Do Real Estate Agents Purposely Sabotage The Marketing Reach Of Their Listings?

Recently, we experienced two situations where listing agents purposely reduced the traffic to their home sellers' listings, and I'm not exactly sure whyThere are many ways your real estate agent can help and protect you, so prudent agent selection is critical for buyers and sellers alike.

While there are many really good real estate agents with whom you can work, there are also those out there that will likely cost you a lot of money during your real estate transaction.

Recently, we experienced two situations where listing agents purposely reduced the traffic to their home sellers' listings, and we will share exactly what they did.

If you are selling a home and want top dollar, more traffic equates to higher demand, often resulting in a higher negotiated price. Unfortunately the opposite is true as well.


If you hire a listing agent to sell your home who has a fragile ego (as you will see in these recent experiences we observed), you might find that your interests are subordinated to those of your agent.

Long-time readers of the Tallahassee real estate blog know that we produce neighborhood reports for the top 30 or so subdivisions in Tallahassee on a quarterly basis. We do this as it generates a lot of buyer interest for the areas where we spend a lot of time and money.

Tallahassee Neighborhood Reports

You can find examples of a few of our typical reports here:

Each time we report on a neighborhood, we use one of the homes for sale in the neighborhood to provide an image of what buyers should expect to see there. By virtue of being selected, we typically find this home receives MORE traffic in a few days from our report than it receives during a six month listing with the other agent. Often times, this is the traffic that pushes it to "under contract," as buyers see the home in a new (valuable) light.

Typically, we use our own listing, but sometimes we use a home from another agent if it better reflects the "typical" home in a neighborhood. Often times, we get emails and calls from these agents that have these homes listed, thanking us for the "free" promotion.

But oddly, over the past few weeks, we've had two unrelated agents demand that we remove the picture of the home they "are trying to sell." Each said it was "their listing" and we did not have their permission to market the home. So we complied and changed the image. It's not like the pictures were generating the traffic to our neighborhood reports, rather the neighborhood reports were driving traffic to their listings.

Will this impact the sale of the homes? I don't know.

But do you really believe that "less traffic" is as good as "more traffic?" And what motivation could these agents possibly have to want the pictures of these listings removed? I find this very odd behavior for somebody in their positions.

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