Happy Labor Day 2022 Tallahassee

Tallahassee Labor Day Celebration 2022

Why We Celebrate Labor Day

There are many reasons to celebrate Labor Day. You might think this is merely a celebration of the American worker and all their great achievements, but there is much more to it. For example, the first Waffle House opened on Labor Day in 1955 (how could we not celebrate that?).

Another reason is that Labor Day is recognized as the unofficial start of the NFL season, with the first game each year scheduled on the first Thursday after Labor Day. Who knows when the Buffalo Bills would play the Los Angeles Rams were it not for Labor Day?

Finally, we celebrate Labor Day so that we can take a three-day weekend to end the summer and then start the school year for most students. It's the transition from the hot days of summer to the cool days of fall just a few weeks later.

Whatever the reason, the agents and employees of Joe Manausa Real Estate wish you a happy Labor Day!

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