Why You Should Create A Gmail Account

If you saw yesterday's video on how to review a business on google, then you might be interested in today's video on how to create a gmail account. Many of yesterday's viewers appreciated the video and why it would be beneficial, but many people either had questions about having a gmail account or wondered what others without an account would do.

So that prompted me to think about all the reasons why you should create a gmail account and I even produced a quick "how to" video on creating an an account. As I started producing this blog, I did a google search and found many articles, stories, and advertisements covering the issue of creating a google account, but I specifically wanted to see why somebody should create a gmail account. One is able to create an account with Google without creating a gmail account.

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Why You Should Create A Gmail Account

I believe everybody should have multiple email accounts. Too often, I see people living constrained to just one account, and then limiting their interaction with the rest of the internet because they do not want to overly publicize their address. While it makes sense to protect your private address, it does not make sense to limit your travels on the internet when you have the ability to create many free, anonymous email accounts.

And this is exactly why everybody should have multiple accounts. Your "main" account is the private email address that you give your family and friends, while you other accounts are for fearless exploration of the internet. Secondary accounts allow you to register for the "too good to be true" offer without any concern of being on a mailing list for the rest of your life. Just create a new account, have its mail forwarded to your primary account, and then use it indiscriminately as you wish.

So go ahead a create a gmail account, and use that account to start writing business reviews on google. If the new account starts to receive too much unwanted information, you just delete the account and move-on with your spam-free life. I have hundreds of email accounts and I am not afraid to register at any site on the net, and I have deleted quite a few addresses in my time.


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