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Is Your Tallahassee House Haunted?

You’d know if your house was haunted… right?

All homes make noises, minor creaks and groans that are easiest to hear at night when all else is quiet. But what about a certifiably haunted house?

Well, to help you figure out whether your house is just settling or if someone/something is settling in .... I found this website that has a map of thousands of “haunted” places all over the world. Take a look around and see who's got a haunted house in Tallahassee.

And even if your home ISN’T haunted, there are still some fun ways to dress it up for Halloween. I found a list of some fun, do-it-yourself decorations. Fall wreaths,...

15,673 People Saw This On Facebook

It’s amazing what people look at and share on Facebook.

I don’t have to tell you that politics gets people riled up…

But with all the pictures of candidates, food, vacations, grumpy cats and funny gifs, you’d be surprised how many people also like to look at homes on Facebook.

In fact, 15,673 people saw, liked, commented on or shared a post we made recently about one of our listings! The ad shown below blew up so fast that we sold the home in hours!

people saw, liked, commented on or shared a post we made recently on Facebook

Facebook has really become...

Killearn Acres Listings And Housing Report October 2016

One of the most active neighborhoods in all of Tallahassee is Killearn Acres, located in the NE quadrant.

Killearn Acres serves as the northern boundary to the larger Killearn Estates, but with 1,400 single family detached homes, it still is one of the larger neighborhoods in Tallahassee and provides a great inventory of 3 and 4 bedroom homes priced just above the median for single family homes.

Buyers are drawn to Killearn Acres as the more affordable opportunity for people who want A-rated schools (Desoto Trail Elementary School, Montford Middle School, and Chiles High School) as well as the other benefits that this area has to offer.


Town N Country Park Listings & Real Estate Sales Report October 2016

There is a great neighborhood by the name of Town N Country Park that offers homes perfect for a large portion of today's home buyers.

It is within walking distance of the new Centre of Tallahassee and contains more than 270 homes, so lets explore this subdivision which appears to be shedding its last remnants of the housing market collapse.

While last year set a ten-year best for this popular centrally located neighborhood (in terms of the number of homes sold), current activity indicates a repeat or better performance for Town N Country Park in 2016.

Right now, four homes are listed for sale and one is under contract. It is scheduled to close today (nice job Michelle Manausa). It happens...

Indian Head Acres And Lehigh Listings And Housing Report October 2016

Have you had a chance to see homes for sale in Indian Head Acres and Lehigh, adjacent neighborhoods in downtown Tallahassee?

They are very popular as their location allows you to walk to shopping, nightlife, Starbucks and the new Cascades Park Amphitheater as well.

There is a wide array of home styles and ages, with the oldest homes approaching 80 years old and the youngest recently built. Basically, there is something for everybody, but you'll want an expert to guide you through valuations that will be heavily reliant on the improvements and upgrades which the homes have received.

Indian Head Acres and Lehigh are zoned for the following Leon County schools:

BEWARE: Lack Of Disclosure From Home Sellers Happens Daily

Home sellers are hiding information that they are supposed to disclose to homebuyers.

We see this often in Tallahassee, and homebuyers better arm themselves or they might find themselves buying a "pig in a poke."

Home sellers are not disclosing known issues about their homes

What Home Sellers Don't Want You To Know

Often times, home sellers fail to disclose a known condition about their home because they did not put much thought into it. While this is wrong, you have to understand that somebody who has lived in a home for 20 years might not immediately remember a minor renovation they did more than 10 years ago.

But there...

The Story Behind This Home Sale Will Surprise You

We are a real estate company and we sold a home, no big surprise there, right?

Well, unless you are an expert in what it takes to sell a home in the digital age, then the story of how we sold this house in just a few days will likely change your thinking forever.

A Short Story About Selling A Home 

Where Home Sellers And Real Estate Agents Make Their First Mistake

Most times a home seller will hire a real estate agent and then HOPE that the agent will find a buyer for their home.

And that is typically a hope shared by the agent.

But ...

What This Real Estate Agent Said Just BLEW MY MIND!

In 26 years of selling real estate in Tallahassee, I've heard agents say some crazy things.

But this past week we received a "confession" from an agent that just blew my mind.

A Crazy Question From A Real Estate Agent

Here is what she said (paraphrased):

Hey, I'm a new agent and my company has not shown me how to fill out a contract. I have a buyer that really likes your listing. Will you help me fill in an offer so my buyer can buy the home?

A Crazy Question For You (or two)

  • Do you think her buyer got the best deal possible?
  • Do you think the buyer even got the home?
  • ...

Killearn Estates Listings & Real Estate Sales Report October 2016

If you want to see a lot of homes for sale, go to where the most homes are selling.

Killearn Estates is the most active neighborhood in Tallahassee, and currently more than 1 in every 4 of the homes for sale are already under contract.

Ultimately, if you are in the market for a home right now, you should know that the 50 available homes (not under contract) are getting a lot of scrutiny from today's hungry homebuyers.

Killearn Estates is served by the following Leon County Schools:

Homes For Sale In Killearn...

Park Charleston Listings & Home Sales Report October 2016

If you are seeking a close-in location in Tallahassee and prefer a newer home, you should add Park Charleston to your list of neighborhoods to explore.

With homes built from 2005 and later, Park Charleston is a NE Tallahassee neighborhood featuring both detached and attached single family homes.

Located just outside of Capital Circle NE on the southern edge of Miccosukee Road, Park Charleston is firmly embedded in the medical district and offers access to dining and shopping too.

The Leon County public schools that serve Park Charleston include:

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