Jason Madsen

Jason Madsen Tallahassee Real Estate AgentJason was originally born in Boynton Beach, Fl and was raised there until higher graduation become of importance.  He started at Florida State University as a young man with an open mind.  He finished Florida state with an Applied Economics degree and 4 minors including Business and Real Estate.  His true passion was recognized and exercised before achieving his degree by purchasing 2 properties on his own before graduating. Although one of the youngest stars in the profession he has been a landlord since 2007 and currently is looking to expand his portfolio of homes.

 "After experiencing the feeling of accomplishment and seeing the benefits of purchasing a home I knew I could help others experience this as well."  Jason's customer service is what he prides himself on and is the core basis of his business plan.  "Excellence at the workplace can only be accomplished by a true passion for the trade and that is what I am lucky enough to possess."

Jason is now in his 3rd year in the profession and has doubled his numbers from year one to his 2nd and strives to keep improving his business.  If you are in the market to have a top level of customer service feel free to contact him with all your real estate needs.  When dealing with such a market you need an agent who is experienced professionally and personally.  Jason is very intuitive with the market and able to find you not just the right home but will fight for you to also get you the right price.

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