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What To Expect From The Average Real Estate Agent

If you are considering a career selling real estate, you will find yourself among a growing group of people.

If you are in the market and need an agent, take a look at what you should expect from the average real estate agent.

The Average Real Estate Agent In Tallahassee

You might want how we quantify or measure "average" when looking at real estate agents in the Tallahassee, Florida housing market.

This is certainly subjective, but for the purpose of being consumer oriented I am going to narrow the field of licensees down to those who have an active real estate license and are members of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors. This simple act of narrowing actually means our results will be "above average," but not so much to invalidate the message for somebody looking to sell a home or buy a home in 2017.


How To Make Viral Marketing Work For You When Selling A Home

We recently wrote an article for the purpose of selling a home "off the beaten path" for the purpose of creating online conversation about the home.

The interaction, sharing, and conversations it created about the home were more than we had hoped for.

Viral Marketing In Real Estate

There are millions of homes for sale in the United States right now, so creating a marketing piece with the intent of having it generate viral results takes some effort.

Face it, cute cat videos and stupid pet tricks (while wildly popular for some reason) do not get people talking about a home that is being marketed for sale (of course, if you can think of a way to do this, please leave the idea in the comments below, we'll likely give it a shot).

Because it is so difficult, you will rarely see a viral marketing video that was created...

How To Lower Your Property Taxes If You Bought A Home In Florida

Ben Franklin once said that nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

I can't help you with the former, but here is a tip for reducing the latter.

File For Florida Homestead Tax Exemption

File For Florida Homestead Tax Exemption

Florida Homestead Tax Exemption Application InstructionsIf you purchased a home in 2016 or have never got around to filing, you are graciously...

Why You Should Wait Until Spring To Sell Your Home

Every year we see it, a rush of home sellers enter the market in Spring with the thought of moving prior to the end of Summer.

If you are just like everybody else, perhaps that is what you should do too.

WFLA 100.7 Preston Scott explains why many home sellers are not using smart marketing ... and what they need to do differently

Smart Marketing With Preston Scott WFLA 100.7

We have recently been endorsed by Preston Scott, the top local voice on the radio for the past 30 years in Tallahassee. Needless to say, we are quite honored.

In fact, we find his sound and style so compelling that we took his "voice" and built an...

Foxcroft Listings and Real Estate Report February 2017

It's been five months since we've written about the Foxcroft neighborhood in NE Tallahassee, and that is solely because there is rarely a home on the market that lasts for more than a few days.

All the homes that hit the market last year are sold and gone, leaving just one home available at the time of this writing.

Homes For Sale In Foxcroft

The following homes are the most recent listings in Foxcroft. Bear in mind that both the list and map are dynamic, homes will be added and removed every 15 minutes to reflect what is truly on the market in the Tallahassee MLS. In this hot market, don't be surprised if you see one disappear while you are browsing homes online!



Betton Neighborhoods Listings & Real Estate Report February 2017

Some of the most highly sought homes for sale in Tallahassee are in neighborhoods that begin with "Betton."

Located inside of I-10 in NE Tallahassee, Betton Estates, Betton Woods, Betton Hill, Betton Hills, Betton Oaks and Betton Place have been very popular for nearly 100 years.

Homes For Sale In The Betton Area

The following map and list of homes are the most recent listings in the Betton communities. We update this list of homes every 15 minutes, so you can be assured that this page will always bring you the most up-to-date listings and sales that can be found for all of Betton (bookmark this page if you would like to track them over time).



Listings And Home Sales Report For Bobbin Mill Woods, Bobbin Trace, and Bobbin Brook February 2017

Bobbin Mill Woods, Bobbin Trace, and Bobbin Brook (the "Bobbin" neighborhoods) are three small adjacent luxury home neighborhoods located in Northeast Tallahassee.

Each features large homes on equally large lots, and the inventory is bountiful for buyers.

Currently, there are seven homes for sale in the Bobbin neighborhoods with just two under contract, and more that have been on and off the market over the past few years. The inventory represents more than a year's supply of homes, and that means it's a buyers market for buyers in the Bobbins.

In our last report on the Bobbin neighborhoods, I suggested some sellers should be making changes, as buyers are rejecting their asking prices. Currently, the two under contract are priced below $700K; motivated sellers should take note.


Town N Country Park Listings & Home Sales Report February 2017

Town N Country Park is a centrally located neighborhood that offers homes in the hottest price range for Tallahassee home buyers.

WIth more than 270 homes and within walking distance of dining, entertainment, stores, shops, and the new Centre of Tallahassee, Town n Country Park is hot with buyers for many good reasons.

While 2015 set a ten-year best (in terms of the number of homes sold), sales went even higher in 2016.

Right now, six homes are listed for sale and with none under contract. This is the time of year when the market heats up, but last year we had already seen four homes sold and closed by this time.

Homes For Sale In Town N Country Park

The following map of homes show all current listings in Town N Country...

Tallahassee Housing Forecast: When Is The Next Wave Coming?

Most real estate markets around the US have fully recovered, yet the Tallahassee real estate market continues to lag behind.

Fortunately, there is some hard data that suggests Tallahassee home sales are poised for growth.

Tallahassee Housing Forecast: When Is The Next Wave Of Growth Coming?

The graph above holds a lot of information and I have addressed two key points below which support a forecast of strong home sales in 2017 and beyond:

  1. Current existing home values remain lower than their "normal" or expected levels, thus we are likely to see above-normal appreciation for a while. The yellow line extends...

Are You Shopping For A House Or Looking For A Unicorn?

Tallahassee is just getting accustomed to the lack of inventory of homes in the most-active price ranges.

For example, if you want to buy a home priced from $175K to $225 in NE Tallahassee, it's like trying to find the elusive unicorn.

Are You Shopping For A Home Or Looking For A Unicorn?

Homes For Sale In NE Tallahassee Priced From $175K To $225K

175 225 Ne Tallahassee Idx


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