Don't Have A Bag Of Cash? Get A Mortgage

One bit of advice I would give anybody looking to buy a home is to either pull together all the cash that you need or get a mortgage approval before you find the home that you want to buy.

Ironically, most people have it happen the other way around.

If buyer's understood how they could save thousands of dollars or more when buying a home using the right sequence of events, then I bet more would get a mortgage first, then start searching for the home of their dreams.

Why You Don't Need To Get A Mortgage First

The only type of homebuyer that does not need to prioritize getting approved for a loan is the 23% that are paying cash.

Why Your First Step Should Be To Get A Mortgage

Get A MortgageFor the rest of the 77% that need to borrow money in order to buy a home, go out and get a mortgage approval first. Why?

Because you will negotiate from a position of strength.

Regardless of market conditions, the best deals in any real estate market are priced below what others might be willing to pay. That means that buyers must compete for these homes, and it is not always the highest offer that wins the home for a buyer.

Often times, a motivated seller is more concerned about the validity of the homebuyer than they are of the total offer. If multiple offers come in, they are likely to want to deal with the strongest one in the group. They might choose to counter-offer everybody, but they will often times push to negotiate with the strongest buyer.

Do you want to appear to be the strongest buyer?

Well, get a bag of cash, or get a mortgage!

Either way, you should write a great smart offer for a home with no contingencies for your ability to obtain the funds to close. If you are working with a great real estate agent and a great mortgage lender, your offer will stand out from the crowd and likely save you thousands of dollars (that other less-organized/prepared homebuyers have to pay to purchase the home with excessive contingencies).

Not sure about your price range and what you can afford? Simply fill out the form below and we will have a qualified mortgage lender contact you and let you know where you stand. And best of all, it's free.

Arbor HillTallahasseeUse a "TBD" loan to give home sellers what they want. Cash! And a fast closing date.

Get fully underwritten approval before you go to contract. This means that your loan is only conditional on your inspection and appraisal. Let us show you how!

Use the form to get a mortgage pre-approval, and put yourself in a position to save thousands of dollars on your next home purchase.

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