The Fallschase Community Development District is a 692-acre development on the east side of Tallahassee, Florida. You can find Fallschase south of U.S. Highway 90, north of Lafayette Heritage Trust, west of the Groveland Hills subdivision, and east of Weems Road.

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About Fallschase

There are approximately 670 housing units in development in the Fallschase neighborhood (as of March 2022). The prices in Fallschase range from $400,000 to $600,000 and square footage ranges from 1,600 to 3,000.

Residents can drive a couple of minutes down the road to the Antique Car Museum, or check out a book at the East Branch Library; then take a stroll around Pedrick Pond Park.  Fallschase is just minutes away from J.R. Alford Greenway, Tom Brown Park, Lafayette Heritage Trail, and Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway; where families can enjoy hiking, biking, and outdoor picnics. On rainy days when outdoor activities are not an option, Fallschase residents enjoy access to lots of other activities including CMX Cinemas and Capital Lanes bowling.

This neighborhood has many options for shopping, groceries, and restaurants. Including Costco, Bass Pro Shops, Publix (there are 2 nearby!), and Academy Sports + Outdoors. As for food and dining, options include Applebee’s, The Wharf, Cinco De Mayo Mexican Restaurant, Bruegger's Bagels, Tijuana Flats, Japanica, Crumbl Cookies, and many more.

Fallschase Schools

Fallschase is zoned for the following Leon County public schools:

Fallschase Average Home Prices

Fallschase Average Home Values

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Fallschase Average Home Sizes

Fallschase Home Sales

The following list shows home sales in Fallschase going back to 1991.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
215 Ursaline Street$532,784$2072024-04-0120232,572New
123 Bienville Place$497,408$2422024-03-2720232,055New
4109 Rampart Drive$768,900$2462024-03-2220233,127New
4129 Rampart Drive$627,610$2792024-03-1420232,246New
4113 Rampart Drive$599,900$2672024-02-2920232,246New
399 Ursaline Street$425,449$2682024-02-2220231,590New
282 Bienville Place$415,949$2622024-02-2220231,590New
154 Bienville Place$546,249$2122024-02-0920232,572New
4156 Rampart Circle$698,500$2482024-01-3120242,811New
164 Bienville Place$478,150$2332024-01-2620232,055New
109 Benoit Circle$519,900$2262024-01-1220232,304New
303 Ursaline Street$425,449$2682024-01-0920231,590New
363 Ursaline Street$529,036$2062023-12-2020232,572New
387 Ursaline Street$472,658$2522023-12-1520231,873New
4108 Rampart Drive$438,785$2392023-12-1420231,835New
165 Tulane Way$402,900$2202023-12-0820231,835New
203 Bienville Place$417,214$2622023-12-0820231,590New
375 Ursaline Street$497,408$2422023-12-0720232,055New
4105 Rampart Drive$606,300$2702023-11-3020232,246New
327 Ursaline Street$524,453$2042023-11-2920232,572New
145 Tulane Way$411,500$2242023-11-2820231,835New
185 Tulane Way$396,257$2162023-11-1720231,835New
4168 Rampart Drive$506,580$2482023-11-1720232,042New
175 Tulane Way$499,900$2172023-11-1520232,304New
144 Bienville Place$475,900$2582023-11-0320231,844New
202 Bienville Place$416,159$2622023-11-0120231,590New
133 Benoit Circle$699,900$2532023-10-2720232,763New
4160 Rampart Drive$646,900$2552023-10-2720232,535New
4120 Rampart Drive$539,900$2342023-10-2620232,304New
351 Ursaline Street$467,578$2502023-10-2520231,873New
140 Tulane Way$432,900$2692023-10-2020231,612New
4164 Rampart Drive$534,715$2472023-10-2020232,169New
181 Benoit Circle$522,460$2612023-10-1120232,004New
134 Bienville Place$548,000$2522023-10-0620232,177New
339 Ursaline Street$501,908$2442023-10-0320232,055New
4100 Rampart Drive$574,750$2492023-09-2920232,304New
4104 Rampart Drive$432,900$2362023-09-2920231,835New
4116 Rampart Drive$429,900$2342023-09-2920231,835New
4124 Rampart Drive$429,550$2342023-09-2920231,835New
124 Bienville Drive$514,080$2522023-09-1520232,042New
141 Benoit Circle$598,050$2362023-09-1420232,535New
315 Ursaline Street$469,268$2512023-08-2920231,873New
267 Bienville Place$507,081$1972023-08-2820232,572New
125 Benoit Circle$551,000$2392023-08-2820232,304New
4152 Rampart Drive$529,960$2642023-08-2520232,004New
251 Bienville Place$493,383$2402023-08-0420232,055New
152 Tulane Way$454,900$2552023-08-0320231,782New
117 Benoit Circle$438,500$2392023-08-0220231,835New
101 Benoit Circle$515,850$2302023-07-3120232,246New
104 Tulane Way$458,820$2522023-07-2820231,818New
201 Ursaline Street$427,259$2692023-07-2520231,590New
250 Bienville Place$494,883$2412023-07-1720232,055New
116 Tulane Way$439,900$2572023-07-1420231,715New
271 Ursaline Street$417,659$2632023-07-1320231,590New
165 Benoit Circle$548,000$2522023-07-1220232,177New
128 Tulane Way$427,680$2402023-06-3020231,782New
219 Bienville Place$501,374$1952023-06-2120232,572New
266 Bienville Place$455,158$2432023-06-0920231,873New
4148 Rampart Drive$598,050$2362023-06-0920232,535New
235 Bienville Place$451,398$2412023-06-0520221,873New
4144 Rampart Drive$548,365$2522023-05-3020232,177New
218 Bienville Place$456,530$2442023-05-1520231,873New
229 Ursaline Street$494,333$2412023-05-1120222,055New
234 Bienville Place$510,451$1982023-05-0520222,572New
173 Benoit Circle$563,960$2622023-05-0520232,151New
4140 Rampart Drive$469,500$2582023-04-1420231,818New
4132 Rampart Drive$466,440$2482023-04-1420231,881New
4136 Rampart Circle$573,960$2672023-04-0720232,151New
243 Ursaline Street$449,000$2402023-04-0520221,873New
257 Ursaline Street$509,924$1982023-03-1720232,572New
164 Tulane Way$414,789$2422023-03-1520231,715New
149 Benoit Circle$466,320$2572023-03-0320231,818New
176 Tulane Way$427,680$2652023-02-2420231,612New
188 Tulane Way$402,400$2502023-01-2620231,612New
4128 Rampart Drive$507,730$2402023-01-1320232,118New
510 Milkweed Down$785,000$2602008-06-0419853,021Resale

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