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Killearn Lakes Plantation Home Sales Through August 2014

The number of home sales closing each month in Killearn Lakes Plantation has remained near a 6+ year rise, with both home values and home prices strengthening in conjunction with the housing market recovery.

As a consistent top-selling neighborhood in Tallahassee (along with SouthwoodGolden Eagle PlantationKillearn Estates, and Bull Run), we keep a close eye on Killearn Lakes to stay...

Killearn Estates Home Sales Through August 2014

There is continued good news to report for the homeowners in Killearn Estates in Northeast Tallahassee. As the prominent neighborhood for home sales in the 32309 zip code, we know that as Killearn Estates goes, so too does the rest of the area.

Currently, Killearn Estates trails only Southwood and Killearn Lakes Plantation in popularity among homebuyers, and with great values still being offered, this looks to be yet another strong year for homeowners wanting to sell homes that had fallen in value during the collapse of the Tallahassee real estate market.

So let's take a look at what has happened, as well as the current homes for sale in Killearn Estates, and see why this active subdivision is poised to post another good year for home...

Why It Is Crucial For Sellers To Validate Home Buyers

I am always amazed when we receive an offer on a home for sale from an unvalidated buyer.

It's as if the buyer is a ghost, materializing with an offer that comes from out of the blue.

Don't get me wrong, I like offers, heck I love offers, but I cannot fathom a reason why a seller would want to respond to somebody not willing to show their ability to purchase the property.

My experience has taught me that serious buyers are happy to prove that they are for real. They do not consider it a nuisance to provide proof of funds (or proof of financing) in order for a home seller to take them serious.


Take A Historic Look At Tallahassee Home Values

Recently, I was discussing Tallahassee home values with somebody relocating to our fine city.

They were curious about whether I thought the market was over (or under) valued, and what I thought about the prospect of buying into the Tallahassee real estate market today.

Fortunately, I happened to have the perfect graph on hand to examine the long-term changes for home values in Tallahassee.

Tallahassee Home Values

After doing an exhaustive study of all existing home sales recorded in Leon County, Florida and selecting homes that were recorded with information about their size (more than 97% of the properties), we were able to produce a long-term analysis of Tallahassee...

Explore Tallahassee Real Estate Supply And Demand By Area

As the annual Summer selling season is drawing to a close, it's time to examine Tallahassee real estate supply and demand to see how each area of the market has evolved.

An important issue for both buyers and sellers alike is how the balance of supply and demand has changed, and it prudent to do so by each quadrant of the Tallahassee real estate market. The conditions for home sellers in NE Tallahassee are far different than those for sellers in the SW, and buyers will find very different opportunities in each area.

In each of the graphs featured in today's post, we examine the current supply of homes (red bars), the past twelve month's closed home sale (green bars), and...

Don't Be Fooled By The Asking Price On That Short Sale

Don't Be Fooled By The Asking Price On That Short SaleThis scene gets played over and over in the Tallahassee real estate market.

You're in the market for a home and you find the perfect house with our property search tool, and it is priced well below market.

You think "surely this house has to be under contract already," but when you talk to your real estate buyer's agent, you find out that it is still available. In fact, it is a short sale, and you've heard about all the great short sale...

Does The Size Of Your Home Determine It's Appreciation Rate?

I was updating some of our less-used real estate graphs this morning when I stumbled across an interesting anomaly.

Apparently, not all sizes of homes appreciate or depreciate at the same rate, and in fact, some sizes of homes are growing in value while other home sizes are declining in value.

In fact, right now in the Tallahassee real estate market, every single home size is either flat or gaining in value, except for one.

Are you curious to see which size home is depreciating right now?

High End Home Values

I have broken down the home sales in Tallahassee by "size ranges," and the following graph shows the three largest sizes. It includes arms-length home sales, and existing home sales only.

Home Sizes In Tallahassee...

How To Get A Flood Insurance Map For Tallahassee

Since we had two inches of rain yesterday in a 20 minute period of time, I felt today would be a good time to review some thoughts on Flood Insurance.

I recently received a document explaining how to obtain a Flood Insurance Rate Map from the Environmental Services Division at Leon County’s Department of Development Support & Environmental Management (DSEM) from Anna Padilla, P.E. CFM, the Senior Environmental Engineer.

Combined with yesterday's weather, I think it was an omen.

Flood Insurance In Florida

Flood InsuranceAccording to FEMA, the highest ranked natural disaster in the United States is flooding. I suspect that to be true in Florida...

Assumable Mortgages - Two Ways They Are Aiding The Real Estate Market Recovery

I received a note from a reader regarding assumable mortgages, and it asked me to help "get the word out" about one of the old solutions to a major problem in the real estate market today.

The number of homebuyers in the market today is far fewer than we have come to expect based upon home sales trends for the past 23 years (the time I have been in the business).

Our local population is about 30% larger than when I started selling real estate in Tallahassee, yet the number of homes selling each day (today) has only returned to what we saw in the early 1990s. That suggests that either people want to make a move less frequently than they did in the past, or that people are not as capable of moving as they were prior to the housing bubble.

As long-time readers of the ...

How To Become A Licensed Real Estate Agent In Just 17 Days

Do you want to know the absolute FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to become a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of Florida?

This is a true story, about how the newest employee at Joe Manausa Real Estate got his Florida Real Estate License in just 17 days.

Less than 3 weeks ago, I asked Garrett Jacks the following questions:

How do you feel about helping others? Do you enjoy solving people’s problems when they truly need it the most (like a home seller who needs to sell his home FAST and for the RIGHT PRICE)? How do you feel about helping first time homebuyers through the process of owning their dream home? Are you driven to succeed? Would you describe yourself as a “Go-getter”?

Real Estate License In 17 Days...

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