Brooklin Place$442,747$1722021-12-1520212,572
Summerfield3883 Arbor Drive$329,900$1742021-12-1420211,900
Southwood3474 Scarlet Sage Way$390,975$1952021-12-1420212,005
Southwood3038 Four Oaks Blvd$657,000$2432021-12-1320212,700
Rivers Landing4617 Rivers Landing Drive$259,234$1362021-12-1020211,907
Camellia Oaks4322 Terebinth Trail$439,900$2422021-12-1020211,818
Retreat At Mahan5228 Old Retreat Way Way$369,820$2032021-12-0920211,818
Fletcher Oaks471 Grand Oaks Drive$362,288$2012021-12-0820211,804
Chastain Manor8705 Glenoak Trail$440,817$1712021-12-0720212,572
Avery Park727 Sydney Drive$310,299$1922021-12-0620211,619
Camellia Oaks4324 Terebinth Trail$449,900$2322021-12-0620211,936
Rivers Landing4593 Rivers Landing Drive$202,000$1872021-12-0220211,079
Avery Park851 Avery Park Drive$368,269$1932021-12-0120211,912
Jordans Pass6109 Jordans Pass Drive$227,445$1532021-11-3020211,487
Avery Park731 Sydney Drive$306,574$1892021-11-3020211,619
Retreat At Mahan5236 Old Retreat Way$482,700$1972021-11-3020212,450
Hartsfield Hills2700 Summer Meadow Drive$335,000$1992021-11-2920211,686
Summerfield4540 Mary Owen Road$346,400$1482021-11-2920202,342
Summerfield6G Mary Owen Drive$342,900$1882021-11-2920201,820
Northwood5855 Owls Nest Rd$720,000$2612021-11-2920212,760
Cavendish Cove4505 Cavendish Ct$395,000$1292021-11-2620213,047
Killearn Lakes2429 Bass Bay Dr$553,000$1442021-11-2620213,818
Millstone Farms2574 Millstone Plantation Rd$650,000$1202021-11-2620215,396
Jordans Pass6117 Jordans Pass Drive$231,450$1562021-11-2420211,487
Summerfield3867 Arbor Drive$337,900$1682021-11-2320212,006
Summerfield4548 Mary Owen Road$319,900$1682021-11-1920211,900
Summerfield4544 Mary Owen Road$294,900$1792021-11-1920211,652
Cottages At Lonnie230 Cottage Court$336,515$1852021-11-1920211,819
Brookside Village5742 Village Ridge Lane$449,447$2172021-11-1920212,070
Loma WoodsLot 2B Loma Farm Way$729,000$2612021-11-1920212,797
Retreat At Mahan5202 Royal Fern Circle$425,709$2162021-11-1920211,968
Plaza Tower300 S Duval Street$206,000$1742021-11-1820091,186
Mariana Oaks3381 Mariana Oaks Drive$546,000$2222021-11-1820222,459
Jordans Pass6175 Jordans Pass Drive$303,000$1592021-11-1720211,907
Chastain Manor8605 Brooklin Place$429,780$1672021-11-1720212,572
Camellia Oaks4251 Oak Run Lane$447,500$2282021-11-1720211,967
Summerfield4529 Mary Owen Road$314,900$1662021-11-1220211,900
Summerfield3875 Arbor Drive$320,000$1712021-11-1220211,870
Northbend2674 Bending Way$387,500$2022021-11-1220211,923
Mariana Oaks3393 Mariana Oaks Drive$545,000$1982021-11-1220212,758
Chastain Manor8626 Brooklin Place$402,339$1562021-11-1220212,572
Canopy2900 Mews Landing$203,898$1592021-11-1020211,280
Canopy2904 Mews Landing$203,898$1592021-11-0920211,280
Avery Park728 Sydney Drive$302,465$1872021-11-0920211,619
Plaza Tower300 S Duval Street$239,000$2032021-11-0820091,180
Centerville Conservation6611 Lake Pisgah Dr$1,000,000$1592021-11-0820216,279
Centerville Conservation6673 Lake Pisgah Dr$200,000$2322021-11-082021860
Mariana Oaks3386 Mariana Oaks Dr$506,000$1282021-11-0820213,936
None7469 Banning Way$850,000$1772021-11-0820214,796
Dawson Creek2205 Cedarbrook Court$164,900$1262021-11-0520211,308
Dawson Creek2207 Cedarbrook Court$164,900$1262021-11-0520211,308
Shiloh3978 Shiloh Circle$800,000$2642021-11-0520203,026
Chastain Manor8617 Brooklin Place$413,992$1612021-11-0420212,572
Chastain Manor8760 Glenoak Trail$393,288$1912021-11-0420212,055
None12670 Roalde Road$292,000$2112021-11-0420211,387
Summerfield3H Mary Owen Drive$315,000$1662021-11-0320211,900
Fletcher Oaks5639 Fletcher Oaks Drive$333,579$1852021-11-0320211,804
Dawson Creek2209 Cedarbrook Court$159,900$1222021-11-0220211,308
Summerfield4539 Mary Owen Road$332,400$1752021-11-0220211,900
Northbend2666 Bending Way$387,350$2012021-11-0220211,923
Chastain Manor8625 Brooklin Place$409,557$1592021-11-0220212,572
Huntington Woods2752 Faringdon Drive$229,000$1792021-11-0120211,280
Summerfield4517 Mary Owen Road$325,400$1712021-11-0120211,900
Evening Rose1668 Cottage Rose Lane$354,980$2262021-11-0120211,569
Mariana Oaks3006 Mariana Oaks Dr$525,000$2102021-11-0120212,506
Southwood3542 Jasmine Hill Road$529,647$2232021-11-0120212,378

Joe's US Housing Reports

Zillow Home Affordability Tracker
The new Zillow Home Affordability Tracker from the giant in the real estate domain was recently unveiled as an innovative tracking tool that offers fresh insights into US home affordability
What 'normal' has meant over the years - Understand where rates are going
Watch through the end and you'll understand when mortgage interest rates return to normal.
Americans Can Barely Afford Homes - Just How Bad Is It?
People have asked: “Is home affordability really all that bad?” Give me five minutes, and you’ll have the answer and the data that supports it.
Home Affordability: Can New White House Plan Fix Housing?
The White House rolled out a home affordability plan: Is this a genuine blueprint to fix housing, or just another set of promises floating in the political winds?
Will Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Plan Work?
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. presented his plan to fix the affordable housing crisis by creating a housing boom. Do the facts underpinning his promises hold water?
Foreclosure Crisis: What the Data Tells Us
Are you curious about what's really going on with foreclosures and loans in forbearance? Worried about the next housing crash?
Big Redfin Report: First Time Redfin Saw THIS Since 2012!
Recent housing market data from Redfin, the large online real estate portal, shows that something occurred over the past two months that has not happened in the past ten years.
Hey Politicians We Need More Houses!!!
We need more houses! As our cities grow, so does the demand for housing. But the supply? It's not keeping up
Are Home Prices Heading for a Crash?
The US housing market has been a frequent topic in the news, but a crucial factor is being ignored when determining the direction of US home prices.
How Bad Is It? SHOCKING Building Permits Report!
The lack of home affordability has become a widely discussed issue in the media - the shortfall in new single-family home permits and multi-family property permits and construction exacerbates the current housing crisis.
Will New Construction Bottleneck Cause A New Housing Bubble?
Are you concerned that the bottleneck of builder homes under construction will cause a new housing bubble as they are finally completed?
The Unaffordable Housing Paradox: Why Homes Are Out of Reach
The affordable housing shortage has this solution. It requires changes in urban planning that pay attention to housing costs and housing economics.
Google Knows. The Surprising Real Estate Market Forecast You Won't Believe!
Is it possible to forecast home sales in the US housing market with a search on Google? I had this thought about Google and a google housing market forecast as I was reexamining our search engine optimization efforts.
The Truth About Foreclosures - Mortgage Pipeline Update
The best way to start to analyze the potential for mass foreclosures is to break down the current mortgage pipeline to observe forming trends.
7 Critical Graphs Zillow Decodes US Housing Market Complexities
If you've ever wondered why home prices are skyrocketing or why your dream home feels increasingly out of reach, Zillow’s report is your roadmap.
Zillow Housing Market Update
Zillow data unveils the great twists & turns shaping US housing trends, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities ahead.
Zillow Drops Bombshell Real Estate Update
You won't want to miss the latest data release from Zillow. They've just dropped a bombshell of a report that will significantly impact the housing market.
Renter Nation Says Goodbye To The American Dream!
It's the beginning of a generational shift in the housing market that will greatly reduce homeownership and push the US towards becoming a renter nation, one in which Wall Street is in control of both home prices and rents
The Surprising Way Interest Rates Move The Market
When mortgage interest rates change, housing market experts surface and make bold claims on how the market will unfold. They are usually wrong!
Home Affordability Falls To 40-Year Low!
It's been over forty years since homes were more expensive than today when you factor in inflation, home prices, and mortgage interest rates.
Why Foreclosures 2023 Is Not The News Story They Told You It Would Be
Even as more videos mount clickbait based on foreclosures coming, the data invalidates them right away.
Can Builders Save The Housing Market?
Home Affordability Crisis: Local Solutions ~ National Issue: Delving deep into current US homebuilder production. Enough? Short? A less optimistic real estate market outlook.
Biden Rent Control Plan
The White House announced an executive action that Biden says is designed to "protect renters and promote rental affordability," but I cannot imagine a worse response from our Commander In Chief to confront the nation's housing and rental affordability crisis
Market Equilibrium, How The Balance Has Changed In Real Estate
The way we estimate housing market equilibrium has changed, and with it, the way the market is evaluated must change.
What You Don't Know About Home Prices!
Home prices are gaining traction as topics in both the mainstream media and social media, but there are three common misconceptions about the change in house prices that are unanimously reported as unquestionably true.
New Home Construction Report
Kevin Erdmann Housing Update September 2022 - Explains the new home construction pipeline and what to know about the number of homes being built in the US.
Unlocking Zillow's Latest Housing Trends And Forecasts
Zillow has shared its extensive data that we have used to generate our monthly housing market update. Zillow reports this right now:
Zillow Exclusive: 5 Charts on the US Housing Market You Can't Miss!
Zillow has just released new data that provides valuable insights into the changes taking place in the real estate industry.
Why Vacancy Rates Are the Hidden Indicator of Housing Market Health
Imagine shopping for a new home—whether you're aiming to buy or rent—and finding that every other house on the block is empty. Conversely, imagine a tight market where you can't even find a rental property, let alone purchase a home.
House Prices - Inflation Adjusted Home Prices
Just How High Are Today's House Prices? The price of houses in the US has risen to a toxic level, and many are wondering how they will be able to afford to live in their local communities
USA Today Misleads Readers About Home Prices
USA Today Misleads Readers About Home Prices - Median Home Price: The USA Today Network has been misleading readers, using the median home price change suggesting that houses are getting cheaper and a real estate crash is upon us. Is this poor journalism or is there something more to it?
Economic Outlook For The Housing Market
Joe Manausa gives an update on the economic outlook for Tallahassee and the US housing market. Includes housing market forecast, housing market activity, and new construction analysis, and reveals how Tallahassee compares with the overall US housing market.
Podcast: Housing Myths Dispelled
Home Building Hero David Belman and Joe Manausa discuss many of the "myths" that have been published in the media about the housing market.
Are Wages Keeping Up With Rising Home Prices
Home prices are rising. Mortgage interest rates are rising. Are people earning enough money to buy homes today, or is the home affordability crisis getting worse?
Zillow Housing Market Update
In this must-watch video, we delve into the roller coaster ride that is the real estate market. Discover the latest insights and trends from Zillow.
Zillow - Surprising Home Sales Report
Zillow has something to say about the housing market. Zillow's data suggests something else is happening. And it’s not just Zillow.
Zillow Exposes Mainstream Media On Home Prices
Zillow serves up the data that exposes the poor reporting of the mainstream media on Zillow home prices and that conditions are not what they seem.
Housing - Do You Follow Your Gut (Or Analytics) In Housing?
I think the signs in the housing market are loud and clear, yet most real estate reports I read or view are missing the most critical factor in housing today.
6 Housing Market Rumors Debunked (1 Confirmed)
7 different housing market rumors are perpetuated as “FACT” in various forms of "hype." Discussion of this "housing market news" has been ongoing for years, so today, I want to put them all to rest.
Is The Supply Of Homes For Sale Finally Rising?
Is The Supply Of Homes For Sale Finally Rising? Is the US housing market heading for a crash? Will home prices fall? Follow the metrics that clearly show what to expect from home prices and the supply of homes for sale in 2022 and beyond.
Who To Blame For Soaring Home Prices
There is a huge shortage of homes in the US, and there is only one culprit to blame, and I’m going to tell you who it is!
When Will Home Prices Fall?
Are Home Values About To Crash AGAIN? Now that we've seen about three years' worth of skyrocketing home prices, prudent buyers with memories are asking when home prices are going to start falling again.
Home Ownership Is Radically Different For Millennials
This is a simple millennial housing case study that will clearly show that the millennials will face a housing market like no other generation going back to post-World War II.
Are We Overbuilding Again?
I've been asked recently for my opinion on the number of homes being built in the US. Specifically, people are wondering if the ghost of 2006 has come back to bring more homes to the market than what can be consumed?
Building Permits Reveal Major Housing Crisis
How do we know there is a major housing crisis brewing? Look no further than building permits! This video examines building permits in detail, as the issue of home affordability is going to become one of the most prominent topics for many years in the national media.
REDFIN Reports Falling Home Prices?
Does the latest Redfin real estate report show home prices falling? I reviewed the Redfin real estate data, but did I find home prices dropping?

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When moving to, in, or from Tallahassee, you will fare better if you work with a local expert. We are here to help. If you have further questions on the Tallahassee real estate market, you can leave a comment below, give us a call at (850) 366-8917, or drop us a note and we'll give you the local information needed to ensure a successful, smooth transaction.

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Think all REALTORS are alike?

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