Shannon Forest Listings And Real Estate Report November 2022

Shannon Forest hosts 275 three and four-bedroom single-family detached homes that were mostly built in the 1970s and 1980s.

Shannon Forest is located on the western edge of Killearn Estates along the east side of Thomasville Road and has some of the most sought-after houses in Tallahassee.

With roughly 275 four and three-bedroom single-family detached homes that were mostly built in the 1970s and 1980s, Shannon Forest continues to attract buyers seeking the median 32309 home.

Homes For Sale In Shannon Forest

1 Property

Shannon Forest Schools

The Leon County public schools for which Shannon Forest is zoned include:

In our past reports on home sales in Shannon Forest, we continually forecast rising prices, which has not changed through the writing of this report. Well-marketed homes sell in a matter of days (if not hours) in this popular neighborhood.

In this report, take a close look at home price trends, home value trends, and home size trends in Shannon Forest, as well as the table of all closed home sales going back to 1991. 

For the real estate graphs in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis) and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative below is for sales through December for all previous years but through the middle of November 2022. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated in the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Shannon Forest).

Shannon Forest Home Prices

The average home price in Shannon Forest has risen nearly 10% thus far in 2022 as demand for these homes remains well above the scant supply.

Activity in Shannon Forest remains robust. Sellers who properly pre-market their homes sell for top dollar immediately. There is just one home for sale in Shannon Forest, which is already under contract with a buyer.

Shannon Forest Home Values

The average home value in Shannon Forest has risen more than 6% in 2022, rising modestly since our last report here four months ago.

The average value of the homes sold in Shannon Forest thus far in 2022 is $164 per square foot.

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Shannon Forest Home Sizes

The average size of the homes sold in Shannon Forest typically falls between 1,700 and 2,100 square feet, and this year has been no different.

The 19 homes sold in Shannon Forest thus far in 2022 were measured at an average size of 1,937 square feet.

Shannon Forest Home Sales

The following list shows more than 530 home sales in Shannon Forest going back to 1991.

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
3792 Mitzi Way$365,000$1512022-11-0119882,410Resale
3608 Barbary Drive$320,000$1832022-09-2319731,750Resale
3617 Barbary Drive$270,000$1732022-09-1619731,558Resale
3715 Mundon Way$330,000$1942022-09-1619761,704Resale
2316 Carrick Court$311,000$1862022-09-0919761,675Resale
3616 Barbary Dr$208,300$1092022-08-2619731,900Resale
3679 Barbary Drive$300,000$1812022-07-2919751,658Resale
3769 Suffolk Drive$285,000$1372022-07-2919752,078Resale
2312 Notley Court$317,000$1792022-06-2319761,770Resale
3757 Suffolk Drive$392,282$1212022-05-0519743,244Resale
2308 Foxboro Way$380,000$2012022-04-1919731,886Resale
2301 Glenshire Court$368,000$1742022-04-1219732,121Resale
3792 Forsythe Way$410,000$1472022-04-0719732,786Resale
2305 Notley Court$300,000$2062022-03-1119761,454Resale
3762 Suffolk Drive$265,000$1722022-03-0419761,541Resale
3609 Barbary Drive$150,000$852022-03-0319731,771Resale
2337 Braeburn Circle$311,800$1452022-02-2819762,152Resale
2308 Foxboro Way$325,000$1922022-02-2219731,686Resale
2301 Braeburn Circle$295,000$1762022-02-1819731,674Resale
3680 Barbary Drive$299,900$1772021-12-2319761,696Resale
2420 Shalley Drive$310,000$1852021-11-0119741,672Resale
3738 Mundon Way$400,000$1712021-10-0419742,343Resale
2306 Suffolk Court$225,000$1442021-08-2019761,566Resale
2329 Hampshire Way$220,000$872021-07-2319742,543Resale
3742 Mundon Way$289,900$1932021-07-2219741,503Resale
3775 Forsythe Way$427,000$1942021-07-1619742,204Resale
2436 Shalley Drive$187,500$1032021-07-1619741,820Resale
3732 Mundon Way$340,000$1292021-07-0719742,642Resale
3648 Barbary Drive$284,000$1662021-05-2119761,706Resale
2316 Braeburn Circle$296,500$1582021-05-2119731,872Resale
2400 Debden Court$239,900$1472021-05-1419761,632Resale
2305 Suffolk Court$285,700$1482021-04-2119751,933Resale
2308 Forsythe Court$350,000$1682021-04-1319742,088Resale
3660 Barbary Drive$237,500$1312021-03-0519761,810Resale
3774 Suffolk Drive$281,500$1932021-02-2619761,462Resale
3742 Mundon Way$201,111$1342021-02-0519741,503Resale
2285 Hampshire Way$238,500$1482021-01-2919831,610Resale
3688 Barbary Drive$259,900$1422021-01-0819751,833Resale
2445 Shalley Drive$380,000$1382020-12-1819752,754Resale
2305 Forsythe Court$300,000$1452020-12-0419882,076Resale
3729 Mundon Way$237,050$1382020-11-3019751,713Resale
3738 Mundon Way$216,852$972020-09-3019742,243Resale
2305 Notley Court$248,000$1712020-09-1819761,454Resale
3645 Barbary Drive$277,000$1112020-08-3119742,495Resale
2420 Shalley Dr$260,000$1582020-08-2819741,644Resale
2357 Hampshire Way$325,000$1382020-08-0719742,359Resale
3728 Forsythe Way$339,000$1382020-07-3119732,454Resale
3733 Forsythe Way$305,000$1352020-07-0719732,266Resale
2404 Debden Court$225,000$1492020-07-0119781,510Resale
2309 Carrick Court$277,000$1542020-06-1919741,798Resale
3725 Mundon Way$254,000$1402020-06-1219751,815Resale
3738 Mundon Way$181,000$802020-05-2919742,243Resale
2316 Foxboro Way$270,000$1472020-04-3019921,839Resale
2313 Carrick Court$325,000$1342020-04-1719742,417Resale
2305 Braeburn Circle$326,000$1402020-03-2519732,333Resale
2512 Debden Court$250,000$1402020-03-0619771,786Resale
3628 Barbary Drive$175,000$1122019-11-2719741,561Resale
2350 Braeburn Circle$210,000$1402019-10-3019741,505Resale
3644 Barbary Drive$265,000$1352019-10-2519731,969Resale
2324 Hampshire Way$263,900$1402019-08-0919741,891Resale
3675 Barbary Drive$240,000$1312019-07-3119751,833Resale
2309 Glenshire Court$259,900$1202019-07-2919732,164Resale
3797 Patch Drive$265,000$1252019-05-2119912,128Resale
2362 Braeburn Circle$350,000$1292019-05-1019732,704Resale
2312 Carrick Ct$237,000$1352019-05-0219741,762Resale
2312 Carrick Court$237,000$1292019-04-2619741,843Resale
3709 Mundon Way$251,000$1162019-04-2619742,164Resale
3664 Barbary Drive$232,000$1542019-04-1219751,504Resale
2408 Debden Court$225,000$1122019-04-0419762,009Resale
2305 Forsythe Ct$275,000$1322018-08-2019882,076Resale
3669 Barbary Drive$260,000$1552018-08-2019741,677Resale
2358 Braeburn Circle$216,000$1302018-08-0319731,662Resale
3764 Forsythe Way$215,000$1262018-08-0119761,706Resale
3745 Suffolk Drive$387,900$1362018-07-2419752,842Resale
3720 Forsythe Way$239,000$1312018-06-0519761,824Resale
3729 Forsythe Way$289,000$1462018-05-2219731,981Resale
2432 Shalley Drive$286,000$1322018-05-2119742,165Resale
2408 Debden Court$145,500$722018-05-1619762,009Resale
2324 Hampshire Way$244,900$1302018-04-0919741,891Resale
2347 Foxboro Way$341,000$1522018-03-2320022,243Resale
3733 Mundon Way$202,000$1162017-10-3119771,734Resale
3749 Suffolk Dr$192,000$1012017-08-3119741,908Resale
3779 Forsythe Way$270,000$932017-07-2819742,890Resale
2505 Debden Court$232,000$1322017-07-2819761,755Resale
2404 Debden Court$210,000$1362017-07-2619751,540Resale
2347 Foxboro Way$212,000$952017-07-1420022,243Resale
3768 Forsythe Way$180,000$1052017-06-2319761,713Resale
2285 Hampshire Way$169,000$1052017-06-0719831,610Resale
3680 Barbary Drive$200,000$1162017-05-2619761,731Resale
3687 Barbary Drive$210,000$1142017-04-2819741,848Resale
2409 Cadney Ct$60,000$402017-04-2819761,512Resale
3716 Suffolk Dr$220,000$1262017-03-1319741,744Resale
3740 Forsythe Way$270,000$1242017-01-3119742,181Resale
3733 Forsythe Way$241,000$1062017-01-2019732,266Resale
2304 Suffolk Court$169,000$852016-10-3119791,979Resale
3740 Forsythe Way$205,000$942016-09-1219742,181Resale
3737 Suffolk Drive$226,500$1372016-08-3019731,656Resale
2309 Carrick Ct$205,000$1142016-08-2919741,798Resale
3639 Barbary Drive$245,000$1202016-08-2619742,043Resale
3640 Barbary Drive$175,000$1002016-08-1919731,744Resale
3765 Suffolk Drive$275,000$1282016-07-1919742,148Resale
3620 Barbary Drive$185,000$1202016-06-3019801,539Resale
3729 Mundon Way$180,000$1052016-06-3019751,713Resale
2500 Debden Court$225,000$1112016-06-1519762,036Resale
2513 Debden Ct$125,000$672016-06-1319791,854Resale
2309 Forsythe Court$360,000$1152016-06-0219733,123Resale
2329 Braeburn Cir$170,000$962016-05-3119741,767Resale
3741 Suffolk Drive$227,000$1282016-05-2719731,770Resale
2440 Shalley Drive$227,000$1372016-05-0519771,651Resale
3720 Forsythe Way$190,000$1022016-04-2819761,869Resale
3644 Barbary Drive$182,500$932016-04-2219731,969Resale
3717 Suffolk Dr$210,000$1042016-04-1519732,016Resale
2305 Notley Court$167,000$1152016-04-0819761,454Resale
2409 Cadney Ct$87,100$582016-03-2819761,512Resale
3745 Suffolk Dr$260,000$912016-02-2619752,842Resale
3770 Suffolk Drive$202,500$1262016-02-0819751,605Resale
2309 Forsythe Ct$150,000$482016-01-2919733,123Resale
2412 Shalley$221,000$1432016-01-1519741,544Resale
2305 Notley Ct$59,300$412015-12-1419761,454Resale
2513 Debden Ct$117,200$632015-11-3019791,854Resale
3796 Forsythe Way$162,600$902015-11-0619741,800Resale
3700 Mundon Way$215,500$1182015-09-2919751,827Resale
3680 Barbary Dr.$155,000$982015-09-2219761,584Resale
2304 Foxboro Way$165,000$1072015-09-1519731,539Resale
3721 Mundon Way$180,000$1072015-09-1119751,680Resale
3733 Suffolk Dr$184,000$952015-08-1019731,940Resale
2400 Debden Ct$133,000$822015-07-2419761,632Resale
3728 Forsythe$197,000$802015-07-0619732,454Resale
3780 Forsythe Way$180,000$962015-07-0219761,869Resale
3717 Suffolk Dr$180,000$892015-05-2819732,016Resale
2276 Hampshire Way$174,900$1002015-05-2119761,751Resale
3649 Barbary Dr$188,000$1022015-05-0119741,835Resale
2301 Braeburn Circle$210,000$1252015-04-1619731,674Resale
2309 Hampshire Way$247,500$892015-03-2519732,781Resale
2348 Hampshire Way$169,900$1522015-02-2719811,116Resale
2397 Tallahassee Dr$242,000$1162015-01-3020032,094Resale
2312 Carrick Ct$186,000$1062015-01-0919741,762Resale
2348 Foxboro Way$255,000$1052014-12-0819882,418Resale
3624 Barbary Dr$108,300$682014-11-1219791,595Resale
3724 Forsythe Way$250,000$1092014-10-3019732,292Resale
3665 Barbary Dr$191,000$992014-09-2619741,920Resale
2301 Braeburn Cir$120,500$722014-09-2219731,674Resale
2505 Debden Ct$180,000$1032014-07-0719761,755Resale
3708 Mundon Way$176,900$1112014-06-1319751,591Resale
2355 Foxboro Way$210,000$892014-06-0319882,358Resale
3752 Forsythe Way$139,900$722014-04-2819731,952Resale
2336 Foxboro Way$245,000$1222014-03-2619882,009Resale
2344 Hampshire Way$157,500$1032014-03-2519761,536Resale
2309 Glenshire Ct$185,000$852014-03-1019732,164Resale
3639 Barbary Dr$157,100$622014-03-0419742,527Resale
3774 Suffolk Dr$162,000$1112013-11-2219761,462Resale
2305 Suffolk Ct$185,000$852013-11-2219752,169Resale
3648 Barbary Dr$139,000$812013-09-2719761,706Resale
3675 Barbary Dr$154,000$842013-09-1919751,833Resale
3711 Forsythe Way$150,000$802013-08-3019741,870Resale
3743 Forsythe Way$195,000$862013-07-2619742,257Resale
3741 Suffolk Dr$165,000$932013-07-1519731,770Resale
2321 Hampshire Way$253,000$952013-07-1219732,652Resale
2400 Shalley Dr$232,200$1042013-06-2819762,227Resale
3756 Forsythe Way$200,000$972013-06-2819732,052Resale
3774 Suffolk Dr$65,000$442013-06-0319761,462Resale
2445 Shalley Dr$214,000$1152013-05-2019751,860Resale
3741 Mundon Way$197,500$882013-05-1419742,237Resale
2305 Glenshire Ct$187,000$1032013-04-1919761,810Resale
3668 Barbary Dr$170,000$972013-04-1519741,752Resale
3794 Mitzi Way$265,900$1162013-04-0319882,287Resale
2312 Notley Ct$194,900$1102013-03-0819761,770Resale
3604 Barbary Dr$55,000$322013-02-2719731,743Resale
3644 Barbary Dr$175,000$882012-12-3119731,979Resale
3701 Mundon Way$207,500$982012-12-1819752,126Resale
2308 Foxboro Way$180,000$1072012-10-1219731,686Resale
2312 Notley Ct$91,500$522012-10-0119761,770Resale
3612 Barbary Dr$83,700$492012-10-0119731,722Resale
3752 Mundon Way$112,200$672012-08-1519761,680Resale
3649 Barbary Dr$174,500$962012-06-2919741,824Resale
3795 Patch Dr$215,000$1122012-06-2219891,914Resale
3680 Barbary Dr$136,800$862012-06-0619761,584Resale
2353 Hampshire Way$175,000$842012-05-1019742,088Resale
2281 Hampshire Way$195,000$1072012-03-3019731,818Resale
3793 Patch Dr$178,500$762012-03-2219882,358Resale
3612 Barbary Dr$85,000$492012-02-1619731,722Resale
3737 Forsythe Way$245,000$972011-08-2619732,521Resale
2444 Shalley Dr$229,900$1422011-08-2219981,617Resale
3717 Mundon Way$78,000$542011-07-2819761,448Resale
2316 Foxboro Way$214,000$1162011-05-0519921,843Resale
2352 Foxboro Way$230,000$1182011-01-1419891,956Resale
2345 Hampshire Way$162,000$762010-12-3019732,122Resale
3708 Mundon Way$147,500$932010-12-0119751,591Resale
2289 Hampshire Way$150,000$902010-10-2819741,662Resale
3795 Forsythe Way$313,500$1612010-10-1419741,947Resale
2317 Braeburn Cir$150,000$912010-08-1119751,643Resale
2313 Hampshire Way$180,000$902010-08-0519732,003Resale
3716 Forsythe Way$200,000$962010-07-2719782,084Resale
2304 Hampshire Way$182,500$982010-06-3019751,857Resale
2312 Forsythe Ct$220,000$1342010-06-0219731,636Resale
2427 Shalley Dr$222,000$1112010-05-2819742,000Resale
3799 Forsythe Way$188,000$1042010-04-3019741,800Resale
3725 Suffolk Dr$175,000$1072010-03-2519731,638Resale
2313 Carrick Ct$225,000$962010-02-2619742,340Resale
3745 Suffolk Dr$299,500$1052009-12-0219752,842Resale
3705 Suffolk Dr$181,500$1072009-11-3019741,700Resale
2309 Braeburn Cir$165,000$1112009-11-1219731,491Resale
3692 Barbary Dr$177,000$1012009-10-2619751,754Resale
2308 Forsythe Ct$270,000$1292009-06-1619742,088Resale
3795 Forsythe Way$150,000$772008-09-2519741,947Resale
3795 Patch Dr$217,000$1132008-07-1819891,914Resale
3795 Patch Dr$217,000$1132008-07-1819891,914Resale
2501 Debden Ct$275,000$1422008-07-0819741,930Resale
2316 Braeburn Cir$221,000$1412008-06-2719731,572Resale
3768 Forsythe Way$218,500$1332008-06-2719761,644Resale
2271 Hampshire Way$225,000$1292008-06-2519751,740Resale
3737 Mundon Way$197,500$1322008-03-0319751,501Resale
3762 Suffolk Dr$196,000$1352008-02-1419761,451Resale
2267 Hampshire Way$213,500$1262008-02-1419741,695Resale
2321 Hampshire Way$247,000$932007-10-1919732,652Resale
2308 Forsythe Ct$313,000$1502007-08-2919742,088Resale
3616 Barbary Dr$253,000$1332007-08-1519731,900Resale
2313 Hampshire Way$255,000$1272007-07-2419732,003Resale
3797 Mitzi Way$299,900$1262007-06-2219872,388Resale
2316 Carrick Ct$223,000$1332007-06-1819761,675Resale
3636 Barbary Dr$186,000$1232007-06-1419731,510Resale
2317 Braeburn Cir$208,500$1272007-04-2719751,643Resale
3713 Suffolk Dr$232,500$1342007-04-2019741,738Resale
3708 Mundon Way$185,000$1162007-02-2019751,591Resale
3733 Forsythe Way$250,000$1232007-01-2919732,033Resale
2501 Debden Ct$265,000$1372006-12-2019741,930Resale
3724 Forsythe Way$250,000$1092006-12-1819732,292Resale
3740 Forsythe Way$269,000$1232006-12-0719742,181Resale
3747 Forsythe Way$291,500$1422006-12-0119762,058Resale
2313 Notley Ct$260,000$1152006-11-3019752,254Resale
3775 Forsythe Way$250,000$1132006-11-2219742,204Resale
2308 Forsythe Ct$313,000$1502006-09-2819742,088Resale
2316 Carrick Ct$167,000$1002006-09-0619761,675Resale
2325 Hampshire Way$162,000$762006-08-1019742,133Resale
2305 Foxboro Way$259,400$1282006-07-2119732,030Resale
2301 Braeburn Cir$206,000$1232006-06-2219731,674Resale
2313 Carrick Ct$208,700$892006-05-2519742,340Resale
3794 Mitzi Way$262,000$1152006-05-1919882,287Resale
3639 Barbary Dr$256,000$1012006-03-3119742,527Resale
2316 Foxboro Way$245,000$1332006-03-1319921,843Resale
2420 Shalley Dr$210,000$1282005-10-2519741,644Resale
3721 Suffolk Dr$207,000$1232005-09-0919741,683Resale
3709 Mundon Way$252,000$1822005-08-3119741,388Resale
3769 Suffolk Dr$214,000$1042005-08-1119752,058Resale
3797 Patch Dr$227,900$1072005-07-2219912,128Resale
2340 Foxboro Way$230,000$1272005-07-1519971,815Resale
2271 Hampshire Way$185,000$1062005-07-1319751,740Resale
3784 Forsythe Way$243,000$1302005-07-0719771,876Resale
2304 Carrick Ct$229,200$1342005-06-1619751,711Resale
2501 Debden Ct$128,000$662005-06-1319741,930Resale
2309 Hampshire Way$250,000$902005-06-0919732,781Resale
2316 Foxboro Way$228,000$1242005-06-0719921,843Resale
2304 Braeburn Cir$206,000$1032005-05-0219742,002Resale
2329 Braeburn Cir$185,000$1052005-04-2719741,767Resale
2400 Shalley Dr$222,000$1002005-04-2719762,227Resale
3784 Forsythe Way$203,000$1082005-02-1519771,876Resale
3796 Forsythe Way$216,500$1202005-02-1119741,800Resale
2309 Forsythe Ct$290,000$932004-12-2719733,123Resale
3733 Mundon Way$194,900$1122004-12-0319771,734Resale
2433 Shalley Dr$170,900$1052004-11-2419751,632Resale
3776 Forsythe Way$180,000$722004-11-1019742,507Resale
3792 Forsythe Way$246,000$1032004-09-2919732,386Resale
3753 Suffolk Dr$207,500$962004-09-1519742,163Resale
3740 Forsythe Way$207,400$952004-09-1119742,181Resale
2412 Cadney Ct$167,000$1002004-09-1019781,664Resale
3794 Forsythe Way$190,900$922004-08-1819732,074Resale
2416 Cadney Ct$210,000$1052004-08-1219871,992Resale
2332 Foxboro Way$220,000$1042004-08-0619892,112Resale
2332 Foxboro Way$220,000$1042004-08-0619892,112Resale
3756 Forsythe Way$225,500$1102004-08-0619732,052Resale
3773 Suffolk Dr$194,900$1452004-07-2919781,347Resale
3738 Mundon Way$225,000$1002004-07-2319742,243Resale
3701 Suffolk Dr$145,000$892004-07-2119741,630Resale
3687 Barbary Dr$182,900$992004-07-1519741,848Resale
3737 Suffolk Dr$175,000$1062004-07-0919731,656Resale
3795 Patch Dr$209,900$1102004-07-0919891,914Resale
3729 Forsythe Way$186,000$942004-07-0619731,981Resale
2267 Hampshire Way$176,900$1042004-06-2419741,695Resale
2321 Hampshire Way$199,500$752004-06-2319732,652Resale
3700 Mundon Way$187,900$1032004-06-1019751,827Resale
3721 Suffolk Dr$142,100$842004-05-1719741,683Resale
3737 Mundon Way$169,000$1132004-05-0719751,501Resale
2400 Debden Ct$169,900$1042004-05-0319761,632Resale
2345 Hampshire Way$240,000$1132004-04-2819732,122Resale
3752 Forsythe Way$185,000$952004-04-2819731,952Resale
2317 Hampshire Way$185,000$852004-04-1319742,189Resale
3756 Forsythe Way$190,700$932004-03-3119732,052Resale
2444 Shalley Dr$186,000$1152004-03-2519981,617Resale
3733 Forsythe Way$201,000$992004-03-1919732,033Resale
2358 Braeburn Cir$153,500$922004-03-0119731,662Resale
2275 Hampshire Way$173,000$972004-02-2319741,778Resale
3725 Mundon Way$160,000$882003-12-1519751,815Resale
2400 Shalley Dr$205,000$922003-12-0119762,227Resale
2301 Suffolk Ct$182,500$852003-11-1419772,158Resale
2357 Braeburn Cir$179,900$962003-10-1719741,870Resale
3632 Barbary Dr$187,000$952003-10-1419731,960Resale
2271 Hampshire Way$163,900$942003-10-0319751,740Resale
3676 Barbary Dr$149,900$912003-09-1919751,643Resale
2404 Debden Ct$159,000$1052003-08-2919751,510Resale
3665 Barbary Dr$150,000$782003-08-1819741,920Resale
3620 Barbary Dr$139,900$912003-08-1519801,539Resale
2312 Forsythe Ct$168,700$1032003-08-0419731,636Resale
3732 Mundon Way$218,000$1262003-07-0319741,734Resale
3612 Barbary Dr$152,000$882003-06-2719731,722Resale
2313 Hampshire Way$179,900$902003-06-2619732,003Resale
2349 Braeburn Cir$129,600$832003-06-2319741,560Resale
2316 Foxboro Way$178,500$972003-06-0519921,843Resale
3796 Forsythe Way$165,000$922003-05-1519741,800Resale
3793 Patch Dr$219,000$932003-04-3019882,358Resale
3770 Suffolk Dr$125,900$1112003-04-3019751,132Resale
2317 Braeburn Cir$129,000$792003-04-2819751,643Resale
3624 Barbary Dr$137,500$862003-02-2819791,595Resale
2413 Cadney Ct$126,000$922003-01-3119941,366Resale
3738 Mundon Way$198,000$882003-01-2419742,243Resale
2347 Foxboro Way$196,000$872002-12-1920022,243Resale
3617 Barbary Dr$139,900$902002-12-1319731,558Resale
2309 Foxboro Way$157,000$882002-12-0919741,788Resale
2509 Debden Ct$145,000$662002-10-0819742,183Resale
2348 Hampshire Way$143,500$1292002-10-0119811,116Resale
3712 Forsythe Way$194,500$842002-09-1719742,328Resale
2304 Hampshire Way$152,500$822002-08-1619751,857Resale
2263 Hampshire Way$126,100$702002-08-1219751,792Resale
2340 Foxboro Way$163,500$902002-08-1219971,815Resale
2405 Cadney Ct$133,000$782002-08-0919761,700Resale
2512 Debden Ct$180,000$1022002-07-3119771,772Resale
3788 Forsythe Way$154,900$952002-07-3119781,628Resale
2301 Hampshire Way$129,000$842002-07-0119831,539Resale
3778 Suffolk Dr$155,000$862002-06-2719761,810Resale
3713 Suffolk Dr$128,000$742002-06-2619741,738Resale
2324 Foxboro Way$181,500$762002-06-1819882,396Resale
3732 Mundon Way$169,900$982002-05-3119741,734Resale
3737 Forsythe Way$170,000$672002-04-3019732,521Resale
3761 Suffolk Dr$174,900$752002-03-2219742,325Resale
2304 Carrick Ct$138,000$812002-02-1519751,711Resale
2347 Foxboro Way$150,000$532001-11-3020022,842New
3737 Suffolk Dr$136,600$822001-11-1419731,656Resale
2332 Hampshire Way$156,900$882001-10-2919741,792Resale
2409 Debden Ct$135,000$882001-09-2819751,530Resale
3700 Mundon Way$145,000$792001-09-2519751,827Resale
2361 Braeburn Cir$135,000$702001-08-3119731,920Resale
2317 Braeburn Cir$112,500$682001-08-3119751,643Resale
2271 Hampshire Way$98,000$562001-08-2919751,740Resale
3752 Forsythe Way$147,000$752001-07-3019731,952Resale
3794 Forsythe Way$157,000$762001-07-2319732,074Resale
3796 Forsythe Way$141,000$782001-07-0619741,800Resale
3768 Forsythe Way$127,500$782001-06-2719761,644Resale
2349 Braeburn Cir$114,500$732001-06-2019741,560Resale
3799 Forsythe Way$127,800$712001-04-3019741,800Resale
2404 Shalley Dr$158,000$582001-03-2619742,725Resale
3796 Mitzi Way$149,900$722001-03-1519872,068Resale
3624 Barbary Dr$93,000$582001-03-1519791,595Resale
3713 Suffolk Dr$122,900$712000-11-2219741,738Resale
2350 Braeburn Cir$115,000$762000-08-1719741,510Resale
2412 Cadney Ct$121,654$732000-07-2819781,664Resale
2335 Foxboro Way$149,000$652000-07-0719882,290Resale
2357 Hampshire Way$143,000$662000-06-2719742,179Resale
2400 Debden Ct$117,000$722000-06-1419761,632Resale
2349 Braeburn Cir$108,800$702000-06-0119741,560Resale
3728 Suffolk Dr$125,500$612000-05-3019742,048Resale
2309 Hampshire Way$150,000$542000-05-2519732,781Resale
3780 Forsythe Way$137,500$742000-05-1819761,869Resale
2433 Shalley Dr$127,100$782000-05-0519751,632Resale
2312 Forsythe Ct$129,500$792000-04-2019731,636Resale
2357 Braeburn Cir$128,000$682000-03-3119741,870Resale
3669 Barbary Dr$116,000$692000-03-3119741,677Resale
2428 Shalley Dr$139,000$742000-03-3019801,891Resale
2324 Hampshire Way$136,500$722000-02-2819741,891Resale
3716 Suffolk Dr$123,500$712000-01-3119741,744Resale
3795 Patch Dr$134,900$701999-12-2019891,914Resale
2305 Glenshire Ct$101,600$561999-11-2319761,810Resale
3661 Barbary Dr$112,500$541999-09-1719742,080Resale
3765 Suffolk Dr$134,000$621999-09-1019742,148Resale
3773 Suffolk Dr$130,000$971999-08-3019781,347Resale
2267 Hampshire Way$120,000$711999-08-0919741,695Resale
2353 Braeburn Cir$132,900$751999-07-0719741,764Resale
3732 Mundon Way$137,000$791999-06-2819741,734Resale
2359 Foxboro Way$170,000$631999-06-2519882,684Resale
3705 Mundon Way$118,400$681999-06-1719741,750Resale
3737 Mundon Way$113,000$751999-05-2819751,501Resale
2358 Braeburn Cir$120,900$731999-05-2519731,662Resale
2345 Hampshire Way$152,900$721999-05-1319732,122Resale
3661 Barbary Dr$131,000$631999-05-1119742,080Resale
3640 Barbary Dr$105,500$601999-04-0719731,744Resale
2292 Hampshire Way$200,000$521999-02-2619763,814Resale
2317 Braeburn Cir$89,500$541999-02-2619751,643Resale
3620 Barbary Dr$108,000$701999-02-2219801,539Resale
2316 Foxboro Way$139,000$751999-02-0819921,843Resale
3709 Mundon Way$128,900$931999-01-2819741,388Resale
3625 Barbary Dr$107,000$641998-12-3019731,682Resale
2360 Foxboro Way$138,300$621998-11-3019902,224Resale
2275 Hampshire Way$135,900$761998-10-3019741,778Resale
3764 Forsythe Way$117,000$691998-10-3019761,706Resale
3737 Suffolk Dr$130,000$791998-08-2819731,656Resale
2428 Shalley Dr$132,000$701998-08-2819801,891Resale
2405 Debden Ct$112,000$631998-08-1419761,776Resale
2350 Braeburn Cir$102,000$681998-07-3019741,510Resale
2353 Hampshire Way$149,900$721998-07-1519742,088Resale
2304 Carrick Ct$120,200$701998-06-2919751,711Resale
2304 Carrick Ct$120,200$701998-06-2919751,711Resale
2348 Hampshire Way$113,000$1011998-06-2619811,116Resale
3604 Barbary Dr$115,000$661998-06-1219731,743Resale
2304 Braeburn Cir$127,000$631998-05-1519742,002Resale
2304 Forsythe Ct$134,000$581998-04-3019732,291Resale
3736 Forsythe Way$136,500$621998-04-3019732,198Resale
2409 Debden Ct$95,500$621998-04-2919751,530Resale
3704 Suffolk Dr$117,000$701998-03-2019741,671Resale
2309 Foxboro Way$127,000$711998-02-2719741,788Resale
2433 Shalley Dr$101,900$621998-02-0919751,632Resale
2316 Braeburn Cir$118,900$761997-10-3119731,572Resale
3778 Suffolk Dr$110,900$611997-10-2219761,810Resale
2305 Notley Ct$95,000$651997-10-1019761,454Resale
2353 Braeburn Cir$125,000$711997-09-3019741,764Resale
2413 Cadney Ct$109,800$801997-09-1919941,366Resale
3757 Suffolk Dr$144,000$901997-08-2819741,596Resale
3756 Forsythe Way$117,000$571997-05-1319732,052Resale
3793 Mitzi Way$160,000$591997-03-3119892,698Resale
3701 Mundon Way$132,900$631997-02-2819752,126Resale
3713 Suffolk Dr$108,300$621997-02-2019741,738Resale
2409 Cadney Ct$89,500$591996-12-1319761,512Resale
2513 Debden Ct$125,000$671996-11-1519791,854Resale
3684 Barbary Dr$119,900$691996-11-0819761,742Resale
2275 Hampshire Way$129,900$731996-10-3019741,778Resale
3797 Patch Dr$139,900$661996-09-1119912,128Resale
3649 Barbary Dr$116,000$641996-08-3019741,824Resale
3799 Forsythe Way$102,900$571996-07-3119741,800Resale
2509 Debden Ct$123,500$571996-07-3119742,183Resale
2312 Carrick Ct$117,000$661996-07-2619741,762Resale
3661 Barbary Dr$120,000$581996-07-2419742,080Resale
3784 Forsythe Way$99,000$531996-07-2219771,876Resale
3620 Barbary Dr$106,000$691996-07-1919801,539Resale
3624 Barbary Dr$96,900$611996-07-1619791,595Resale
2280 Hampshire Way$115,000$671996-05-3119741,728Resale
2408 Shalley Dr$129,400$651996-05-2919741,986Resale
3764 Forsythe Way$104,300$611996-05-1519761,706Resale
3680 Barbary Dr$125,000$791996-05-1319761,584Resale
3743 Forsythe Way$122,900$541996-05-0119742,257Resale
2358 Braeburn Cir$98,000$591996-03-2919731,662Resale
2412 Cadney Ct$99,900$601996-02-2919781,664Resale
3687 Barbary Dr$124,500$671996-02-2919741,848Resale
2360 Foxboro Way$134,600$611996-02-2219902,224Resale
2309 Glenshire Ct$100,000$461995-12-1519732,164Resale
2304 Foxboro Way$89,800$581995-11-2019731,539Resale
3725 Forsythe Way$111,000$651995-11-0619761,720Resale
2316 Foxboro Way$129,900$701995-08-3019921,843Resale
3710 Suffolk Dr$127,400$511995-08-2819742,500Resale
2323 Foxboro Way$131,500$691995-08-1419891,896Resale
3710 Suffolk Dr$127,400$511995-08-0819742,500Resale
3737 Suffolk Dr$103,900$631995-07-3119731,656Resale
2352 Hampshire Way$99,000$841995-07-2019811,182Resale
2309 Carrick Ct$97,500$541995-07-1419741,803Resale
2413 Cadney Ct$109,900$801995-07-1219941,366Resale
3768 Forsythe Way$102,400$621995-06-3019761,644Resale
2345 Hampshire Way$135,100$641995-06-2919732,122Resale
2408 Shalley Dr$120,000$601995-06-0219741,986Resale
2424 Shalley Dr$128,000$581995-05-2619772,212Resale
3636 Barbary Dr$95,800$631995-04-2819731,510Resale
2353 Hampshire Way$144,400$691995-04-1719742,088Resale
2408 Cadney Ct$96,000$591995-03-2419741,628Resale
3795 Forsythe Way$114,500$591995-01-2619741,947Resale
2304 Carrick Ct$110,000$641994-12-2019751,711Resale
2305 Foxboro Way$127,000$631994-12-1419732,030Resale
3737 Mundon Way$81,700$541994-11-2319751,501Resale
2309 Carrick Ct$94,900$531994-11-1019741,803Resale
3752 Forsythe Way$113,000$581994-10-3119731,952Resale
3628 Barbary Dr$94,900$611994-10-2119741,561Resale
3780 Forsythe Way$102,000$551994-10-0419761,869Resale
3705 Mundon Way$115,000$661994-08-1719741,750Resale
3794 Forsythe Way$128,000$621994-08-0219732,074Resale
3752 Mundon Way$102,500$611994-07-2819761,680Resale
2316 Carrick Ct$98,000$591994-07-1919761,675Resale
3631 Barbary Dr$98,000$551994-06-3019731,795Resale
2353 Hampshire Way$137,500$661994-06-0119742,088Resale
2308 Foxboro Way$96,000$571994-05-1619731,686Resale
2356 Foxboro Way$107,500$581994-05-0319871,854Resale
3775 Forsythe Way$127,900$581994-04-2519742,204Resale
3793 Patch Dr$134,000$571994-04-1519882,358Resale
2509 Debden Ct$114,000$521994-04-1219742,183Resale
2312 Carrick Ct$112,000$641994-04-1119741,762Resale
2413 Cadney Ct$88,200$651994-04-0519941,366New
3792 Mitzi Way$130,900$551994-03-3019882,398Resale
2305 Carrick Ct$88,000$531994-02-1819761,650Resale
2432 Shalley Dr$104,900$481994-02-1619742,165Resale
3684 Barbary Dr$113,000$651994-01-0619761,742Resale
2432 Shalley Dr$104,900$481993-12-3019742,165Resale
2420 Shalley Dr$95,000$581993-12-2719741,644Resale
2305 Braeburn Cir$104,100$561993-12-1719731,848Resale
2304 Glenshire Ct$92,500$551993-12-0119731,676Resale
3729 Mundon Way$109,900$641993-11-2419751,713Resale
2416 Shalley Dr$104,500$651993-11-0319741,614Resale
2355 Foxboro Way$151,000$641993-10-2719882,358Resale
2332 Hampshire Way$110,000$611993-10-2019741,792Resale
3732 Mundon Way$109,000$631993-08-3119741,734Resale
3712 Forsythe Way$133,000$571993-08-1019742,328Resale
2301 Suffolk Ct$112,000$521993-08-0419772,158Resale
2317 Braeburn Cir$94,900$581993-07-2019751,643Resale
3736 Forsythe Way$110,000$501993-07-1519732,198Resale
3794 Mitzi Way$152,900$671993-04-1919882,287Resale
2440 Shalley Dr$85,500$541993-03-1019771,596Resale
2405 Debden Ct$90,000$511993-03-0419761,776Resale
2358 Braeburn Cir$87,500$531993-03-0119731,662Resale
3668 Barbary Dr$90,000$511993-01-1419741,752Resale
3764 Forsythe Way$98,000$571992-12-3019761,706Resale
2323 Foxboro Way$115,000$611992-12-2119891,896Resale
2404 Debden Ct$82,000$541992-12-1619751,510Resale
2292 Hampshire Way$190,000$501992-12-0319763,814Resale
2333 Braeburn Cir$87,500$501992-11-3019751,764Resale
2408 Debden Ct$81,900$411992-11-0319762,009Resale
3797 Mitzi Way$132,500$551992-10-0719872,388Resale
2305 Hampshire Way$105,700$591992-10-0219731,806Resale
3740 Forsythe Way$120,000$551992-09-2919742,181Resale
2320 Foxboro Way$122,500$601992-09-2519892,056Resale
2305 Notley Ct$86,000$591992-09-1519761,454Resale
3715 Mundon Way$75,000$541992-08-1319761,392Resale
2362 Braeburn Cir$112,900$501992-07-3019732,264Resale
3729 Suffolk Dr$106,000$561992-07-0219731,903Resale
2321 Hampshire Way$102,500$391992-06-1019732,652Resale
3680 Barbary Dr$109,000$691992-06-0319761,584Resale
3729 Mundon Way$105,000$611992-06-0219751,713Resale
2428 Shalley Dr$99,900$531992-05-2619801,891Resale
3783 Forsythe Way$102,900$581992-04-2119771,776Resale
3768 Forsythe Way$90,700$551992-04-0619761,644Resale
2285 Hampshire Way$61,800$381992-03-2619831,614Resale
2301 Hampshire Way$30,400$201992-03-0319831,539Resale
2323 Foxboro Way$119,900$631992-01-1619891,896Resale
3738 Mundon Way$95,000$421991-12-1619742,243Resale
2353 Braeburn Cir$96,500$551991-12-0319741,764Resale
3725 Suffolk Dr$91,000$561991-08-2619731,638Resale
3751 Forsythe Way$62,700$331991-08-2119761,926Resale
3752 Forsythe Way$92,000$471991-07-0919731,952Resale
3794 Forsythe Way$96,000$461991-07-0319732,074Resale
2357 Braeburn Cir$105,000$561991-06-2719741,870Resale
2501 Debden Ct$100,700$521991-04-1019741,930Resale
2341 Hampshire Way$97,900$501991-03-2719731,971Resale
2400 Debden Ct$84,100$521991-03-0419761,632Resale
3745 Suffolk Dr$120,000$421991-03-0119752,842Resale
3788 Forsythe Way$88,700$541991-02-2619781,628Resale
3716 Suffolk Dr$91,000$521991-01-1819741,744Resale

Market Reports

Top 10 Tallahassee Neighborhoods
If you want to know where homebuyers chose to live in 2021, then this video was produced specifically for you. Follow along as I share the top-ten selling communities in Tallahassee in 2021, with insight on what it costs to live in each neighborhood as well as the number of homes that sold.
Are Wages Keeping Up With Rising Home Prices
Home prices are rising. Mortgage interest rates are rising. Are people earning enough money to buy homes today, or is the home affordability crisis getting worse?
High-End Homes Market Update
Our high-end homes market update reports the strong rate of luxury home sales, but current trends suggest we'll see the high-end of the housing market cool fast as the rest of 2022 unfolds
Economic Outlook For The Housing Market
Joe Manausa gives an update on the economic outlook for Tallahassee and the US housing market. Includes housing market forecast, housing market activity, and new construction analysis, and reveals how Tallahassee compares with the overall US housing market.
Building Permits Reveal Major Housing Crisis
How do we know there is a major housing crisis brewing? Look no further than building permits! This video examines building permits in detail, as the issue of home affordability is going to become one of the most prominent topics for many years in the national media.
6 Housing Market Rumors Debunked (1 Confirmed)
7 different housing market rumors are perpetuated as “FACT” in various forms of "hype." Discussion of this "housing market news" has been ongoing for years, so today, I want to put them all to rest.
US Housing Market Forecast 2022
Complete housing market forecast for 2022 including data on Population, Mortgage Interest Rates, Jobs (The Economy), New Home Construction, Foreclosures & Forbearances, Supply & Demand, Home Prices, and Rental Rates.
Tallahassee Real Estate Report March 2022
The pace of this video moves fast, and I cover more than ten key real estate trends, so you might want to go back to any graph that you want to spend more time on.
Median Home Price Continues Higher - Home Affordability Declines
If you want to understand how prices and values are moving in the housing market, it starts in the middle. Why the middle? Find out in this video!
Home Ownership Is Radically Different For Millennials
This is a simple millennial housing case study that will clearly show that the millennials will face a housing market like no other generation going back to post-World War II.
Are We Overbuilding Again?
I've been asked recently for my opinion on the number of homes being built in the US. Specifically, people are wondering if the ghost of 2006 has come back to bring more homes to the market than what can be consumed?
Why It's Alway About Supply And Demand In Real Estate
It's all about supply and demand. The real estate supply and demand dynamic tells us everything we need to know to forecast home sales in any given area.
Is Home Ownership A Hedge Against Inflation?
Could homeownership today still be a smart hedge against inflation? This is a study of real estate during inflation.
Proof Of Runaway Appreciation In Real Estate?
Over the years, we've come to expect "normal" real estate appreciation to be just over 3%, but homes are appreciating much faster than a normal rate. Home values are moving higher fast enough to cause alarm bells to ring, and today's report will show you exactly how the housing market has performed.
4 Important US Housing Market Trends Impacting 2022
Here’s the thing about forecasts, they require a working knowledge of what consumers face when selling and buying homes. It's these pressure points that I'll share with you as I prepare my forecast for 2022.
Interesting Employment Dynamic Impacts Home Sales
Home sales in the United States are vibrant, and we can look to the economy as a big reason homes are selling. I have found a pocket of data on the Federal Reserve Economic Data website that explains the vitality of the US housing market.
How Soaring Home Prices Are Impacting The Housing Market
Report includes three graphs that show just how far home prices have risen as we move towards conditions where home affordability might become the greatest challenge the housing market has EVER embraced.
Foreclosure Wave? The End Of The Mortgage Moratorium And Forbearance
Many claim a foreclosure tsunami will be the cause of a new housing bubble, yet I believe they are a little short-sighted and I have some evidence that shows this is just not going to happen.
Signs Of A Housing Market Collapse?
When we study the US median market rent, we see signs that paint a clear picture of the future of home prices and home values.
New Versus Existing Home Values Creates Bubble?
New Versus Existing Home Values | Is A New Housing Bubble Forming? Have you noticed the difference between new versus existing home values and wondered is a new housing bubble forming?
Home Affordability Crisis - Major Housing Market Shift
Home affordability is plummeting, and this home affordability forecast explains why real estate prices are becoming less affordable with each passing month.
Homeownership Rate Crash #shorts
60 Second Video: Homeownership is going to decline over the next 30 years, as home affordability hits the worst levels seen since the end of World War II. This is a generational shift in the housing market
Housing Shortage Confirmed: Median Market Rent Explosion
The lack of home builder production has home prices and home values soaring, now look at what's happening to rents too!
Multi-Family Properties - Are They Appreciating Fast Too?
In this video, I discuss the status and market projection of the multi-family homes market. The data I will provide show how multi-family properties compare to single-family homes, market behavior, and how much both have appreciated over the past ten years, comparatively.
How Low Will They GO?
Mortgage interest rates are probably the lowest you will ever see in your lifetime, keeping the demand for Real Estate extremely high!
US Homeownership Rate Crash
Homeownership has been high since World War II, but there is a generational shift in the US housing market that is occurring with two key trends that will soon destroy home affordability and then homeownership in the US.
How Often Do Home Prices Fall?
Are home prices falling? Will house prices fall soon? Home prices are soaring, buyers are having to pay above most sellers' asking prices, and the housing market feels just like a feeding frenzy during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.
Home Affordability Forecast
Real estate prices are moving higher (faster). This is a real estate forecast you need to see. Many have been misinformed about home prices and the housing market and must watch and internalize the message from this video.
Tallahassee Builders Association Real Estate Outlook
The Tallahassee Builders Association meeting where Joe Manausa gives an update on the real estate outlook in Tallahassee. Includes housing market forecast, housing market activity, new construction analysis, and reveals how Tallahassee compares with the overall US housing market.
Central North Florida Home Sales Report
Average home prices, average home values, and average home sizes in each of the 8 counties of Central North Florida
What Do Low Mortgage Interest Rates Really Mean?
Every article or video about mortgage interest rates conveys that rates are low, but do you really know what it means?
Are Home Sales Sustainable At Today's Pace?
The housing market is hot, but is it too hot? Can we keep selling homes at the rates we're seeing today, or is this a case of what goes up, must come down? The answer to are home sale sustainable can be found with a study of historic home sales rates and population growth trends, allowing us to forecast future home sales.
Here's Where Home Affordability Is Heading
There is a generational shift occurring in the housing market that I reveal in this video. I’m talking about how buying a home over the next twenty years will be unlike what previous generations saw since the early 1980s.
How Low Mortgage Interest Rates Are Shaping The Real Estate Market
Historic low mortgage interest rates are redefining the housing market and we will see the impact of today's mortgages last long into the future.
The Truth About The Housing Bubble Of 2021
Will there be a housing bubble in 2021? - If you look at the most active real estate videos on YouTube, you'll find that the forecast for the next real estate bubble is very popular. Is there a housing crisis and will there be a housing crash in 2021? Or is it just sensationalism that drives people to watch these so-called reports? This video exposes real evidence and I will give you data that tells you everything you need to know about a housing bubble in 2021.

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