The Mother Of All Housing Reports

I have put together the "mother of all housing reports" in an effort to show our readers what is available on a regular basis at the Tallahassee Housing Reports page on our new web site. This does not even include all of the charts and graphs that we provide about foreclosures (on the Tallahassee Foreclosures page), nor does it include all of the chart and graphs that we provide about Tallahassee neighborhoods.

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Monthly Market Reports With Real Estate Graphs

These are the monthly reports that give our readers an idea of the changing trends in the Tallahassee housing market. The first seven graphs can be found in our twice-weekly housing report, while the rest are produced on a monthly basis.

If you hover your mouse over each real estate graph, it will give a brief description of what the graph covers. Clicking on the graph will open a new window with a detailed explanation and an enlarged graph (the first 7 graphs are on the same page, all the others are on individual pages). Let me know what you think with a comment following the blog. Enjoy!

Historic Daily Sales. Pending Home Sales. Daily Home Sales.
Tallahassee Housing Report
Short Term Inventory Trends. Listings That Failed To Sell. 4 Key Market Trends.
Home Sales Success Trends. Home Sales Trends. Average Residential Property Prices.
Single Family Detached Price Trend. Average Real Estate Price Trends Lot Sales Trends.Residential Land Sales In Tallahassee
Year Over Year Home Sales Trend.Year over Year Home Sales Activity Comparison.How Are Home Sales Compared To Past Years In Tallahassee New Home Construction Ratios.Permits v. Sales
New Home Construction Trends.Housing Construction Trends Graph Condo And Townhouse Sales.Condominiums And Townhomes Sold In Tallahassee Townhouse And Condo Construction.New Condo and Townhouse Construction Trends In Tallahassee
New and Existing SFD Homes.SFD Home Sales In Tallahassee Home Sales By Type.Graph of home sales by type Supply in the Tallahassee MLS.

So, was this the "mother of all housing reports" or what?

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