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Killearn Acres Housing Report April 2016

Killearn Acres, coming off its best year of home sales since 2006 last year, is actually tracking to have an even better year this year.

Home sales through April are blowing away recent years' results.

Situated on the Northeast side of Tallahassee and serving as the northern boundary of Killearn Estates, buyers tell us that location and price are the primary attraction to this super popular NE Tallahassee neighborhood.

As one of the area's larger subdivisions with more than 1,400 single family detached homes, it's not just the little neighbor north of Killearn but a vital source of three and four bedroom homes in the Northeast quadrant of Tallahassee.

Children in the area attending public schools are zoned...

Killearn Lakes Plantation Real Estate Report April 2016

Killearn Lakes Plantation consistently ranks within the top three selling neighborhoods in the Tallahassee real estate market.

Last year's feverish pace of home sales propelled it to the top position, but slowing sales this year could very well unseat it.

The community motto is “You’ll Love Your Neighbors!,” which is a tongue in cheek way of saying that there often is green space and wildlife existing where many other communities would have you peering at your neighbors.

The walking trails, parks, and lakes create an active, engaging community. Additionally, it is not uncommon to see fox, bald eagles, deer and turkey roaming throughout the conservation easements.

Located near the top of the 32312 zip code and served by Killearn...

SHOCKING: 33 Homes For Sale UNDER $300K in Midtown Tallahassee

I find it amazing that you can still find a home for less than $300,000 in Midtown.

And while I'm at it, where the heck (specifically) is Midtown in Tallahassee anyway?

This article features some of the best homes for sale in Midtown priced below $300,000, and it puts a definitive boundary line around what is arguably the hottest segment of the Tallahassee housing market.

How To Find Midtown in Tallahassee

I have lived in Midtown for a few years now, having moved "in town" from the suburbs. Gone are the lazy days of the country club lifestyle, replaced with a plethora of activities and establishments that have added more than a few pounds to my waistline.

I know that I live in Midtown, but what I never realized in the past was that there are so many differing views regarding the boundaries of...

Why The Best Property Search Tools Require You To Create An Account

Do you ever wonder why the best property search tools on the internet require you to give your name and contact information?

Well, it's primarily for these two reasons.

2 reasons why you must register to use the best property search tools online
Serious Home Searches Are Saved

People who are serious about finding a home in Tallahassee do not like having to re-enter their criteria each time they go online. Moreover, people who will be buying a home within the next few weeks like to be on top of the specific market for their desired home and want to know immediately when something new hits the market (or when somebody lowers their price and now is available in the buyer's...

Home Sales Are Active In The Montford Middle School Zone

One of the most common home searches that we see online includes homes located in the Montford Middle School zone.

With a facility less than ten years old and located at the Northeast corner of Killearn Estates at the intersection of Centerville Road and Pimlico Drive, it is not surprising that it is a public school in high demand.

Home sales are highly active In the Montford Middle School zone, with each of the past five years recording more homes sold than the year prior.

Today's report includes all currently listings for homes zoned for Montford Middle School, as well as graphs that show average home prices, home values, and home sizes as well.

Home Prices In Montford Middle School Zone

The graph below shows average home...

Indian Head Acres And Lehigh Housing Report April 2016

Indian Head Acres and Lehigh are two popular downtown Tallahassee neighborhoods which are off to a great start in 2016.

Located on the south side of Apalachee Parkway east of Magnolia, they have excellent access to shopping, nightlife, Starbucks and the new Cascades Park Amphitheater.

Homes in these two neighborhoods have been built from the 1940s to recent times, so this is one part of town where you really have to qualify the effective ag" of a home based upon is current level of renovation or modernization before you can determine its value.

The following report includes graphs of average home prices, home values, and home sizes in Indian Head Acres and Lehigh, as well as all current listings in the Tallahassee...

Gardens Of Killearn Housing Report April 2016

The Gardens of Killearn is located in the SE part of Killearn Estates and was basically the final development in that large Tallahassee neighborhood.

As with everything Killearn, buyers first and foremost are interested in location, location, location.

Most homes here were constructed in the 1990s or just after the turn of the century.

In this report, we will look at long term average home price trends, value trends, and size trends of homes sold in the Gardens of Killearn, as well as all current listings in the Tallahassee MLS and all closed home sales going back to 1991.

For the three real estate graphs found below, you will find the number of closed home...

Golden Pheasant Home Sales Report April 2016

Golden Pheasant is a rare gated community located on the East-side of Tallahassee and features large homes that were mostly built at the height of the housing market back from 2004 through 2006.

Today's report shows this neighborhood might be the hidden gem in NE Tallahassee.

Our Golden Pheasant neighborhood report includes charts and graphs that display average home prices, home values, and home sizes, as well as all current listings in the Tallahassee MLS and all closed home sales in Golden Pheasant going back to 2004 when the first homes were built and sold.

For each of the three real estate graphs found in this Tallahassee housing report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real...

Is The Tallahassee Foreclosure Market Finally Returning To Normal?

If you happen to have been following our Tallahassee Foreclosure Reports over the years, then you likely wonder why it has been a while since we posted our last report.

Well, the Tallahassee real estate market has been improving.

With roughly one in every six homes sold in Tallahassee tagged as "distressed," we cannot say that the housing market is back to normal. But the improvement is dramatic.

Take a look at three graphs that explain the current situation, and then review all current distressed properties for sale in Tallahassee at the bottom of this report.

Tallahassee Foreclosure Reports

Our past foreclosure reports gave lists of homes that had been served with foreclosure documents. We showed these as the ratio of...

Happy Homebuyer Does Not Realize His Real Estate Agent Just Lost Him $15,000

Sitting there at the closing table with the seller, I look across and see that the buyers are so happy and they just love their real estate agent.

What they do not know is that their agent just cost them an extra $15,000 for their home!

It's one thing when somebody makes a mistake and it is highly visible, but it's a whole other issue when nobody even realizes a costly action occurred. Here's what happened.

This Real Estate Agent Just Lost Homebuyer 15000

Expert Real Estate Negotiations

At Joe Manausa Real Estate, we pride ourselves on having highly educated and highly trained real estate agents. We conduct routine training on...

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