The Vineyards Housing Report May 2015

The Vineyards is a neighborhood on the NE side of Tallahassee that was built in the 1980s in the heart of Lafayette Vineyards.

This now established subdivision features about 70 executive level homes that were built from the mid 1980s through the 1990s, and roughly 10 or so thereafter.

As with many subdivisions in Northeast Tallahassee , location (location, location) is the driving force that keeps buyers interested in these homes. Unlike most of the housing reports for larger neighborhoods in Tallahassee that we produce, the Vineyards is much smaller and has fewer sales annually. This means that the results will have to be interpreted with the knowledge of our full analysis of the housing market in the 32317 zip code and surrounding areas.

In this report, we will look at historic home prices, home values, and average size of homes in the Vineyards, as well as show current listings in the Tallahassee MLS and all closed home sales going back to 1991.

The Vineyards Home Prices

For each of the three real estate graphs found below, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis). It's important to note that the written analysis contained here was done on the 5th day of May 2015, but the charts and table will continuous update into the future (so you can bookmark this page if you want to keep tabs on the housing market in the Vineyards).

The average price of a home sold in the Vineyards over the past six sales (3+ years) is $329,000. This is definitely lower than the average prices recorded at the peak of the housing market in 2006, and the volume of sales has slowed greatly as well. Considering six homes have sold in the Vineyards since the beginning of 2011, that is a far cry from the six sales recorded in the hot market of 2006.

Currently (on the 5th of May 2015), there are two homes for sale in the Vineyards.

The Vineyards Home Values

Average home values in the Vineyards have fallen and fluctuated a bit since the peak of the housing market. Values reached a high of $156 per square foot in 2006 but have hovered pretty close to $110 for the past 7 years. Due to the small sample of sales that occur (in a smallish neighborhood), expect to see values fluctuate greatly to reflect the condition and modernization of the homes that actually sell.

Through the first week of May 2015, the average value of a home sold in the Vineyards has been $120 per square foot. Of course, that was only one home sale.

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The Vineyards Home Sizes

The average home size sold in the Vineyards typically falls in a range of 2,500 to 3,200 square feet, and the last two have been closer to the bottom end of this range.

The home sold in 2015 was 2,664 square feet, while the single sale from last year was 2,645 square feet. I suspect this trend to the smaller has more to do with what was available than anything else. With just 2 sales in 2 years, I think we have far less data than we need to call this a trend.

Homes For Sale In The Vineyards

The following list of homes are the most recent listings in the Vineyards.

The Vineyards Idx

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The Vineyards Home Sales

The following list shows home sales going back to 1991 in the Vineyards.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
1735 Vineyard Way$633,500$2232024-04-0220132,847Resale
1770 Vineyard Way$400,000$1982024-03-1819932,021Resale
1671 Vineyard Way$650,000$2212024-02-2219882,944Resale
5811 Trellis Lane$720,000$1682023-12-2019944,296Resale
1823 Vineyard Way$650,000$1962023-08-0420083,309Resale
1726 Vineyard Way$837,000$2402023-06-1420033,482Resale
1833 Vineyard Way$675,000$1612023-04-2819884,191Resale
1823 Vineyard Way$585,000$1762022-12-3020083,333Resale
1880 Vineyard Way Way$575,000$2012022-06-1719902,863Resale
1712 Vineyard Way$826,500$2262022-05-2520093,658Resale
1902 Vineyard Way$550,000$2022021-10-2919922,721Resale
1841 Vineyard Way$325,000$1812021-10-2719871,800Resale
1786 Vineyard Way$385,000$1612021-03-1619912,392Resale
1851 Chardonnay Place$370,000$1652020-11-1919872,237Resale
1726 Vineyard Way$575,000$1782020-09-2820003,232Resale
1825 Winery Way$365,000$1652020-07-3119882,212Resale
1912 Vineyard Way$380,000$1362020-06-1219952,800Resale
1874 Chardonnay Place$325,900$1612019-04-1219892,020Resale
1746 Vineyard Way$378,200$1532019-03-2519902,470Resale
1886 Chardonnay Place$515,000$1382018-11-1320043,728Resale
1881 Chardonnay Place$499,000$1292018-07-2019983,875Resale
1833 Vineyard Way$455,000$1092018-05-3119884,191Resale
1802 Vineyard Way$399,900$1472018-01-0319962,718Resale
1719 Vineyard Way$420,000$1362017-09-0819913,084Resale
1834 Chardonnay Place$500,000$1222017-05-0320054,115Resale
1685 Vineyard Way$373,000$1032016-11-1019923,625Resale
1865 Vineyard Way$447,500$1082016-08-1119994,160Resale
1865 Vineyard Way$447,500$1082016-07-1819994,160Resale
1815 Vineyard Way$307,000$992016-06-2220093,091Resale
1875 Chardonnay Place$460,000$1222015-09-1719873,761Resale
1851 Winery Way$275,000$952015-07-2119892,903Resale
1852 Chardonnay Pl$404,000$1032015-06-1119873,910Resale
1843 Winery Way$320,000$1202015-02-0319852,664Resale
1812 Vineyard Way$280,000$1062014-08-1419962,645Resale
1779 Vineyard Way$475,000$1042013-10-2419904,586Resale
1859 Chardonnay Pl$365,000$1372013-09-1619872,655Resale
1746 Vineyard Way$200,000$882013-06-1219902,266Resale
1902 Vineyard Way$335,000$1412012-07-1719922,383Resale
1675 Vineyard Way$228,000$672011-12-2019873,404Resale
1867 Chardonnay Pl$275,000$1132011-08-0919882,444Resale
1827 Chardonnay Pl$245,000$1042011-07-2919882,363Resale
1834 Chardonnay Pl$413,500$1362011-05-2020053,035Resale
1758 Vineyard Way$358,000$1232010-06-2120102,908New
1823 Vineyard Way$389,900$1182009-10-0220083,309Resale
1826 Vineyard Way$350,000$1332008-07-1119872,635Resale
1712 Vineyard Way$598,720$1652008-06-2320093,620New
1852 Chardonnay Pl$382,500$1702007-12-2719872,250Resale
1685 Vineyard Way$399,900$1112007-06-1519923,596Resale
1840 Winery Way$422,000$1602007-06-1519892,631Resale
1823 Vineyard Way$400,000$1212007-06-1120083,309New
1815 Vineyard Way$300,000$972007-06-1120093,091New
1802 Vineyard Way$525,000$1932006-11-2719962,718Resale
1719 Vineyard Way$405,000$1352006-10-2019913,007Resale
1851 Chardonnay Pl$370,000$1652006-08-2219872,237Resale
1874 Chardonnay Pl$314,000$1702006-06-2819891,850Resale
1793 Vineyard Way$467,500$1462006-03-3119853,197Resale
1865 Vineyard Way$537,500$1292006-03-1519994,160Resale
1860 Chardonnay Pl$120,000$422005-12-0519862,860New
1720 Vineyard Way$417,000$1412005-11-2920062,952New
1770 Vineyard Way$305,000$1502005-11-0119932,040Resale
1912 Vineyard Way$302,000$1182004-10-1819952,556Resale
1833 Vineyard Way$311,000$892004-09-2319883,484Resale
1905 Vineyard Way$385,000$1272004-09-1019893,025Resale
1886 Chardonnay Pl$357,800$982004-06-2920043,644New
1671 Vineyard Way$308,000$1142004-05-2819882,713Resale
1842 Vineyard Way$305,000$1272004-04-0619922,403Resale
1902 Vineyard Way$310,000$1302003-11-0319922,383Resale
1866 Vineyard Way$245,000$1182003-10-0119842,082Resale
1812 Vineyard Way$225,000$852003-09-2619962,645Resale
1770 Vineyard Way$214,500$1052003-03-2719932,040Resale
1696 Vineyard Way$365,000$992003-01-2020013,684Resale
1859 Chardonnay Pl$266,000$1002002-02-0119872,655Resale
1907 Vineyard Way$253,500$802001-11-0519893,182Resale
1716 Vineyard Way$263,883$772001-09-1020013,448New
1865 Vineyard Way$365,000$972001-08-1019993,777Resale
1769 Vineyard Way$200,000$752001-06-2219842,664Resale
1786 Vineyard Way$210,000$882001-05-3119912,392Resale
1682 Vineyard Way$250,000$792001-03-1519963,148Resale
1696 Vineyard Way$200,000$502000-07-0720014,030New
1822 Chardonnay Place$141,000$552000-04-2820002,573New
1860 Chardonnay Pl$240,000$842000-02-2919862,860Resale
1786 Vineyard Way$200,000$841999-10-2919912,392Resale
1867 Chardonnay Pl$235,000$961999-07-3019882,444Resale
1874 Chardonnay Pl$174,000$941999-06-2919891,850Resale
1738 Vineyard Way$217,000$961999-05-2719872,264Resale
1866 Vineyard Way$158,500$761999-05-0319842,082Resale
1865 Vineyard Way$200,000$411999-03-0119994,852New
1719 Vineyard Way$245,000$811999-02-2519913,007Resale
1730 Vineyard Way$165,000$771998-12-1719872,149Resale
1703 Vineyard Way$240,000$741998-06-0419943,236Resale
1841 Vineyard Way$149,000$831998-03-3119871,800Resale
1730 Vineyard Way$115,900$541998-01-2319872,149Resale
1853 Vineyard Way$177,000$471997-08-1119983,772New
1851 Chardonnay Pl$191,500$861997-06-3019872,237Resale
1775 Vineyard Way$213,000$771997-04-1419942,768Resale
1703 Vineyard Way$223,500$691996-10-1519943,236Resale
1859 Chardonnay Pl$230,000$871996-06-2719872,655Resale
1829 Winery Way$173,000$621996-03-2519872,781Resale
1812 Vineyard Way$141,000$531996-03-2119962,645New
1875 Chardonnay Pl$222,500$671995-11-03--3,323Resale
1835 Chardonnay Pl$190,700$731995-08-15--2,628Resale
1852 Chardonnay Pl$177,500$791995-07-2819872,250Resale
1829 Winery Way$164,900$591995-06-2319872,781Resale
6206 Stover Ln$208,400$811995-06-0219952,580New
1902 Vineyard Way$169,000$711995-05-1519922,383Resale
1778 Vineyard Way$154,000$691995-03-1519852,247Resale
1790 Vineyard Way$148,000$661995-02-2719872,242Resale
1912 Vineyard Way$155,000$481994-12-1519953,255New
1719 Vineyard Way$216,000$721994-10-2619913,007Resale
1850 Winery Way$190,000$661994-08-2919952,885New
1769 Vineyard$192,000$721994-07-0119842,664New
5813 Trellis Lane$270,000$541994-05-0219945,022New
1703 Vineyard Way$175,000$541994-03-1719943,236New
1907 Vineyard Way$165,000$521994-01-0719893,182Resale
1769 Vineyard Way$35,000$131993-10-1819842,664Resale
1840 Winery Way$199,900$761992-09-2819892,631Resale
1842 Vineyard Way$115,000$481992-07-1419922,403New
1880 Chardonnay Pl$125,000$651992-07-02--1,932Resale
1874 Chardonnay Pl$154,000$831992-03-1319891,850Resale
1902 Vineyard Way$120,000$501992-01-0319922,383New
1790 Vineyard Way$134,500$601991-09-1019872,242Resale
1786 Vineyard Way$155,000$651991-07-2219912,392New
1851 Chardonnay Pl$156,000$701991-06-2719872,237Resale
1778 Vineyard Way$142,000$631991-01-1419852,247Resale

I hope you enjoyed our May 2015 update on home sales in the Vineyards, please feel free to drop me a note if you have questions not covered in this report.

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