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A home warranty is a win-win solution for everyone involved in a real estate transaction.

For sellers, a home warranty provides coverage for the seller during the listing period, and then transfers over to the buyer after the closing. This is an absolute "great deal" for the seller, because they pay a nominal fee up front and instantly have coverage on most of the main items in the home. The seller pays off the remaining balance of the warranty at closing, and they don't have to pay if it does not sell!

This makes the home more attractive to many buyers as the warranty ensures the major systems in the home are functional. Think about it, won't your home seem better (if all else is equal) if you are offering a "free" warranty while your competition is not? Buyers will have confidence that they won't be hit with a huge post-closing expense that was not uncovered prior to closing.

Michelle and I buy a warranty (as buyers) every time we buy a home. We've had air conditioners die, refrigerators die, pool pumps go on the fritz, etc. All of those were covered by our warranty and we only paid a small service fee (usually under $80) for each.

I urge you to give us a call, whether as a seller or buyer, and put a warranty in place for your home. You'll be glad you did.

Just fill in the contact information on the right, and we touch base to help work up a quote specific to the property you want to cover.

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