Ox Bow Listings And Market Report February 2019

Ox Bow is small area in NE Tallahassee that features large luxury homes on acreage just off the west side of Thomasville Road.

Offering two primary routes to downtown and access to A-rated schools, Ox Bow residents enjoy the feeling of being away from it all without leaving town.

1 Property

Ox Bow Schools

The Leon County schools for which Ox Bow is zoned include:

In the remainder of this report, we have provided graphs to show trends in home prices, home values, and home sizes in Ox Bow, as well as a sortable table of all closed luxury home sales going back to 1991.

For each of the real estate graphs found in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years, but the first three weeks of February in 2019. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Ox Bow).

Ox Bow Home Prices

The average price of a home sold in Ox Bow in 2018 was $646K. Expect a wide range of asking prices based upon updates and improvements.

The pace of home sales in Ox Bow has cooled. Currently, there are five homes for sale in Ox Bow and just one is under contract. If you want a large home on acreage in an excellent location, now could be an excellent time to shop in Ox Bow.

Ox Bow Home Values

Ox Bow home values declined more than 4% in 2018 following a strong run-up in the previous two years. With low-liquidity in a small neighborhood, value fluctuation is more reflective of what has sold as opposed to declining values.

The homes sold in 2018 went for an average of $171 per square foot, but the one sale this year is much higher at $186 per square foot.

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Average Ox Bow Home Sizes

Ox Bow home sizes typically fall in a range of 3,000 to 5,000 square feet, and 2018 was no different.

The ten homes sold in Ox Bow in 2018 averaged 3,795 square feet.

Ox Bow Home Sales

The following list shows more than 210 home sales in Ox Bow going back to 1991.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
7407 Ox Bow Circle$1,460,000$3202024-05-2220144,559Resale
7219 Ox Bow Circle$1,325,000$2462024-04-1920015,385Resale
7091 Ox Bow Road$1,200,000$1862023-12-0819906,457Resale
1725 Evening Breeze Lane$960,000$2802023-09-2619913,426Resale
1725 Evening Breeze Ln$500,000$1572023-04-1019913,170Resale
7101 Sleepy Hollow Circle$882,000$2222023-03-2220063,965Resale
1887 Ox Bow Trace$1,065,000$2282023-03-1520044,671Resale
7207 Ox Bow Circle$1,350,500$2902022-12-2720004,658Resale
7133 Sleepy Hollow Circle$963,600$3032022-11-1020223,179New
489 Meadow Ridge Drive$660,000$2192022-07-2819973,017Resale
7100 Sleepy Hollow$999,500$3022022-05-3120223,309New
7059 Ox Bow Road$825,000$2012022-05-1919994,103Resale
7099 Ox Bow Road$725,000$1982022-05-0619963,661Resale
8023 Evening Star Lane$640,850$1462021-12-3019884,375Resale
6451 Ox Bow Court$939,000$2382021-10-0820023,940Resale
7322 Ox Bow Circle$950,000$2052021-09-3020004,642Resale
7100 Sleepy Hollow Cir$800,000$1532021-07-1920215,223New
8039 Evening Star Lane$655,000$1682021-06-2119883,894Resale
7150 Ox Bow Circle$792,500$1682021-06-0219894,713Resale
8063 Evening Star Lane$630,000$2502021-06-0119922,522Resale
6357 Ox Bow Run$361,900$782021-04-2320044,626Resale
6351 Ox Bow Run$790,000$1682021-02-2620084,713Resale
7392 Ox Bow Circle$1,125,000$2202021-02-1820065,103Resale
1881 Ox Bow Trace$900,000$1702021-01-1520075,286Resale
7237 Ox Bow Circle$795,000$2092021-01-0819993,800Resale
6357 Ox Bow Run$617,400$1332020-12-0820044,646Resale
8047 Evening Star Lane$565,000$1652020-11-3019883,417Resale
7110 Sleepy Hollow Circle$850,000$2702020-10-3120203,150New
6322 Covey Crossing$515,000$1832020-10-2820032,817Resale
7117 Sleepy Hollow Circle$1,100,000$2372020-08-1020204,648New
7230 Ox Bow Circle$477,000$1722020-07-0119902,776Resale
7310 Ox Bow Circle$645,000$1572020-06-0120004,100Resale
7223 Sleepy Hollow Circle$649,000$1942019-06-1420163,353Resale
7059 Ox Bow Road$547,500$1332019-05-2919994,103Resale
7138 Ox Bow Circle$668,000$2222019-04-3019893,015Resale
6036 Boynton Homestead$470,000$1462019-03-0819903,211Resale
7345 Ox Bow Circle$650,000$1862019-01-1820043,499Resale
7073 Ox Bow Road$545,000$1712018-12-1820013,179Resale
6082 Covey Crossing$572,619$1842018-10-1819943,117Resale
7207 Ox Bow Circle$640,000$1372018-09-0520004,658Resale
7339 Ox Bow Circle$690,000$1902018-08-2419993,627Resale
7197 Sleepy Hollow Circle$565,000$1882018-07-2020163,000New
7084 Ox Bow Rd$425,000$1372018-06-1319973,107Resale
1881 Ox Bow Trace$840,000$1592018-06-0120075,286Resale
8015 Evening Star$670,000$1662018-05-3019904,042Resale
7316 Ox Bow Circle$905,000$1912018-05-1520074,731Resale
7180 Sleepy Hollow Cir$611,000$1912018-02-2220083,203Resale
7322 Ox Bow Circle$950,000$2052017-11-1720004,642Resale
7213 Ox Bow Circle$665,000$1492017-08-1119984,454Resale
7219 Ox Bow Cir$1,000,000$1862017-07-2820015,385Resale
7063 Ox Bow Rd$520,000$1452017-07-1719983,598Resale
8055 Evening Star Lane$520,000$1582017-06-1519933,299Resale
6351 Ox Bow Run$795,000$1692017-06-0920084,713Resale
7103 Ox Bow$1,070,000$2412017-05-0120174,444New
7223 Sleepy Hollow Cir$376,200$1342016-10-1720162,800New
1385 White Star Ln$965,000$1702016-10-0720015,667Resale
7231 Sleepy Hollow Circle$784,000$2452016-08-1520163,200New
7352 Ox Bow Circle$500,000$1492016-06-1519983,346Resale
7125 Sleepy Hollow$592,500$1542016-06-0720063,836Resale
1716 Evening Breeze Ln$445,000$1512016-03-1119892,952Resale
1817 Morning Star Lane$590,000$1582016-03-0119923,726Resale
7104 Ox Bow Circle$370,000$1642016-02-1219852,261Resale
7207 Sleepy Hollow Circle$458,000$1382015-11-0620163,325New
7150 Ox Bow Circle$615,000$1302015-10-3019894,713Resale
1417 White Star$500,000$1442015-10-0119953,469Resale
8072 Evening Star Ln$500,000$1402015-08-1420023,570Resale
7392 Ox Bow Circle$950,000$1742015-07-2020065,449Resale
7137 Ox Bow Circle$495,000$1192015-07-1319884,177Resale
8063 Evening Star Lane$435,000$1722015-06-3019922,522Resale
7192 Sleepy Hollow$375,000$992015-06-1920063,792Resale
7310 Ox Bow Circle$575,000$1402015-05-1120004,100Resale
7316 Ox Bow Circle$825,000$1742015-04-1020074,731Resale
6369 Ox Bow Run$670,000$1672015-03-2020114,001Resale
7090 Ox Bow Rd$526,000$1122014-12-1819964,692Resale
7056 Ox Bow Rd$500,000$1302014-12-1519893,852Resale
6370 Ox Bow Run$670,000--2014-10-28----Resale
7187 Ox Bow Cir$517,500$1922014-09-0819932,692Resale
7230 Ox Bow Cir$378,000$1352014-08-1119902,797Resale
7983 Evening Star Ln$425,000$1242014-07-1419923,418Resale
8024 Evening Star Ln$465,000$1502014-05-0919903,091Resale
8039 Evening Star Ln$485,000$1252014-03-2119883,894Resale
7079 Ox Bow Rd$700,000$1942014-02-2720103,610Resale
8072 Evening Star Ln$475,000$1522013-12-1920023,120Resale
7164 Heartland Cir$280,000$1482013-12-0519881,897Resale
1205 Equestrian Way$675,000$1752013-11-1420003,855Resale
8063 Evening Star Ln$390,000$1532013-09-1019922,552Resale
7263 Sleepy Hollow Cir$385,000$872013-09-0920134,438New
7085 Ox Bow Rd$725,000$1712013-06-0719904,249Resale
6358 Ox Bow Run$633,600$1612013-05-2120133,932New
7047 Ox Bow Rd$400,000--2012-12-242012--New
7247 Sleepy Hollow Cir$450,000$702012-12-1720126,432New
7403 Ox Bow Cir$1,050,000$1222012-10-1520058,587Resale
6370 Ox Bow Run$380,000--2012-09-032012--New
7213 Ox Bow Cir$500,000$1342012-07-2719983,724Resale
8024 Evening Star Ln$560,000$1812012-07-1619903,089Resale
7316 Ox Bow Cir$800,000$1812012-06-2520074,423Resale
1709 Evening Breeze Ln$408,000$1152012-03-1419893,551Resale
6363 Ox Bow Run$485,000$1262011-12-0720063,858Resale
7101 Sleepy Hollow Cir$460,000$1162011-10-2820063,965Resale
7075 Ox Bow Rd$487,400$1302011-08-1819943,760Resale
7339 Ox Bow Cir$530,000$1462011-07-1519993,627Resale
7402 Ox Bow Cir$939,000--2011-07-112011--New
7174 Sleepy Hollow Cir$440,000--2011-03-252011--New
6378 Ox Bow Run$571,000$1132010-11-0920055,039Resale
6369 Ox Bow Run$378,000--2010-07-262010--New
7138 Ox Bow Cir$278,500$1342010-04-0919892,082Resale
1869 Ox Bow Trce$695,000--2009-10-13----Resale
7207 Ox Bow Cir$775,000$1962009-05-2220003,958Resale
1809 Morning Star Ln$510,000$1402009-04-3019883,634Resale
6000 Boynton Homestead$555,000$1312009-04-2819904,237Resale
7079 Ox Bow Rd$575,000$1592008-11-1020103,610New
6000 Boynton Homestead$530,000$1252008-09-1819904,255Resale
6000 Boynton Homestead$500,000$1182008-05-1419904,255Resale
8015 Evening Star Ln$437,400$1422008-04-0919903,072Resale
6000 Boynton Homestead$475,000$1122007-12-1719904,255Resale
7183 Ox Bow Cir$505,000$2052007-12-1119912,464Resale
7333 Ox Bow Cir$462,500$1522007-11-1420023,035Resale
7180 Sleepy Hollow$394,266$842007-07-3020074,684New
7376 Ox Bow Cir$800,000--2007-06-042007--New
7112 Ox Bow Cir$895,000$2592007-03-1519863,460Resale
6351 Ox Bow Run$700,000--2007-03-132007--New
7368 Ox Bow Cir$600,000--2007-01-162006--New
8015 Evening Star Ln$210,000$742007-01-1219902,820Resale
1881 Ox Bow Trc$770,000--2006-10-312006--New
8072 Evening Star Ln$585,000$1882006-08-2220023,120Resale
8039 Evening Star Ln$607,600$1702006-06-1619883,582Resale
7316 Ox Bow Cir$634,000$1432006-05-1020074,423New
7365 Ox Box Cir$600,000--2006-04-032006--New
7360 Ox Bow Cir$750,000--2006-03-212006--New
6378 Ox Bow Run$1,800,000$3572006-03-1320055,039Resale
7192 Sleepy Hollow$300,000$622005-12-0520054,835New
1863 Ox Bow Trce$710,000$1932005-10-1320053,673Resale
6032 Covey Xing$565,000$2002005-08-2519992,831Resale
7073 Ox Bow Rd$565,000$1782005-06-0320013,179Resale
7125 Sleepy Hollow Cir$370,000$1062005-05-2019703,494Resale
7159 Ox Bow Cir$387,500$1772005-05-1219902,184Resale
7198 Sleepy Hollow Cir$380,000$752005-04-1320055,100New
7339 Ox Bow Cir$645,000$1782005-03-3119993,627Resale
1875 Ox Bow Trace$428,900--2005-01-102004--New
1857 Ox Bow Trce$650,000$1802004-11-3020043,611New
7335 Ox Bow Cir$100,000$612004-10-1820041,652New
6378 Ox Bow Run$300,000$432004-10-1120057,026New
1863 Ox Bow Terr$240,000$512004-09-2920044,682New
8015 Evening Star Ln$350,000$1242004-08-0619902,820Resale
7056 Ox Bow Rd$700,000$1822004-07-3019893,840Resale
6004 Boynton Homestead$480,000$1402004-07-0919953,440Resale
6456 Ox Bow Ct$397,000--2004-07-062004--New
7090 Ox Bow Rd$520,000$1112004-06-2219964,692Resale
7373 Ox Box Cir$500,000--2003-12-232003--New
6357 Ox Bow Run$370,000$672003-11-0520035,512New
7225 Ox Bow Cir$400,000$512003-10-1520037,914New
7345 Ox Bow Cir$450,000--2003-09-222003--New
6322 Covey Crossing$150,000$522003-08-2820032,865New
7112 Ox Bow Cir$400,500$972003-06-2619864,131Resale
7219 Ox Bow Cir$645,000$1382003-06-2520014,665Resale
7159 Ox Bow Cir$275,000$1262003-05-1219902,184Resale
7073 Ox Bow Rd$480,000$1512003-05-0720013,179Resale
Ox Bow Trace$450,000$1072003-01-3120024,200New
7193 Ox Bow Cir$100,000$832002-09-0419741,200New
7384 Ox Bow Cir$170,000$242002-05-23--7,218Resale
1732 Evening Breeze Ln$335,000$962002-04-1019883,481Resale
6451 Ox Bow Ct$375,000$752002-02-2020014,982New
7064 Ox Bow Rd$465,000$1102001-12-2819924,217Resale
7201 Ox Bow Cir$396,000$652001-11-1920016,065New
8072 Evening Star Lane$288,000$632001-11-0620014,571New
7093 Ox Bow Rd$488,400$1012001-09-2119964,814Resale
7043 Ox Bow$279,500$642001-07-0920014,388New
8016 Evening Star Ln$285,000$972001-06-1519902,948Resale
6004 Boynton Homestead$375,000$1092001-06-0519953,440Resale
7055 Ox Bow Rd$300,000$452001-04-2720016,644New
7329 Ox Bow Cir$314,000--2001-03-092001--New
7073 Ox Bow Rd$280,000$632001-01-0820014,419New
8039 Evening Star Ln$340,000$952000-12-1219883,582Resale
7335 Ox Bow Cir$400,000$822000-11-2220004,907New
7219 Ox Bow Cir$450,000$822000-05-3120015,508New
1402 White Star Ln$483,000$922000-04-1019955,245Resale
7322 Ox Bow Cir$520,000$862000-03-0620006,021New
7328 Ox Bow Circle$250,000$632000-02-0819993,995New
7339 Ox Bow Cir$353,000$972000-01-1019993,627Resale
7059 Ox Bow Rd$397,900$971999-11-2219994,103New
7310 Ox Bow Cir$449,793$841999-11-1020005,364New
7207 Ox Bow Cir$345,846$691999-11-0220004,997New
1817 Morning Star Ln$322,800$1081999-07-1619922,984Resale
8048 Evening Star Ln$245,000$961999-05-2819942,542Resale
7339 Ox Bow Cir$300,000$701999-05-2419994,309New
8004 Evening Star Ln$256,000$421999-05-1819996,091New
7336 Ox Bow Cir$300,000$631999-04-2219994,738New
6035 Boynton Homestead$200,000$931999-04-0119992,150New
7104 Ox Bow Cir$215,000$951999-03-1819852,254Resale
8056 Evening Star Ln$300,000$641999-01-1419984,672New
1733 Evening Breeze Ln$300,000$691998-12-22--4,331Resale
6242 Covey Crossing$205,000$471998-12-1819984,396New
7184 Ox Bow Cir$187,100$951998-10-16--1,970Resale
8047 Evening Star Ln$270,000$871998-07-31--3,111Resale
6032 Covey Crossing$240,000$631998-06-1819983,784New
7237 Ox Bow Cir$200,000$441998-06-1519984,539New
8100 Evening Star Ln$287,500$911998-05-28--3,164Resale
1708 Evening Breeze Ln$300,000$981998-05-26--3,070Resale
1204 Equestrian Way$390,000$781998-05-15--4,972Resale
7056 Ox Bow Rd$320,000$831998-05-1319893,840Resale
7063 Ox Bow Rd$345,000$961998-04-1519983,602New
7213 Ox Bow Cir$140,000$371998-03-1219983,757New
7120 Ox Bow Cir$50,000$221997-12-2919852,238Resale
1732 Evening Breeze Ln$359,000$1031997-11-2119883,489Resale
1403 White Star Ln$273,000$981997-11-13--2,785Resale
6364 Belgrand Dr$160,000$511997-09-2219973,128New
7081 Ox Bow Rd$389,000$991997-08-29--3,933Resale
1725 Evening Breeze Ln$319,500$1011997-08-12--3,170Resale
7352 Ox Bow Cir$400,000$811997-06-2319974,911New
7188 Ox Bow Cir$200,000$441997-02-2819974,575New
7084 Ox Bow Rd$190,000$501997-02-2519963,824New
6007 Boynton Homestead$240,000$491997-01-3119964,911New
7050 Ox Bow Rd$210,000$491996-06-0419964,296New
8031 Evening Star Ln$232,000$761996-04-04--3,038Resale
7099 Ox Bow Rd$332,600$911996-04-03--3,661Resale
7072 Ox Bow Rd$200,000$401996-01-0819955,060New
7095 Ox Bow Rd$195,000$441995-12-2719954,414New
6000 Boynton Homestead$250,000$591995-12-2019904,255Resale
7090 Ox Bow Road$258,000$521995-04-2419955,004New
6005 Boynton Homestead$427,904$701995-04-1719956,084New
7099 Ox Bow Rd$195,000$451995-04-1119954,312New
7159 Ox Bow Cir$185,000$851995-02-2719902,184Resale
7091 Ox Bow Rd$170,000$911994-11-1519941,876New
6016 Ox Bow Rd$300,000$571994-09-1319945,272New
1417 White Star Lane$230,000$481994-09-1219944,743New
7183 Ox Bow Cir$210,000$851994-07-1319912,464Resale
1713 Evening Breeze Ln$287,000$851994-06-02--3,377Resale
6998 Ox Trail$160,000$491994-05-2419943,272New
7125 Ox Bow Cir$199,500$681994-03-17--2,950Resale
1713 Evening Breeze Ln$160,000$401993-09-0919933,953New
7183 Ox Bow Cir$169,000$691993-08-0919912,464Resale
1733 Evening Breeze Ln$335,000$771993-08-03--4,331Resale
1204 Equestrain Way$210,630$351993-06-3019936,018New
8055 Evening Star Ln$200,000$611993-05-1919933,299New
7081 Ox Bow Road$247,360$541993-03-0119934,614New
7187 Ox Bow Lane$181,462$651993-02-2519922,789New
Morning Star Lane$210,000$491993-01-2219924,317New
7071 Ox Bow Road$212,000$491992-12-3119924,315New
1716 Evening Breeze Ln$225,000$761992-07-2219892,952Resale
7064 Ox Bow Rd$316,000$751992-05-2119924,217New
6035 Boynton Homestead$480,000$831992-05-0819925,789New
1808 Morning Star Ln$204,000$751992-03-1219922,738New
8063 Evening Star Ln$200,000$701992-02-1119922,842New
7983 Evening Star Ln$214,000$631991-10-0819923,418New
6000 Boynton Homestead$309,000$731991-08-3019904,255New
7149 Ox Bow Cir$167,500$771991-07-2619882,187Resale
7138 Ox Bow Cir$172,000$1591991-06-1819891,083Resale
7050 Ox Bow Rd$73,000$201991-04-1119913,629New
1809 Morning Star Ln$310,000$851991-03-1119883,634Resale

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