A Closer Look At The Houses For Sale In Tallahassee

With real estate supply falling (as it does at the end of each year), I felt it might be enlightening to take a closer look at the houses for sale in Tallahassee today.

I'm reading a lot of reports that suggest the supply of houses for sale around the US is dropping too low, yet I also see a market stalled, selling at levels far below what we consider to be historically normal.

The real estate graph above was recently requested by a reader, and it shows the current number of houses for sale in Tallahassee, but compared with our historical rate of demand. Not surprisingly, it reports that supply is still too high, even if the normal number of homebuyers were in the market today.

By examining and segmenting the current inventory of houses for sale in Tallahassee, we can spot trends that will provide insight as to what we should expect in the first few months of the 2013 housing market.

Many Distressed Houses For Sale In Tallahassee

For the graph below, I have segmented the market by price range and by whether or not homes are being sold as "arms length" or "distressed." Currently, the properties range from 69% distressed (at the low end) to 11% (homes priced between $500K and $750K).

houses for sale in tallahassee

The green bars show the number of arms length houses for sale in Tallahassee, while the red bars shows the distressed homes for sale in Tallahassee.

The blue line measures the ratio of distressed houses for sale in Tallahassee with the total of both arms length and distressed houses available.

Viewing Houses For Sale In Tallahassee

By constructing a homebuying strategy first, buyers can determine if they have the patience and the resources to purchase a distressed property, or whether they need to commit to viewing only arms length houses for sale in Tallahassee.

Coming Soon - Houses for sale in TallahasseeYou should bookmark our "coming soon" page to see properties that are not yet in the MLS (meaning you have first shot at them). The very short list can change on a daily basis, but some of the best deals on houses in Tallahassee will be found here.

Additionally, buyers should consider viewing homes that are for sale but in a "contingent status," as the majority of the homes will fail to close under their current contracts. Our last measurement showed that 64% of all contingent contracts in the Tallahassee MLS fail to close. This means that buyers who place a back-up contract on a property have a really good chance to compete for a property.

If you would like to know more about finding the best of all houses for sale in Tallahassee, just drop me a note and we can schedule a time to review your specific needs and formulate a winning homebuying strategy.

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