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Gardens Of Killearn Listings And Housing Report December 2016

If you are interested in finding a nice 3 or 4 bedroom single family home in Northeast Tallahassee, the Gardens of Killearn has three great opportunities right now.

And just like the rest of the Killearn Estates community, buyers are drawn here for its location, location, location.

The Gardens of Killearn serves as the southeast boundary of Killearn Estates, and as one of the final developments there, has some of the newer home (mostly built in the 1990s or a little later).

Homes For Sale In The Gardens of Killearn

The following list of homes are the most recent listings in the Gardens of Killearn.

Gardens Of Killearn


Single Family Detached Homes Leading The Housing Market Recovery

The housing market recovery in Tallahassee is gaining speed, though it is not evenly disbursed among all existing homeowners.

Single family detached homes appear to be recovering faster, though single family attached homes had a strong year in 2016.

When measuring the strength of the housing market, we like to do it by different segments as not everybody is facing the same real estate market conditions in Tallahassee.

High end home sales in the Northwest have a far different supply and demand dynamic than do $250,000 homes in the Northeast.

So while we have published numerous reports on the Tallahassee housing market by area and...

Where Will Buyers Get The Money To Buy A Home In 2017?

When it comes to buying a home, the greatest issue for the majority of buyers is from where to get the money.

Roughly 1 in 4 can pay cash, so that means the remaining 75% of homebuyers need another source of capital.

Many banks and mortgage companies exist solely for the purpose of making home loans, but not all "bank" loans are the same.

We can figure out where homebuyers in 2017 will get their money with a close examination of where buyers in the past were able to find theirs.

Where Buyers Get Their Money

Our first graph shows that in 2016, 97% of homebuyers obtained the money they needed to buy a home from either cash, conventional financing, FHA financing, or through a VA loan. When you throw in USDA loans and owner financing, 99% of all purchases have...

Meadowbrook Listings and Housing Report December 2016

It's been a great year for home sellers in Meadowbrook, as unit sales posted an 11 year high.

Located inside of Capital Circle on the eastern side of Mahan Drive, Meadowbrook has been a hidden "value buy" during the housing market recovery.

We have been recommending buyers looking for three and four bedroom homes shop in Meadowbrook, as these homes built from the 1980s through the 1990s are relatively large and sit on larger home sites, all "close in."

While the days of stealing one of these are finally over (see my "I told you so" previous reports when values were below $100 per square foot), there are still great opportunities to be found in this popular Northeast Tallahassee neighborhood.

Homes For Sale In Meadowbrook

The following list of homes are the most recent listings...

Camelot Park Listings And Housing Report December 2016

Do you need a three or four bedroom home in downtown Tallahassee and want a nice sized yard too?

If so, take a close look at Camelot Park, it likely has what you need at a price you can afford.

With its combination of location, amenities, and affordability, Camelot Park continues to be an exciting choice for Tallahassee's in-town buyers. Some of the nearby opportunities include the Governors Square Mall, Tom Brown Park, the Capital City Amphitheater, dining, entertainment and plenty of other popular activities.

Camelot Park falls within the following Leon County Public school zones:

HELP WANTED! A Tallahassee Job Opening Like No Other

Did you know that it is possible to absolutely love your job?

In fact, if you don't love your job, what the heck are you doing?

Four different Tallahassee job openings are available right now

Tallahassee Job Openings

Joe Manausa Real Estate is growing, and we need more high energy, fun loving, competitive people to help us deliver our brand of customer service to the Tallahassee home selling and home buying community.

Unlike other real estate companies, we only have full-time salaried positions. We pay very attractive salaries, each with fully paid medical insurance, and cap it off with a profit sharing program that ensures that people who want...

Southwood Listings And Real Estate Sales Report December 2016

Southwood is one of the top selling neighborhoods in Tallahassee and it is the largest development on the south side of town.

With easy access to most government office buildings and downtown, Southwood is a great choice for people who work in the downtown area. Additionally, for those buyers who like to head down to the coast on a regular basis, the trip from Southwood can be a full 30 minutes shorter than a trip from some of the popular NE Tallahassee neighborhoods.

Homes For Sale In Southwood

The following map and list of homes feature all of homes for sale in Southwood.

Southwood Idx


Why The Perfect Home Sold Before You Even Knew It Was For Sale

Tallahassee is seeing homes sell within hours of hitting the market, so how does a buyer discover new listings as soon as they are available?

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the perfect home with a "contract pending" sign on it before you even knew it was for sale.

Know about new Tallahassee MLS Listings right away 

Our top-rated real estate buyer agents hear stories all the time from buyers who failed to know about great listings until after they were under contract. Often times, they wish they had been alerted by their former real estate agent so they could have seen the home during the few hours it was available.

Years ago, when...

Three Reasons A Trump Presidency Means Higher Mortgage Interest Rates

Anybody who tells you they know what will happen with mortgage interest rates due to Donald Trump being elected President is taking great liberties with their ability to predict the future.

Nevertheless (and taking great liberties), I think there are some signs that assure us that mortgage interest rates will continue to rise beyond what we have already seen.

What to expect from Trump regarding mortgage interest rates

Three Reasons A Trump Presidency Means Higher Mortgage Interest Rates

  1. The first one is easy. Mortgage interest rates need to move higher. We have been hovering near historical lows for several years and long-term...

Woodland Drives Listings And Home Sales Report December 2016

Woodland Drives is a special neighborhood in downtown Tallahassee, filled with some of the oldest homes in the area.

It features large yards with mature landscaping and is within walking distance of the Florida Capitol building (and shopping, night life, and the entire downtown too).

Homes For Sale In Woodland Drives

Homes For Sale In Woodland Drives

The following map and list of homes are the most recent listings in Woodland Drives. This list is updated every 15 minutes, so you can be assured that this page will always bring you the most up-to-date listings and sales that can be found for Woodland Drives (bookmark this page if this...

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