An Open Letter To Frustrated Homeowners Who Want To Sell A Home

There is a rather large group of homeowners in Tallahassee who want to sell a home but believe they still owe more than the property is worth.

For some it is true. But for many the time has come to be able to get a home sold without having to do a short sale or without having to bring cash to closing. It is finally time to move on.

So today I am reaching out to these frustrated homeowners to let them know about three resources and one service that we provide for free to help them on their way.

Resources For Homeowners Who Want To Sell A Home

We have written numerous e-books that cover a wide array of real estate topics. Many can be found in the right sidebar of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, but this post serves to highlight three resources that can be highly valuable when selling a house in Tallahassee and beyond.

  1. Should I Short Sale My Home E BookShould I Short Sale My Home - This guide has helped thousands of people figure out the best course of action for them. It covers all types of situations where one might be faced with a decision to short sale a home or consider other options. Don't make the mistake of assuming that you know all the potential solutions to your housing problem, download this free e-Book and make sure you know your options. Additionally, this wonder reference manual works in all states and provides contact information and other valuable resource links.
  2. Expired e-BookHome Sellers Handbook - Originally written as the complete guide for owners who had previously failed to sell their home, this 59 page e-Book will tell you everything you need to know in order to interview, hire, and communicate with the best real estate agents in your market. Why frustrate yourself by working with anything short of the absolute best in your market? The top real estate agents can be found using these simple lessons and they will compete to earn your business. That's right, make the best stand out from the rest, then hire the one that will get you the results that you need.
  3. FSBO e-BookFor Sale By Owner (Yes, you CAN sell a home on your own) - If you have ever tried to sell your house on your own (FSBO - For Sale By Owner), then I bet you received more than your fair share of phone calls from real estate agents who wanted to tell you why you could not succeed. That is pure hog wash! You can sell a home without a real estate agent, all you have to do is the work that a real estate agent would do for you. This highly popular e-Book identifies and instructs on the key activities that will help you market and sell your home, just like the professionals!

A New Service From Joe Manausa Real Estate

Free Market AnalysisThe home valuation process is far more complex today than it has been since the last big turn in the market (2006).

Most real estate agents are not fully trained and do not perform a thorough analysis before advising you of your home's fair market value, so we have decided to make this available to anybody who would like to know the real value of their home.

This is a free service with no strings attached, but it is also first come, first served. With thousands of homeowners in Tallahassee who have seen radical changes in the value of their homes, we expect this free service to be very popular and we will work to get the valuations done in an accurate and efficient manner.

Tell Me What My Home Is Worth 

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I hope these resources and service help you determine your best course of action when you want to sell a home, and of course if you have other questions you would like to ask, simply drop me a note any time.

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