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Royal Oaks Real Estate Sales Report June 2016

Royal Oaks is situated in the heart of the Thomasville Road Corridor, arguably the most sought after segment of the Tallahassee real estate market.

Two strong years of home sales in 2014 and 2015 has left the neighborhood with few home sellers, but those that price their home correctly sell right away.

Currently, there are three homes for sale in Royal Oaks, and none are under contract. This is highly likely an indication that sellers are reaching too high, chasing the high demand over to neighboring subdivisions.

Whenever a Royal Oaks home hits the market below $200,000, consider it a strong candidate for a smart buy.

The Leon County public schools that service Royal Oaks include:

Park Charleston Real Estate Sales Report June 2016

Park Charleston is a NE Tallahassee neighborhood featuring both detached and attached single family homes situated near many of Tallahassee's medical service providers.

Located on the southern edge of Miccosukee Road just outside of Capital Circle NE, it's a short ride to either hospital and to dining and shopping too.

The Leon County public schools that serve Park Charleston include:

Buyers seem to love this location...

Where To Find A Small Home With A Pool

"Hey Joe, where do I find a nice small home with a pool?"

This is a great question that I received the other day from a new reader on the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog.

It's funny, but I never realized how many of the pool homes in Tallahassee were quite large.

Sure, you can find townhomes and condos that have shared access to a pool, but what about people who want to live in a small single family detached home and have their own private pool too?

Right now, there are 132 HOMES WITH POOLS listed for sale in the Tallahassee MLS, and 120 of them are larger than 1,500 square feet! That means that only 9% of pool homes are smaller than 1,500, so if you want a smaller home with a pool, you better be ready to jump when the right one hits the market.

Where To Find A Small Tallahassee Home With A Pool...

Southwood Housing Report June 2016

Southwood is a master planned community on the SE side of Tallahassee, featuring homes from just below $200,000 to homes that sell for as much as $800,000 (higher in the far past).

If you are thinking of living in the Southeast quadrant of Leon County, then it is very likely you will be looking at homes in the Southwood neighborhood.

Southwood is a hub of activity right now, poised to post its best year for home sales going back to 2006. Both existing homes and new construction is selling, and we've got both in our complete list of homes for sale below.

Southwood real estate report for June 2016

In this report, we will look at average home...

Shannon Forest Home Sales Report June 2016

On the western boundary of Killearn Estates, you will find the small but highly active neighborhood of Shannon Forest.

It's current rate of sales is vibrant, and many of the 11 homes on the market here won't be available in the weeks to come.

The combination of A-rated school zones and a location that more than half of all Tallahassee homebuyers favor, you can bet that Shannon Forest will remain popular for a long, long time.

The Leon County public schools that service Shannon Forest includes:


In Real Estate, If It Is Broken, The Seller Must Fix It

During a real estate transaction, it is very typical for a home inspection to be performed on behalf of the buyer.

It is not uncommon for this report to reveal some issues with the home, and this raises the question of what will be done moving forward.

There are several options. First, the issue(s) can be ignored, second, the seller can repair or replace the problem(s), and finally, the buyer can repair or replace the problem(s).

Regardless of the option chosen, it is the seller who will "pay" to bring the home to "market" condition. Do you want to know why?

Supply And Demand Determine Real Estate Values

The supply and demand for homes similar to the one in question determines its value in the market. It really is that simple. Why would a buyer pay more than market value for...

The Glen At Golden Eagle Home Sales Report June 2016

The Glen at Golden Eagle is a popular neighborhood located within a gated community in NE Tallahassee.

This neighborhood is on fire! (meaning homes are selling as fast as they are being listed)

As we found in our previous reports on the Glen at Golden Eagle, the prices for these homes are far lower than what one would expect, and that is why they are selling so fast.

Right now, there are four homes for sale in the Glen, and three are already under contract. Apparently, solid marketing and proper pricing gets a home sold here in a matter of days.

Homes were constructed in the Glen at Golden Eagle from 1997 through 2006, thus we consider this subdivision one of the "boom neighborhoods" that should be monitored for pent-up supply. Of course, with...

Current Home Sales Report For Bobbin Mill Woods, Bobbin Brook, and Bobbin Trace

Bobbin Trace, Bobbin Mill Woods, and Bobbin Brook (the neighborhoods of Bobbin) continues their sluggish start for 2016 as the number of listings continues to grow.

Currently, there is a unique trend occurring in this high end neighborhood and existing homeowners should take note.

There are ten homes for sale in the Bobbin neighborhoods, and not a single one is under contract. In fact, if you check the map below, you'll only see nine homes listed. For some reason, one seller has chosen not to have the home shown on the internet (and the home has been on the market for three weeks already).

With only two homes sold and closed and ten on the market, the Bobbins are atypical to say the least. Most other Tallahassee neighborhoods have 35% to 40% of their listings already under contract.

In our last ...

Camelot Park Real Estate Report June 2016

Camelot Park is a neighborhood located in downtown Tallahassee that offers three and four bedroom homes with nice sized yards.

A combination of location, amenities, and price make Camelot Park a very hot commodity in 2016, as you will see clearly in this report.

Camelot Park remains a popular destination in downtown Tallahassee because it is within a mile of both the Capitol Building and Tom Brown Park, and within walking distance to some of the best shopping in Tallahassee.

It is also close to the Capital City Amphitheater, which features live concerts in a park setting. These newly built downtown Tallahassee destinations have helped Camelot Park recover from the housing market collapse of ten years ago.

Camelot Park falls within the following Leon County Public school zones:

  • ...

Foxcroft Real Estate Sales Report June 2016

Foxcroft is an immensely popular neighborhood in NE Tallahassee that has been enjoying a powerful rebound over the past two years.

Currently, five of the seven homes for sale in Foxcroft are already under contract, and it's likely the other two will be gone shortly.

In case you missed yesterday's article, Foxcroft is one of the prized neighborhoods located along the desirable Thomasville Road Corridor on the western edge of Killearn Estates. Buyers have found this area highly attractive for many years, and only the housing bubble stopped it's value growth (for a short period of time).

If you think you'd like to buy a home in Foxcroft, make sure you are ready to spring into action when one hits the market, as all...

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