3 'Must Have' Processes In Real Estate Marketing

comfortable on internetReal estate marketing has undergone quite a few changes over the past 20 years. The biggest change was the computerization of the MLS (Multiple Listing Services), as brokers were able to share property "books" instantaneously and home buyers could select which inventory to view without leaving the comfort of a real estate office.

The next major change was the uniting of all of this MLS data out on the internet. In fact, even outside of real estate, our society's use of the internet to find information has transformed the way marketing must be accomplished.

A recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS® showed that 94% of homebuyers used the internet when buying a home. This prompted us to commit 94% of our marketing resources to the internet, and when we did, wonderful things started to happen for our home selling clients.

Of course, prior to computers, the methods that were used to drive traffic to each real estate listing were very different than the ones that we use today. But the processes that defined each method has not changed one iota!

Herding Home Buyers In Real Estate MarketingYou see, marketing is marketing. Marketing is about spreading the word, about moving people to take a step, to create interest and desire. Marketing is about herding buyers across the world to a very important location in time and space. And that is what successful real estate marketers do to get a home sold.

We used to herd buyers that we found in newspapers, magazines and specialty publications, but the internet changed all of that. We now have to travel the dusty plains of the internet to find 94% of the free-roaming buyers who need to be brought to our home pasture. We accomplish this with three different processes.

The 3 Critical Processes In Real Estate Marketing

Everything we do in our marketing to herd buyers to our listings can be boiled down into three separate groups. Each of these groups or processes has a different purpose and a different shelf life, but all are part of a critical triad of "must do" processes if we want to drive the maximum number of home buyers to our listings.

Active Marketing -These processes are the things that we do each and every day in order to drive new traffic to our web site and to our listings. We post new blog articles both on and off of our web site to drag "information seeking" homebuyers to our site. We post ads all over the internet as well for the same reason, with a focus on what information seekers and comparison shoppers are targeting. Finally, our list based marketing program is state of the art and has no equal in the Tallahassee real estate market. For home sellers, this active marketing campaign is a "must have."

Passive Marketing - We have many well positioned articles on many large and influential sites that bring awareness to who we are and what we do in the Tallahassee real estate market. As a matter of fact, you might have even found this page through part of one of these campaigns that will run forever (or until they unplug the internet :)).

Additionally, we have many sidebar enticements on our web site that pull our visitors to our listings. This additional exposure is often the difference between a competitive sale (multiple buyers) and one that either fails to sell or only has one interested buyer.

Special-Sauce-In-MarketingProgressive Marketing - Progressive marketing is to real estate what mayonnaise and ketchup are to the McDonald's Big Mac. This is our Special Sauce! It is what we do to drive a significant amount of our traffic to our site, even as our competition sits and wonders what we do.

The great part about our progressive marketing processes is not so much about "what" we do, rather it is "how" we do it. We are able to derive so much more traffic from these techniques because our creative application of available tools on the internet. And best of all ....

We Can Prove It

Tell-Joe-To-Prove-ItThat's right, we can prove our dominance in herding buyers to our listings. If you feel that this is important when you decide to sell your home, drop us a note and demand that we "Prove It!" We would love to show you today!

*Joe Manausa Real Estate is a brokerage company headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Its unique business model provides specialists to both home sellers and home buyers, and the results speak for themselves. JMRE has significantly more 5-star reviews on google than any other local competitor. Joe Manausa Real Estate is a leader in internet marketing and utilizes search engine optimization, email marketing, social media and data analytics to get their clients’ home sold faster and for more money than any other Tallahassee brokerage firm. For more information, visit www.manausa.com or call us at (850) 366-8917.

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