How To Do Your Google Business Review

Google Business ReviewHave you ever wondered how to provide a Google business review of a local company? I was doing a google search for "realtor in tallahassee florida" when I came across our web site and noticed that a customer provided a Google business review of Joe Manausa Real Estate in more than 20 separate cases. I can tell you it was a pleasant surprise, so I decided to figure out how they got there, and more importantly, how we can get more of our customers to provide similar Google business review.

After doing some homework, I put together a simple video explaining how to create a Google business review. You can watch it below and I would love to get some feedback on the video (in the comments section following this blog post). I plan on making many more "Real Estate FAQ" videos that will include not just "how to" videos, but also answers to some of the more popular questions on real estate that I have received through the years.

I hope the video makes it simple enough for our customers and readers to provide a review of our business in google, but let me tell you why this is so important!

Why You Should Provide Your Google Business Review

You should provide a Google business review every time you have a significant positive or negative experience, because future consumers in the same industry are looking to the past customers of companies to find out whether or not they are knowledgeable, hard working, reputable, successful, honest, ethical, etc.

I believe many of us are interested in what past customers have to say, whether they are real estate customers, restaurant customers or any other business type that you can find on Google. Don't  for a second believe that your opinion won't matter!

For example, here are some reviews of Tallahassee real estate companies that can be found with a google search for "realtor in tallahassee florida." Would these help you make a better informed decision the next time you wanted to hire a REALTOR® in Tallahassee?

1 star out of 5 stars

Choose another. We had to work with [company name] on a short sale and they made so many mistakes. They are not experienced and they made many attempts to take money from us. Thank God my husband was an attorney and reviewed every detail. I would never ever use this company.

1 star out of 5 stars

Thoughtless and Unprofessional They basically hung up on me when they found out my family wouldn't be purchasing a home under 800 thousand. Said to me, "I am not interested in working with you because I will not make enough money...". Made me feel like scum (which we are certainly not).

4 stars out of five stars

Top of the line service. You can tell they have been in the business for years because they know all the little tricks of the trade and helped us get top dollar for our home. They thought of all the little details and made us feel like their only client. They really made buying and selling easy.

Five Stars out of Five Stars

My "Miracle Worker" is John Schmook. John Schmook was fantastic from start to finish. He understood my needs and wants and focused on showing me the properties matching them. I came to rely on John's judgment and his analysis of the properties we visited. John was instrumental in helping me find my dream home and walking me through the entire buying process. John is even helping me after closing with settling into my new home. I now call him my "Miracle Worker" and will work with John again on my next purchase of income property.

Even though thousands of homes are sold every year, not many people take the time to do a real estate Google Business Review. But you can change that, can't you?

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#1 By M. Hayter at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

I went to review a business on google and was apalled to discover they'd publish my full name! I'm the only person with my last name listed in the local phone book. Having once had someone phone me repeatedly to give me "his point of view" following a "letter to the editor", I didn't post my review. The product was absolutely horrible and I noticed all the other reviews were positive, so I had to wonder if other people with negative reviews didn't do the same thing I did.

#2 By Joe Manausa, MBA at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

Thanks for sharing your story "M." I recommend you create a Google Plus profile and only share your contact information with people you know and trust. It is better than posting anonymously, but it also protects your identity from people who want to "set you straight" after you share an honest evaluation.

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