Houses For Sale In Tallahassee - January Is As Close As You'll Come To A Buyers' Market This Year

What You Should Know About The Current Offering Of Houses For Sale In Tallahassee

There is an obvious pattern that has emerged regarding houses for sale in Tallahassee, and the prudent homebuyer should be paying attention.

For three consecutive years, there have been more homes available for purchase in January than there have been in February, March and sometimes in April. As you will see with the houses listed below, they are likely the best deals you'll find all year. In other words, if you plan on moving soon, your largest selection of homes will be found right now!

Our graph above shows the number of active listings at the start of each month, where homes under contract are shown in blue and homes not-under-contract are shown in red. The ratio of homes under contract to all active listings is shown in green and measured on the right vertical axis.

You should note that the lowest percentage of homes under contract has occurred in January for the past four years. Relative to the number of sales that occur each month, this means that buyers have had the most homes per buyer available in January than in any other month of the year.

We won't be seeing a buyer's market for most price ranges for several years, but January is as close as you will come to one this year!

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Houses For Sale In Tallahassee

When you look at the list of houses for sale in Tallahassee above, you'll notice that we have included ones that are already under contract.

These are homes that are arguably no longer available because a buyer has come to terms with the seller, but in this market where inventory is thin, buyers might want to get in line in case the existing buyer fails to close (not uncommon).

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