Top 10 Real Estate Blog Posts For 2010

2010 is over, and we look forward to the recovery of the Tallahassee Housing Market. While today is the first weekday of 2011, let's take one last look backward to see which blog posts were the most popular last year. The top 10 real estate blog posts for 2010 gives me an idea of what our readers most enjoy seeing at the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, and I will use this as a reference for what is written here in 2011.

Top Ten Blog Posts ImageLong time readers of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog will not be surprised that I monitor our traffic (statistics) on a very regular basis, in fact, I do so more than two times each day. I like to know what is popular and where our traffic is originating. Just as old brick and mortar businesses used to ask customers "what brought you in today?..." to determine marketing results, we do the same traffic-source analysis on our web site so that we can continue growing our online progressive marketing operation.

Our busiest day in 2010 was May 5th. We had 11,889 pages viewed on the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site on that day, and nearly 4,600 visitors! Considering the relatively small size of the Tallahassee community, we are proud of the results we have achieved with our internet marketing strategy.

Of course, we would not have had these great results without our readers, to whom we are grateful for your return visits each time.  It is our readers who determined the top 10 real estate blog posts for 2010 with their visits. As always, please give us the feedback that is so important to guiding the content on our real estate blog.

Top Ten Real Estate Blog Posts For 2010

#10 - Corruption In Tallahassee (5,169 Views) - Tallahassee citizens have a chance to voice their outrage at the Tallahassee City Commission meeting on January 27, 2010. They will demand to know why the State Attorney General and the Florida Bar are not yet involved in what is arguably a question of ethics and illegal behavior.

Corruption In Politics Image

#9 - What Sellers Should Know About Lease Purchase Agreements (6,059 Views) - There is a nationwide glut of homes and sellers need to consider some creative options for selling their homes. Lease-purchase agreements can be an excellent way to sell a home.

Lease Purchase Agreement Image

#8 - Why Now Is Not The Time To Buy A Home (6,096 Views) - Buying a home is not the right answer for everybody. There are many reasons and many times that home buying should be avoided, and the following list covers the primary reasons. Buying A Home Image
#7 Does The Florida Bankers Association Think You're Stupid? (6,857 Views) - Florida Bankers Association Bill: The Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act has nothing to do with protecting consumers. Florida Bankers Association Image
#6 Golden Eagle Home Values Report (9,818 Views) - With nearly 18 months of supply of homes for sale, Golden Eagle is representative of what is occurring in the high end housing market in Tallahassee. Golden Eagle Plantation Image
#5 How To Make An Offer On An Overpriced Home (12,136 Views) - The key to making the best offer on an overpriced home is to make it so compelling that the seller is scared to lose you as a buyer... Buy An Overpriced Home
#4 How The Cap And Trade Bill Affects Real Estate (21,057 Views) - The Cap And Trade bill does not call for mandating an energy audit on existing homes , but it will affect new homes and commercial properties. Cap and Trade and Real Estate
#3 Housing Market Needs New Type Of Fix (21,377 Views) - The housing market requires more buyers to step forward, but the majority of people who would like to buy a home have the same serious problem. Housing Market Fix Image
#2 Why Real Estate Is Always A Sellers' Market (22,858 Views) - It is always a sellers' market in real estate, and knowing why this is true can help you enormously when buying or selling a home. Why Real Estate Is Always A Sellers Market
#1 Thesis Makes The Best Real Estate Web Site (40,386 Views) - So many visitors have come to the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site and requested information on how it was built. This post explains how it was built, what platform was used, and how to get started with a similar site. Thesis Theme For Wordpress Makes A Great Real Estate Web Site

So there they all are, assembled into 1 easy list for you to review at your leisure. If you know of anybody who interested or concerned with the state of the housing market, send them a link to this page. The more reader feedback that we can receive, the better. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2011!

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