Why You Should Seek Help When Choosing A Real Estate Agent

I had just referred a client of my accountant to a real estate agent in another State when he asked me why I have not written on this subject before.

He said he often has clients looking to buy or sell a home in another part of the Country, and he loves the fact that I can help him choose the best Realtor in the area.

So based upon his recommendation, I have prepared this brief article on why you should seek help when choosing a real estate agent.

The Value Of A Real Estate Agent Referral

You might not know that when one real estate agent refers a client to another, the receiving agent often pays a "referral fee" to the sending agent. The fee is typically a percentage of what the receiving agent earns after the close of the transaction, so it does not cost the client any money.

It's important for you as a consumer to know that this exists. Why?

Because it shows you the sending agent has a vested interest (beyond just helping out a friend) to ensure that you get into the hands of a very good agent. But that is not the best part of being referred.

When a real estate agent refers you to another, you now have a quality-control element in place. Knowing that the sending agent initiated the process, you can communicate your concerns (or praise) to the sending agent and keep that agent involved.

We do this all the time. While I cannot claim to be an expert on valuations outside of the Tallahassee real estate market, I can tell you that I understand what a real estate agent in any market should be doing to take great care of you. The knowledge of the business (as opposed to local market knowledge) allows me to find an agent who will service you to the same level that you would receive from any of my Tallahassee real estate agents.

How To Seek Help When Choosing A Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent ReferralsWhen you need a real estate agent to help you sell a home or buy a home (or both) in any market, anywhere in the world, simply drop me a note and tell me what you're doing.

My office will communicate back to you, ask some qualifying questions, and then we will work with our network of expert real estate agents to ensure that you are absolutely thrilled with the service that you receive.

Additionally, we will be there along the way to provide any answers that you might have. Occasionally, we have had to step in and work to get a different agent involved when personality conflicts arose, and we'll be there for you as well.

Think about it. Use our expertise to ensure that you get a local real estate agent who is great at what she or he is doing.

While we do not charge you for this service, we are compensated and we work very hard to make sure that you save money as well (we have written numerous articles on the value of working with a great real estate agent).

So if you are planning a move in the next year or sooner, just drop me a note and let me know where I can help you choose the best real estate agent for your needs.

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