Golden Pheasant Home Sales Report April 2016

Golden Pheasant is a rare gated community located on the East-side of Tallahassee and features large homes that were mostly built at the height of the housing market back from 2004 through 2006.

Today's report shows this neighborhood might be the hidden gem in NE Tallahassee.

Our Golden Pheasant neighborhood report includes charts and graphs that display average home prices, home values, and home sizes, as well as all current listings in the Tallahassee MLS and all closed home sales in Golden Pheasant going back to 2004 when the first homes were built and sold.

For each of the three real estate graphs found in this Tallahassee housing report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis.

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years and through the second week in April in 2016. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Golden Pheasant).

Golden Pheasant Home Sales Report For April 2016

Award Winning Neighborhood

Leon County's 2011 Small Neighborhood of the Year, Golden Pheasant offers large brick and masonry homes on more than a half an acre of land and just a few short minutes from downtown Tallahassee.

It just so happens that we know of a homeowner in Golden Pheasant who is planning to move in the near future. If you would like to see this home before it hits the market (where everybody will know about it), simply CLICK HERE and let us know that you'd like to see the home.

Golden Pheasant Home Prices

Average home prices in Golden Pheasant have hovered near $300,000 for the past four years, as numerous distressed properties have made these executive style home super affordable.

The average home price now is 22% lower than what was paid in 2008, which is fairly common for larger homes in Tallahassee. Expect prices to recover strongly as distressed properties go the way of the DoDo.

Home sales activity has slowed considerably since 2006, the year the housing market peaked and fell. The graph above demonstrates the textbook image for a "boom neighborhood," so homeowners will want to pay attention to local inventory levels.

Golden Pheasant Home Values

The average value of a home sold in Golden Pheasant in 2015 was $114 per square foot, but the one sale in 2016 reported a value of $121 per square foot. The low liquidity in the neighborhood requires us to see a few more sales before we can declare this an appreciating neighborhood. Bear in mind, if the distressed properties have completed, we will see home values on these relatively new homes jump.

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Golden Pheasant Home Sizes

The average home size sold in Golden Pheasant typically falls in a range of 2,300 to 2,500 square feet, and recent buyers have selected homes at the top end of this range.

Homes For Sale In Golden Pheasant

The following list of homes are all of the Tallahassee MLS listings in Golden Pheasant. If none appear, it merely means that there is either nothing for sale or that the homes that are for sale are already "under contract" with a buyer. Don't let a good one get away!

Golden Pheasant

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Past Home Sales In Golden Pheasant

The following table shows information on more than 100 past home sales in Golden Pheasant. You can change the sort order by clicking any one of the titles in the header.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
6833 Canopy Grove Lane$430,000$1742023-02-0320052,467Resale
6524 Fox Chase$440,000$1342021-12-1520053,279Resale
2301 Upland Way$475,000$1872021-09-2120052,534Resale
2310 Upland Way$312,500$1382020-10-0220052,264Resale
6845 Canopy Grove Ln$332,000$1452020-05-2920042,285Resale
2239 Upland Way$340,500$1342020-01-2420052,540Resale
6525 Cedar Chase Way$280,000$1042019-12-2320042,693Resale
6842 Canopy Grove Lane$316,225$1332019-12-1820052,374Resale
2318 Upland Way$389,000$1362019-09-1220062,859Resale
6528 Cedar Chase Way$312,375$1222019-04-1820042,556Resale
2203 Upland Way$320,000$1512019-04-0520052,117Resale
6820 Canopy Grove Lane$355,000$1302019-02-2820042,724Resale
6525 Cedar Chase Way$207,500$772019-02-0520042,693Resale
6528 Cedar Chase Way$245,100$962019-01-2220042,556Resale
2271 Upland Way$350,000$1172018-12-2120062,995Resale
2259 Upland Way$415,000$1462018-09-0420052,838Resale
2259 Upland Way$415,000$1462018-08-3120052,838Resale
2153 Game Bird Ct$315,000$1382018-08-3120052,285Resale
6507 Cedar Chase Way$325,000$1372018-07-2620052,378Resale
6829 Canopy Grove Lane$342,500$1352018-04-2020052,540Resale
2149 Game Bird Ct$320,500$1022017-10-2420053,150Resale
2144 Game Bird Court$360,000$1542017-09-2020052,338Resale
2230 Upland Way$309,000$1332017-06-2720062,320Resale
2550 Golden Pheasant Dr$318,000$1522017-04-2520042,091Resale
2209 Upland Way$253,189$1172017-01-0420052,155Resale
2301 Upland Way$360,000$1422016-07-1920052,534Resale
2242 Upland Way$300,000$1262016-06-0320052,373Resale
2307 Upland Drive$384,000$1302016-05-2720062,944Resale
6817 Canopy Grove Lane$290,000$1212016-03-0420042,405Resale
6537 Cedar Chase Way$340,000$1152015-10-2020052,944Resale
6821 Canopy Grove$305,000$1202015-07-2420042,536Resale
6513 Cedar Chase Way$300,000$1272015-06-1120062,355Resale
2148 Game Bird Ct$218,000$972015-06-0820052,237Resale
6849 Canopy Grove Lane$315,000$1132015-05-1520052,797Resale
6507 Cedar Chase Way$285,000$1202014-12-1220052,378Resale
2307 Upland Way$309,500$1052014-12-1120062,944Resale
6825 Canopy Grove Ln$273,000$1292014-04-2120042,118Resale
2217 Upland Way$275,000$1212014-03-2820052,279Resale
6543 Cedar Chase Way$302,000$1052014-01-0320132,886New
6820 Canopy Grove Ln$335,500$1232013-11-1220042,724Resale
2227 Upland Way$330,000$1362013-08-0120052,426Resale
2277 Upland Way$280,000$1242013-07-1920052,263Resale
2224 Upland Way$278,000$1042012-11-0120052,685Resale
2319 Upland Way$235,000$1172012-11-0120052,007Resale
2289 Upland Way$282,000$1122012-08-1020052,525Resale
2203 Upland Way$219,900$1042012-05-1020052,117Resale
2249 Upland Way$228,900$922012-04-2020052,485Resale
6525 Cedar Chase Way$293,500$1092011-11-1620042,693Resale
2159 Game Bird Ct$238,000$1092011-09-2320052,189Resale
2259 Upland Way$280,000$992011-06-2120052,838Resale
6825 Canopy Grove Ln$278,000$1312011-06-0120042,118Resale
6537 Cedar Chase Way$255,000$872011-05-1320052,944Resale
2212 Upland Way$245,000$1132010-12-1020052,169Resale
2242 Upland Way$235,000$992010-06-3020052,373Resale
6510 Cedar Chase Way$315,900$1292010-06-2519622,450Resale
2212 Upland Way$250,000$1152009-10-2920052,169Resale
2206 Upland Way$315,000$1172009-08-1420052,694Resale
6845 Canopy Grove Ln$291,000$1272009-03-0520042,285Resale
6845 Canopy Grove Ln$260,000$1142009-02-2720042,285Resale
2318 Upland Way$365,000$1282008-09-2420062,859Resale
2159 Game Bird Ct$379,900$1742008-01-2320052,189Resale
2319 Upland Way$309,000$1122007-03-1620052,766Resale
2511 Golden Pheasant Dr$361,000$1692006-12-2220042,130Resale
2271 Upland Way$359,500$1332006-07-2620062,710New
2537 Golden Pheasant Dr$355,900$1462006-06-3020052,440Resale
2152 Game Bird Ct$350,000$1622006-06-2120052,167Resale
6519 Cedar Chase Way$362,500$1762006-04-2120062,056New
6837 Canopy Grove Ln$314,000$1462006-04-2120062,156New
2144 Game Bird Ct$369,000$1582006-04-1720052,338Resale
2307 Upland Way$420,300$1432006-02-1620062,944New
2157 Game Bird Ct$337,900$1422006-02-0920052,379New
2203 Upland Way$308,200$1462006-02-0320052,117New
2224 Upland Way$370,000$1382006-01-1720052,685New
2153 Game Bird Ct$332,600$1462006-01-1120052,285Resale
2318 Upland Way$363,400$1272006-01-0620062,859New
6829 Canopy Grove Ln$180,000$712005-11-0820052,540New
2159 Game Bird Ct$370,000$1692005-11-0120052,189New
2149 Game Bird Ct$308,300$1292005-10-2020052,385New
2262 Upland Way$365,000$1402005-10-1920052,614New
6528 Cedar Chase Way$335,000$1312005-09-2820042,556Resale
2233 Upland Way$320,700$1612005-09-0220051,988New
2313 Upland Way$280,000$1122005-09-0220052,500New
2153 Game Bird Ct$307,000$1342005-09-0220052,285New
6513 Cedar Chase Way$345,000$1462005-08-2920052,355New
6522 Cedar Chase Way$340,000$1462005-08-2320052,336New
2209 Upland Way$307,200$1432005-08-1520052,155New
6507 Cedar Chase Way$322,000$1362005-08-1120052,373New
6514 Fox Chase Ln$332,000$1252005-07-2620052,664New
2219 Upland Way$313,000$1482005-07-2020052,117New
2144 Game Bird Ct$336,900$1442005-07-1520052,338New
2152 Game Bird Ct$326,000$1502005-07-1420052,167Resale
6521 Fox Chase Ln$289,500$1262005-07-1220052,289New
2148 Game Bird Ct$308,000$1382005-06-3020052,237New
2217 Upland Way$324,300$1422005-06-2320052,279New
6531 Cedar Chase Way$335,600$1152005-06-2320052,928New
6849 Canopy Grove Ln$320,000$1152005-06-0820052,785New
2212 Upland Way$272,900$1272005-06-0220052,156New
2239 Upland Way$340,500$1342005-06-0120052,540New
2242 Upland Way$296,700$1252005-05-3120052,373New
2215 Upland Way$310,000$1322005-05-2720052,340New
2277 Upland Way$276,000$1222005-05-2020052,263New
6848 Canopy Grove Ln$345,000$1772005-05-0420041,950Resale
6534 Cedar Chase Way$290,000$942005-05-0420053,072New
2268 Upland Way$285,400$1132005-04-2920052,525New
2152 Game Bird Ct$284,600$1312005-04-2920052,167New
2156 Game Bird Ct$323,600$1242005-04-1520052,612New
2319 Upland Way$239,000$862005-04-1520052,766New
2537 Golden Pheasant Dr$322,000$1322005-04-0420052,440New
6821 Canopy Grove Ln$329,000$1302005-03-1720042,536New
2206 Upland Way$329,900$1222005-03-1720052,694New
2301 Upland Way$335,000$1352005-03-1520052,490New
2259 Upland Way$382,000$1352005-03-0220052,838New
2273 Upland Way$272,400$1312005-02-2520052,085New
2245 Upland Way$286,300$1142005-02-2320052,520New
6527 Fox Chase Ln$292,000$1382005-02-2220052,117New
6524 Fox Chase Ln$260,000$792005-02-0420043,279New
6833 Canopy Grove Ln$294,900$1202005-01-2820052,467New
2249 Upland Way$273,000$1102005-01-2820052,485New
2310 Upland Way$264,100$1172005-01-2820052,264New
6845 Canopy Grove Ln$285,800$1252005-01-1320042,280New
2289 Upland Way$294,900$1172005-01-0720052,525New
6537 Cedar Chase Way$225,000$762005-01-0620052,944New
6515 Fox Chase Ln$256,000$1192004-12-2720042,146New
2227 Upland Way$314,200$1302004-12-2020052,414New
2511 Golden Pheasant Dr$270,600$1272004-11-2920042,130New
6825 Canopy Grove Ln$281,000$1462004-11-1520041,926New
2256 Upland Way$262,200$1182004-11-0920042,214New
6516 Cedar Chase Way$170,000$682004-09-2420042,510New
2206 Upland Way$280,000$1042004-09-2320052,694New
6817 Canopy Grove Ln$275,700$1532004-07-1620041,805New
6528 Cedar Chase Way$298,000$1172004-06-2920042,556New
6525 Cedar Chase Way$314,000$1082004-06-2920042,906New
6820 Canopy Grove Ln$318,200$1172004-05-2820042,716New
2550 Golden Pheasant Dr$259,900$1262004-05-2520042,070New
2218 Upland Way$180,000$492004-05-2120043,660New
6540 Cedar Chase Way$230,000$1082004-01-3020042,125New

I hope you enjoyed our April 2016 update on home sales in Golden Pheasant, please feel free to drop me a note if you have questions not covered in this report.

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