Real Estate Market Is Worldwide

Picture of changing worldOne of the first things you learn about the real estate market when you start a career in this business is that "real estate is local." Basically, we had come to learn that people who buy and sell homes were from the local market area. But the internet is really changing the way things work in the housing industry.

Now a days, the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog sees daily visitors from all over the world. With the analytics package that we maintain on our real estate web site, we get great reports showing our coverage of the worldwide real estate market.

Does this help us with homes for sale in Tallahassee? Absolutely. The fact is many of our home buyers are shopping for real estate from many parts of the world. No longer do we just market our properties at the local level, we must reach out globally.

Does Your Real Estate Company Have A Global Reach

Everybody is "on the internet," but does your real estate company have an effective reach? How do you know?

I received some anecdotal evidence of our reach last night. My best friend from college "Roy" is a now a high school teacher in Singapore. Here is what he wrote:

Last lesson, I asked kids to come in and tell me what a z-score is, and a kid came in with one of your diagrams from the Tallahassee  Real Estate was a normal curve, and it was typical of your stuff.  I was dumbfounded...tried to call you and put you on speaker, but alas, it was too late.

So I guess it is safe to say that if we are reaching high school students in Singapore, then we most likely are also reaching everybody in Singapore  and beyond who might have an interest in real estate in Tallahassee, Florida.

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