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Buckhead Listings And Home Sales Report November 2016

The Buckhead neighborhood in Northeast Tallahassee is having another solid year.

With values reaching an all-time high and a scarcity of homes for sale, expect this neighborhood of newer/larger homes to be popular throughout 2017 as well.


Featuring brick and stucco homes from the $400Ks, Buckhead is the community of choice for people seeking a 32309 address and wanting the most current features and amenities in their homes.

Currently, there is only one home for sale in Buckhead, which shouldn't be a great surprise as it is a relatively small neighborhood. In fact, the number of home sales that we'll see in 2017 will only be limited by the number of existing homeowners who decide to put their homes up for sale.

The following Leon County Schools serve the Buckhead...

Weems Plantation Listings & Real Estate Report November 2016

As one of the "boom neighborhoods" that popped up right as the housing market exploded, Weems Plantation in Northeast Tallahassee has been one of our frequently reviewed locations for the past ten years.

Our concern of a massive shadow inventory of homes awash with pent-up supply due to negative equity is slowly eroding as home values move higher.

The current market for homes priced below $200,000 in Tallahassee means that Weems Plantation homeowners are enjoying high levels of demand and and quick sales. Of the five homes currently listed for sale in Weems Plantation, three are already under contract.

Take some time to enjoy the current listings, but also get a better feel for the neighborhood with our graphs of average home price trends, home value trends, and home size trends. Finally, you might appreciate the list of all...

Median And Mean Home Values In Tallahassee Will Rise In 2017

If you own a home in Tallahassee, it is likely gaining value every month.

Sure, there are a few areas where this is not yet so, and there remains a glut of existing homes over $400,000 that are not making gains, but for more than 90% of the Tallahassee real estate market, home values are on the rise.

Median And Mean Home Values In Tallahassee Florida will continue to rise in 2017

The graph above measures both median home values each month (orange dots) and average or mean home values each month (blue dots), and the one-year trend (solid lines) of each is moving higher.

Specifically, home values are moving higher at a faster rate now than we have...

The Glen At Golden Eagle Listings And Real Estate Report November 2016

Do you want to live within a gated community that is zoned for A rated schools?

How about one with golf cart access to the finest golf course in town, built by Tom Fazio?

If this sounds like what you are seeking, perhaps the Glen at Golden Eagle might be your destination.

In our last report on the Glen at Golden Eagle, we warned that the prices for it's home's were so low they wouldn't last ... and now today only one home for sale remains.

Expect rising prices in this popular NE Tallahassee neighborhood when homeowners decide to sell their homes in 2017 and beyond.

Homes For Sale In The Glen

The following list of homes shows all active listings right now in the Glen At Golden Eagle....

Don't Hire A Turkey To Sell Your Home

Happy Thanksgiving Tallahassee!

We wish you a wonderful day and remind you to avoid turkeys when it comes time to sell your home!

Don't Hire A Turkey To Sell Your Tallahassee Home


Tallahassee Home Prices Might Just Surprise You

We often get questions about the price of homes for sale in Tallahassee.

It is rare that sellers think prices are high, and just as rare for buyers to think that prices are low.

But you might be surprised to find that Tallahassee home prices are exactly where we expect them to be.

A Look At Tallahassee Home Prices Over Time

In the graph above, we examine the price of existing homes in Tallahassee (meaning we have eliminated new home sales so that we can isolate the resale market for homeowners).

We have recorded the average single family detached home price each month...

Is There A Best Day Of The Week To Sell A Home?

Here's a tip for anybody who plans on selling a home in 2017.

You can pocket more money if you sell the home on the correct day of the week!

Best Day Of The Week To Sell A Home

First of all, how could anybody possibly know the best day of the week to sell a home?

Well, I try to measure everything (regarding the sale of houses in Tallahassee).

In order to produce the three graphs below, I have looked at the day of the week each contract was executed for all homes sold this year from January 1st through November 21st. Needless to say, this information is fresh and it is current.

First, please take a look at the three graphs that I created from the data, then we will present a likely conclusion.


Chemonie Crossing Listings And Home Sales Report November 2016

Homebuyers looking for larger homes on acreage have been targeting Chemonie Crossing in 2016.

This popular NE Tallahassee neighborhood located off Centerville Road (just beyond Proctor Road) is enjoying its best year for home sales since 2006, and I think you'll see why in this report.

We've gathered all the current listings and all past sales together to make for a comprehensive way assess the market in the Chemonie Crossing neighborhood.

With 214 multi-acre homesites that is mostly built-out with large homes, it is perfect for buyers who favor privacy over a few extra minutes drive to work.

Due to the varying nature of the lot sizes, home ages, and home sizes, we strongly encourage you to work with an expert buyer's agent should you take a serious interest in living in Chemonie Crossing.

The Leon County...

Don't Let USA Today Be Your Source For Real Estate Advice

The newspaper industry has moved to the internet, but never forget that these "media" companies remain in the business of content for money.

If the articles (for example in USA Today) fail to entertain and grab readership, then the organization cannot survive. Because of this, be wary of real estate advice and opinion provided by a national media outlet.

USA Today Real Estate Tips & Recommendations

Reader Questions

I received the following question from a reader:

I am in need of some professional advice.  Almost a year ago while reading the business section...

The Best Real Estate Deals This Week

Every day, I spend time scouring our local Multiple Listing Service (and bank inventories) looking for the best available deals for our clients.

I've been doing this for so many years that I've developed a process that identifies more than half of these automatically.

The Best Deals In The Tallahassee Real Estate Market

Over time, I've been able to engineer some key applications on our website that produce special pages which often contain the best deals on the market, and they are available 24 hours per day.

These pages are continuously updated several times per hour, so the information they contain is as current as what I would find in the MLS itself!...

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