Each Tallahassee Zip Code Offers Unique Real Estate Experience

Every so often I think it is important to break down the housing market by each Tallahassee zip code in order to examine the trends for housing.

This report identifies the top ten zip codes in the Tallahassee real estate market, and show average home prices, average home sizes, and the total number of home sales by each zip code.

What Buyers Are Paying

with more than 2,000 homes for sale in Tallahassee, it is nice to know the average price that homebuyers are paying in each zip code in Leon County, Florida.

Average Home Prices By Tallahassee Zip Code

The highest home prices in Tallahassee are found in the 32312 zip code. Additionally, this same area features the most home sales, and we shouldn't be surprised to find that it is located in Northeast Leon County.

What Sellers Are Getting For Their Homes

When we look at a graph of home values, we find a much more even distribution across the board. While the 32312 zip code remains at the top for average home values, we find very "close seconds" in 32308, 32309, 32311, and 32317.

Tallahassee zip code home values

Home Sizes Vary Across Tallahassee

When it comes to home sizes, we definitely see some variance across the zip codes in our report.

Average Home Size In Tallahassee Real Estate Market

The size of a home in the 32312 zip code is over 2,350 square feet, while the 32304 zip code yields an average home that is 52% smaller at 1,140 square feet.

Home size is one of the more important selection criteria used by buyers, so if you are planning on building a home anytime soon, make sure you build it where homebuyers will expect to find it if you have any concerns about future resale value.

The optimal location for a home will typically be among homes of a similar size and quality, so understanding "what to build on your lot" is heavily influenced by where the piece of land is located (again, only if you are concerned about future resale value).

If you have questions about building a home or buying a home in a particular Tallahassee zip code, just drop me a note and we can help you figure it out.

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