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In today’s highly competitive Tallahassee real estate market, pricing your home accurately is critical. Price it too high and your home will languish on the market. Price it too low and you forfeit your equity. When you request your Joe Manausa Real Estate Right Price Home Analysis (CMA), you benefit from receiving a comprehensive market analysis based on comparable homes for sale and homes sold with similar features and conditions. More importanty, you get expert analysis on the competition...the homes that you are competing against. With our team on your side, you can expect more - more results and more service!


The information you provide will enable our listing agent to begin the comparative market analysis. In order to complete the analysis, our team member will contact you to schedule a time to visit your home.

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#1 By Lori at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

I'd like to know how much my home is worth. I want to sell it "as-is" so I'd like to know what needs to be done to get it sold. Thanks.

#2 By JASON at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

I know of a house that has been on the market for 6 months. If I make an offer of 350,000 dollars on a 400,000 dollars...with a binder of 5,000 dollars...is that a good offer and binder?

#3 By Joe Manausa, MBA at 7/11/2017 3:45 AM

Great question Jason. I will provide a "quick answer," but with a big caveat (every seller has a different motivation level and different quality level of agent representation. Those are the real factors I would need to answer this correctly).

No, it is not a good offer. Here's why:

The house is listed at $400K.

A) If it is priced correctly, why would the seller say "yes" to your offer. At best, you will give up control of the negotiation and force a counter from the seller. A smart offer is one where the seller is scared to counter.

B) If it is over priced, the seller is not ready to sell the home. The seller is still trying to get an unrealistic value for the home. This means the only way that you can get a "yes" from the seller is for you to overpay for the home. You should not even look at homes that are overpriced, the outcome for you is bad regardless.

Again Jason, a very short answer, and I would need to know a whole bunch more before advising you on a specific deal. But I would be greatly surprised if any information on this deal would really change the above advice.

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