Los Robles

Los Robles is a midtown Tallahassee neighborhood with home sales that were built as far back as the early 1920s.

Located at the intersection of Thomasville Road and Meridian Road, Los Robles's charm and history make it a great neighborhood to call home. In fact, Los Robles was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

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Los Robles Schools

The Leon County public schools for which Los Robles is zoned are:

    In this report, we will look at average home prices, average home values, and average home sizes in Los Robles, as well as provide a complete list of all closed home sales going back to 1991.

    For the real estate graphs found in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

    The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Los Robles).

    Los Robles Home Prices

    Los Robles Home Values

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    Los Robles Home Sizes

    Los Robles Home Sales

    The following list shows all home sales in Los Robles going back to 1991.

    AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
    246 Desoto Street$299,900$1572023-09-1819351,911Resale
    304 Desoto Street$1,000,000$1452023-05-0519356,908Resale
    1638 Fernando Dr$635,000$2152023-04-1919352,941Resale
    326 Desoto St$425,000$2462023-04-1019331,725Resale
    326 De Soto Street$425,000$2702023-04-1019331,576Resale
    1536 Isabel Court$500,000$2052023-03-1719372,436Resale
    1509 Fernando Drive$349,000$2602023-01-2719451,344Resale
    334 Ponce St$340,000$2302022-07-1519501,472Resale
    1555 Cristobal Drive$500,000$2082021-11-0319472,404Resale
    1538 Cristobal Drive$395,000$1592021-08-1319342,479Resale
    1509 Fernando Drive$277,000$2062021-07-2019451,344Resale
    1509 Fernando Dr$277,000$2062021-06-2019451,344Resale
    1665 Fernando Dr$546,000$3402021-06-1019311,603Resale
    1559 Cristobal Drive$485,000$1802021-06-0119692,695Resale
    1559 Fernando Drive$469,000$2032021-01-2919422,314Resale
    1542 Cristobal Drive$335,000$2172020-09-2419481,547Resale
    1567 Cristobal Drive$620,000$2172020-08-3119932,854Resale
    1569 Cristobal Drive$550,000$2192020-08-1120062,511Resale
    1603 Fernando Drive$290,000$1292020-07-2419422,256Resale
    1536 Cristobal Drive$205,000$1512019-12-2719481,356Resale
    1665 Fernando Drive$320,565$2002019-09-2619311,603Resale
    1557 Cristobal Drive$300,000$1692019-09-1919461,775Resale
    316 Desoto St$290,000$1902019-05-2019391,530Resale
    1532 Cristobal Dr$380,000$2082019-03-1319481,825Resale
    1567 Cristobal Dr$570,000$1982019-01-1519932,881Resale
    1555 Cristobal Dr$480,000$2002018-12-0719472,404Resale
    328 Cortez St$1,675,000$3392018-09-2819264,945Resale
    1509 Fernando Drive$269,000$2002018-04-1219451,344Resale
    326 Desoto St$325,000$2042018-03-1619331,597Resale
    1520 Cristobal Dr$400,000$1412018-02-2819942,832Resale
    1514 Cristobal Drive$445,000$1732017-07-2119272,575Resale
    1511 Fernando Dr$70,000$402016-10-1419451,754Resale
    1555 Cristobal Drive$459,000$1912016-06-1419472,404Resale
    1574 Cristobal Dr$683,500$1622016-01-1519374,213Resale
    314 Cortez St$400,000$1592015-06-0519292,513Resale
    1557 Cristobal Dr$246,000$1392015-05-1519461,775Resale
    1559 Fernando Dr$355,000$1532015-04-2919422,314Resale
    1561 Cristobal Dr$117,000$362014-10-2119243,272Resale
    1561 Cristobal Dr$453,000$1382014-09-3019243,272Resale
    1544 Isabel Ct$610,000$1662014-09-2919373,666Resale
    1509 Fernando Dr$191,000$1422013-12-0419451,344Resale
    1542 Cristobal Dr$240,000$1772013-04-2619481,356Resale
    1557 Cristobal Dr$165,000$1002013-03-2219461,654Resale
    1514 Cristobal Dr$390,000$2382013-01-3019271,642Resale
    1569 Cristobal Dr$350,000$1542013-01-1120062,278Resale
    1555 Cristobal Dr$178,500$902012-09-2119471,985Resale
    1542 Cristobal Dr$279,000$2062011-07-2919481,356Resale
    1553 Fernando Dr$255,000$1952011-03-3119441,305Resale
    1575 Cristobal Dr$90,000$472011-01-2819311,898Resale
    1564 Cristobal Dr$410,000$1922010-12-2819372,131Resale
    1501 Fernando Dr$250,000$1302010-12-2219491,918Resale
    1532 Cristobal Dr$330,000$1812010-12-1619481,825Resale
    1634 Fernando Dr$267,000$1422010-07-1519351,876Resale
    1562 Cristobal Dr$355,000$1502010-05-1219362,364Resale
    1538 Cristobal Dr$335,000$1592010-04-2319342,112Resale
    1559 Fernando Dr$360,000$2262008-12-1919421,590Resale
    1542 Cristobal Dr$275,400$2032008-07-3019481,356Resale
    1563 Fernando Dr$270,000$1012007-02-0919482,680Resale
    328 De Soto St$390,000$2102006-03-3119321,860Resale
    1542 Cristobal Dr$256,500$1892006-03-1719481,356Resale
    326 De Soto St$290,000$2232005-08-1519331,301Resale
    1637 Fernando Dr$365,000$2102005-07-2219361,734Resale
    1559 Fernando Dr$400,000$3282005-06-1419421,220Resale
    1559 Fernando Dr$400,000$3282005-06-1419421,220Resale
    300 Cortez St$232,500$762005-02-0419313,067Resale
    1551 Fernando Dr$245,000$1402004-12-2319541,747Resale
    332 Desoto St$240,000$552004-12-2120044,336New
    1559 Cristobal Dr$295,000$1652004-07-1519691,790Resale
    1538 Cristobal Dr$355,000$1682004-05-2019342,112Resale
    328 De Soto St$110,000$592004-04-1419321,860Resale
    1520 Cristobal Dr$350,000$1242004-04-0119942,832Resale
    1514 Cristobal Dr$300,000$1832004-03-3119271,642Resale
    1514 Cristobal Dr$295,000$1802003-12-0419271,642Resale
    1520 Cristobal Dr$309,000$1092003-11-0419942,832Resale
    1514 Cristobal Dr$257,800$1572003-08-0719271,642Resale
    328 De Soto St$236,000$1272003-08-0119321,860Resale
    328 De Soto St$89,000$482003-07-1819321,860Resale
    1653 Fernando Dr$165,000$1232003-05-1219371,338Resale
    1603 Fernando Dr$251,000$1662003-04-2919421,514Resale
    1567 Cristobal Dr$350,000$1082002-10-0419933,251Resale
    1557 Cristobal Dr$188,000$1142002-09-1619461,654Resale
    1557 Cristobal Dr$114,600$692002-07-2619461,654Resale
    326 De Soto St$200,000$1542002-05-3019331,301Resale
    1544 Isabel Ct$280,500$1572002-02-1519371,788Resale
    1567 Cristobal Dr$220,000$682001-12-3119933,251Resale
    1542 Cristobal Dr$177,500$1312001-08-2119481,356Resale
    1553 Fernando Dr$131,000$982001-06-2919441,331Resale
    1637 Fernando Dr$172,500$992001-06-0119361,734Resale
    1532 Cristobal Dr$228,000$1252001-04-2519481,825Resale
    1552 Cristobal Dr$175,000$822001-04-2019412,142Resale
    1573 Fernando Dr$140,200$1032000-08-1919481,356Resale
    1538 Cristobal Dr$260,000$1232000-08-1519342,112Resale
    1544 Isabel Ct$250,000$1402000-07-2119371,788Resale
    1564 Cristobal Dr$380,000$1782000-05-0519372,131Resale
    1575 Cristobal Dr$100,000$532000-01-2819311,898Resale
    1575 Cristobal Dr$202,000$1062000-01-2819311,898Resale
    1634 Fernando Dr$195,000$1041999-06-0419351,876Resale
    1501 Fernando Dr$132,500$751999-05-1819491,758Resale
    1568 Cristobal Dr$250,000$441999-05-1019995,658New
    1557 Cristobal Dr$142,500$861999-02-2619461,654Resale
    1528 Cristobal Dr$137,500$891998-11-10--1,542Resale
    1551 Fernando Dr$157,000$901998-08-0419541,747Resale
    1542 Cristobal Dr$131,500$971998-06-3019481,356Resale
    1553 Fernando Dr$105,200$791998-04-1619441,331Resale
    326 De Soto St$166,500$1281998-01-0519331,301Resale
    1574 Cristobal Dr$275,000$971997-09-2519372,829Resale
    1551 Fernando Dr$145,000$831997-08-0719541,747Resale
    1514 Cristobal Dr$105,000$641997-06-2619271,642Resale
    1573 Fernando Dr$89,000$661997-06-1919481,356Resale
    1559 Fernando Dr$120,000$981997-04-3019421,220Resale
    1500 Cristobal Dr$155,000$1031996-12-30--1,510Resale
    1544 Isabel Ct$117,500$661996-10-2919371,788Resale
    303 De Soto St$212,500$751996-10-25--2,821Resale
    1637 Fernando Dr$168,000$971996-06-0619361,734Resale
    1551 Fernando Dr$100,000$571996-05-0619541,747Resale
    1657 Fernando Dr$110,000$461996-04-19--2,414Resale
    1575 Cristobal Dr$150,000$791996-01-1519311,898Resale
    1532 Cristobal Dr$165,000$901995-06-2619481,825Resale
    1520 Cristobal Dr$225,000$791995-03-3119942,832Resale
    1559 Cristobal Dr$145,500$811995-01-1319691,790Resale
    1509 Fernando Dr$100,000$741994-12-1919451,344Resale
    300 Cortez St$100,000$331994-11-2919313,067Resale
    1501 Fernando Dr$102,400$581994-08-0519491,758Resale
    311 Isabel Ct$125,000$411994-05-1919943,030New
    326 De Soto St$135,000$1041994-05-1819331,301Resale
    1550 Cristobal Dr$235,000$1041994-05-11--2,264Resale
    1500 Cristobal Dr$95,000$631994-02-08--1,510Resale
    1514 Cristobal Dr$146,000$891993-12-0719271,642Resale
    1653 Fernando Dr$135,000$1011993-11-1519371,338Resale
    1567 Cristobal Dr$286,300$881993-07-2819933,251New
    1564 Cristobal Dr$154,000$721993-07-2319372,131Resale
    1552 Cristobal Dr$155,000$721992-11-2519412,142Resale
    317 De Soto St$88,000$371992-07-27--2,348Resale
    1653 Fernando Dr$125,000$931992-06-1919371,338Resale
    1567 Cristobal Dr$50,000$151992-04-0719933,251Resale
    1552 Cristobal Dr$118,000$551992-03-2319412,142Resale
    1653 Fernando Dr$75,000$561992-02-1719371,338Resale
    1650 Fernando Dr$100,000$921991-07-1819361,091Resale

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