How To Google Search For Real Estate

Google Search ImageAre you finding that your "know it all" friend has been replaced by Google Search? The google search engine ( is not even as old as my web site, but it has the answer to everything. And that includes everything real estate as well. If you are planning to sell a home, you better consult this know-it-all about who dominates the google search engine for Tallahassee Real Estate (or wherever you may live).

Last week's blog on Recognizing The Need For A Buyer’s Agent provided our readers with a short list of skills that a Buyer's Agent should possess and be able to demonstrate at the initial appointment. With everything a homebuyer is going to undergo, it makes sense to have a well-qualified, top-notch buyer's agent there to guide them. So I can't believe when I wrote that blog that I left out this most critical advice ...

You Must Do A Google Search For Your Real Estate Agent

And that advice is doubly important for a home seller. A google search is going to tell you how active this agent is on the internet (and we know that 94% of homebuyers use the internet when they buy a home), and it is a great way to verify that your top picks for listing agent interviews are well advised.

A google search of the term "tallahassee real estate joe manausa" is going to yield enough results for you to get an idea of how active that I am on the internet. Don't be swayed into looking at the number of results as an indicator of who is more active, rather look at the first 100 listings or so that the google search returns to get an idea of the online activity that the real estate agent has created.

As an example, I did a google search on the following two terms:

  • "tallahassee real estate joe manausa" (117,000 results)
  • "tallahassee real estate bob smith" (13,200,000 results)

Now, I do not know a "Bob Smith" that is a real estate agent in Tallahassee, but the search term yielded over 13M results. This is either one very active real estate agent in Tallahassee, or just a very popular name (Smith). The latter is immediately confirmed, as the first ten results only yield one result for real estate in Tallahassee (it is an article from the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog).

While the 13M results did not yield much content with the second search, the first search (which only had 100K results) provides pages and pages of links relevant to Tallahassee real estate. And that is why our site has so much more traffic than the rest of the Tallahassee real estate community combined, we have thousands of relevant pages on our site that draws thousands of visits that all begin with a google search.

Regardless of the market that you are in, spending a twenty minutes or so with your know-it-all friend "Google Search" will enlighten you far beyond what newspaper and magazine ads can tell you about who dominates the internet in your local real estate market. If you would like some suggestions, just drop me a note and I will happily steer you to the real estate internet champion in your area.


#1 By Ralph Evans at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

Joe, I think you are really on to something here!

So, we know newspaper advertising is dead. Real estate is happening on the Internet and some agents are active with Social Media. How can the public test the validity of a realtor's claim that they are really understand this computerized world? You have the answer!

I like it that you recommend Googling their names and see what results come up. Then the proof is in the pudding!

All the best from Etobicoke Ontario! Ralph

#2 By Joe Manausa, MBA at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

Thanks Ralph ... stay warm.

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