Neighbors Worry About Vacant Home Conditions

Vacant-Home-ConditionsVacant home conditions have always been a concern in the Tallahassee real estate market, when neighbors wonder what is being done to maintain a property until it is sold. But with the glut of homes for sale in our current market, this condition is something that we might actually see get out of hand.

Recently, I have received two emails requesting that our real estate brokerage company maintain properties that we have listed for sale in Tallahassee.

While I certainly understand the neighbors concern about vacant home conditions and values in the neighborhood, I also know that real estate companies do not have the means nor the budget to do this type of work. I know we all would like to maintain these properties in the best condition for sale, but unfortunately it is not going to happen.

Real estate companies are not usually paid up front, and rarely are they hired to both sell a home and  to maintain it, unless the property is owned by a bank. If a frustrated neighbor (or neighbors) want to see the property maintained, they should seek to contact the property owner.

Unfortunately, this most likely will not result in any changes. Most homes that are abandoned have reached this state due to the owner being out of money, or at least to the point that they no longer will maintain a home.

What Neighbors Should Do About Vacant Home Conditions

My recommendation is for neighborhoods to start "policing their own." If a neighbors house is for sale, abandoned, and appearing to show signs of neglect, organize a neighborhood effort to keep the property in minimally acceptable condition. Create a volunteer sign-up sheet so that the yard is kept free of trash and the lawn and landscaping look clean.

Vacant home conditions do not have to become a major problem in a Tallahassee neighborhood if property owners work together to keep things looking clean. With few exceptions, most subdivisions in Tallahassee will not see many of these all at once.

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