HUGE Real Estate Report For November

Real-Estate-Crystal-BallEvery month when the new data is posted for the previous month, I like to assemble a huge housing report which provides a visual representation of the Tallahassee housing market. Our end of month data was received yesterday so today we will show the beginning of our real estate report for November. By observing charts and graphs with analysis, even somebody who rarely tracks the real estate market can understand what is occurring now and what is likely in store for the next few months.

The November real estate report shows signs that our earlier forecasts were spot-on, and that the many optimistic housing reports that were created and circulated by the National Association of REALTORS® were not as much market reports as they were marketing hype hoping to positively impact the market. It is my belief that honest, accurate reporting will better serve our readers and give them a decisive advantage in this difficult housing market.

November Real Estate Report Graphs

The following 18 real estate graphs (click each graph to enlarge) show some very obvious trends that have been very easy to see if anybody was paying attention. Home values are dropping, land values are dropping, demand is dropping, and nearly everything is dropping.

The Tallahassee real estate market (as well as the US housing market) is grossly over-supplied with homes and only the growth of our population or the destruction of inventory is going to bring us to a balanced market where supply and demand are competing again at healthy levels.

Pending Home Sales Closed Home Sales Seasonal Home Inventory
Pending Home Sales In Tallahassee Graph Closed Home Sales In Tallahasseee Graph Home Inventory Levels In Tallahassee
Year Over Year Home Sales Long Term Home Sales Chart Long Term Home Sales Trend
Year Over Year Home Sales Report Graph Tallahassee Long Term Real Estate Report Chart Tallahassee Monthly Home Sales Trend In Tallahassee Graph
Average Monthly Home Sales New Home Construction Trends Permits Versus Sales
Tallahassee Single Family Home Sales Graph Leon County Permits And Construction Sales Graph New Construction Permits Versus Sales In Tallahassee Graph
Mobile Home Sales Trends MH Values Versus Land Residential Lot Values
Mobile Home Sales Trends In Tallahassee Graph Lot Values Versus Mobile Home Values In Tallahassee Graph Lot Sales In Tallahassee Graph
Existing Condo Sales New Condo Sales Condo And Townhouse Sales
Resale Condos And Townhouses In Tallahassee Graph New Condo Sales In Tallahassee Graph Tallahassee Condo And Townhouse Sales Graph
Single Family Detached Homes Average Residential Prices Residential Unit Sales Trends
Tallahassee Single Family Detached Home Sales Graph Average Price for residential properties in Leon County Florida Graph Residential Unit Sales Trends In Tallahassee Graph

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