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Windwood Hills Idx April 18, 2019
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Past Home Sales In Windwood Hills

AddressPricePrice/SQFClosing DateYear BuiltSQFSale Type
6734 Crooked Creek Road$236,000$1342019-03-0819781,765Resale
6121 Weeping Willow Way$270,000$1302018-04-3019762,072Resale
6363 S Windwood Hills Circle$270,000$1122018-03-0119852,420Resale
6452 Weeping Willow Way$330,000$1232017-12-1519992,682Resale
1365 E Windwood Way$258,000$1412017-05-2419771,835Resale
6610 Crooked Creek Road$150,000$622016-07-2919822,412Resale
1416 E Windwood Way$219,000$882016-05-2719792,500Resale
6610 Crooked Creek Road$165,000$682016-03-2519822,412Resale
6669 Crooked Creek Road$225,000$1132016-03-1819792,000Resale
1549 E Windwood Way$197,000$1342016-01-2219781,465Resale
1061 Windwood Way$115,000$342015-03-2719823,350Resale
6424 S Windwood Hills Cir$264,900$1272014-12-1119822,088Resale
6451 Weeping Willow Way$256,000$1362014-04-3019801,876Resale
1236 E Windwood Way$37,500$152014-01-2719812,430Resale
6363 S Windwood Hills Cir$263,000$1092013-09-3019852,420Resale
6363 Weeping Willow Way$195,000$1162013-06-1919791,678Resale
1611 E Windwood Way$181,000$1072013-01-3119941,695Resale
6551 Crooked Creek Rd$190,000$762012-10-2619812,500Resale
Crooked Creek Rd$347,600--2011-07-152011--New
6613 Weeping Willow Way$250,000$1302010-07-0919851,918Resale
1365 E Windwood Way$243,500$1482010-07-0119771,645Resale
6672 Crooked Creek Rd$299,900$1172008-04-1119812,560Resale
6452 Weeping Willow Way$358,600$1842007-06-2619991,954Resale
6548 Weeping Willow Way$375,000$1452006-11-2919842,578Resale
1878 E Windwood Way$220,000--2006-08-082006--New
6400 Downhill Rd$400,000--2006-05-192006--New
6401 Down Hill Rd$400,000--2006-05-192006--New
6734 Crooked Creek Rd$245,000$1392006-04-2119781,765Resale
6463 Downhill Rd$640,000$3762005-06-0919781,701Resale
6610 Crooked Creek Rd$235,000$1152004-09-0119822,048Resale
6611 Crooked Creek Rd$216,000$952004-06-1519782,283Resale
6692 Crooked Creek Rd$258,000$1052004-05-0719852,467Resale
6426 Weeping Willow Way$218,900$1102003-06-1319771,994Resale
6306 Weeping Willow Way$338,000$3912003-02-071977864Resale
1978 E Windwood Way$130,000$852002-11-0519861,530Resale
6451 Weeping Willow Way$190,000$1022002-10-1719801,864Resale
6551 Crooked Creek Rd$240,000$1382002-10-0319811,744Resale
1916 E Windwood Way$157,000$682001-06-2219932,316Resale
6611 Crooked Creek Rd$174,500$762001-05-3119782,283Resale
6301 S Windwood Hills Cir$165,000$592001-03-3019402,785Resale
1915 E Windwood Way$142,000$672001-02-2819972,118Resale
6612 Weeping Willow Way$166,000$832000-08-2419881,996Resale
6551 Crooked Creek Rd$32,900$192000-07-0619811,744Resale
6452 Weeping Willow Way$190,000$501998-11-0419993,781New
6300 Weeping Willow Way$120,000$831997-05-21--1,440Resale
1305 E Windwood Way$130,000$851997-03-19--1,536Resale
6297 Weeping Willow Way$128,000$691997-03-12--1,852Resale
1915 Winwood Way E$90,000$421997-03-0419972,118New
6464 Downhill Rd$145,000$781996-07-18--1,849Resale
6362 S Windwood Hills Cir$106,700$541996-07-01--1,971Resale
1355 E Windwood Way$33,000$171995-07-28--1,911Resale
6692 Crooked Creek Rd$122,000$491995-06-3019852,467Resale
6675 Weeping Willow Way$200,000$641995-01-30--3,119Resale
1487 E Windwood Way$102,000$571994-07-05--1,800Resale
1611 East Windwood Way$115,000$451994-02-1719932,544New
1061 E Windwood Way$39,900$121993-12-08--3,432Resale
1916 E Windwood Way$60,000$251993-08-2319932,412New
6300 S Windwood Hills Cir$99,000$461992-08-1219782,150Resale
1869 E Windwood Way$73,600$451992-05-2619921,633New

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