Seller Financing in Highgrove

Obtaining a mortgage in today's tough housing market can be difficult. Tighter and stricter lending regulations can make obtaining satisfactory financing an unreachable goal. Thankfully, there are opportunities available that will solve that problem and allow you to purchase a home without meeting all of the traditional lending requirements. For those of you facing these challenges, seller financing can be the solution.

Ever wished you could purchase a home in the exclusive neighborhood of Highgrove in Tallahassee but couldn't qualify for a home loan the old fashioned way? 4619 Highgrove Road is available and offering competitive seller financing options. This immaculate pool home offers plenty square footage and a split floor plan for added privacy. Wonderfully maintained one owner home is available NOW! Check out the virtual tour.

Other benefits of seller financing to consider are as follows;

  • Little Qualifying - Even if the seller demands a credit report, the seller's interpretation of the buyer's qualifications are typically less stringent and more flexible than those imposed by conventional lenders
  • Tailored Financing - Unlike traditional loans, sellers and buyers can choose from a variety of payment options such as interest only, fixed rate amortization, less-than interest or a balloon payment. Payments can mix and match and interest rates can adjust periodically or remain the same for the term of the loan.
  • Down Payment Flexibility - Down payments like everything else are negotiable. If the seller wants a larger down payment than the buyer possesses, sometimes the seller is willing to let the buyer make periodic lump sum payments toward a down payment.
  • Lower Closing Costs - Without an institutional lender, there are no loan or discount points to pay. No origination fees, processing fees, administration fees or any of the other assorted miscellaneous fees that lenders routinely charge, which automatically saves money on buyer's clsoing costs.
  • Faster Possession - Because buyers and sellers aren't waiting on a lender to process the financing, buyers can close faster and get possession earlier as compared to a traditional loan transaction.
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