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Why Don't You Fire Your Out Of Date Listing Agent?

Did you know that you can pull up listings in the Tallahassee MLS that still offer incentives for closings that occur before the end of the year?

Just to be clear, I'm referring to LAST YEAR!

Check your real estate agentIf your real estate agent hasn't gotten around to changing your listing information by now, I recommend you check to ensure that your agent is still alive.

I just looked at 3 homes for sale in the Tallahassee MLS, all priced over $350,000, that still had incentives based upon a closing date in 2015.

Now think about it. If your agent hasn't updated the MLS...

Ox Bottom Manor Real Estate Report January 2016

Ox Bottom Manor is a very popular neighborhood in the 32312 zip code, bordered by Ox Bottom Road to the south, Summerbrooke to the north, and Meridian Road to the west.

Homebuyers are actively seeking one of its 700+ homes due to the school zones and amenities in NE Tallahassee.

Buyers were super active in Ox Bottom Manor in 2015, posting the most home purchases in a year since 2004.

As of the writing of this report, there are 7 homes for sale in Ox Bottom Manor, one is already under contract, and you can expect every one that is priced correctly will sell right away.

In this report, we will look at average home prices, average home values, and average home sizes in Ox Bottom Manor, as well as show current listings in the ...

Weems Plantation Home Sales Report January 2016

Weems Plantation had a very good year for home sales in 2015.

The Weems neighborhood represents a good example of a "boom neighborhood", one that was built and sold-out very close to the expansion years of the housing market. This means the threat of pent-up supply will be present for years, so we must keep a vigilant watch on homeowner activity in Weems.

Barring a mass exodus, Weems Plantation's popular location on the northeast side of Tallahassee just south of the Buck Lake Road and Mahan intersection will continue to draw buyers seeking an excellent location.

In this report, we will look at average home price trends, value trends, and size trends of homes sold in Weems Plantation, as well as all current listings in the ...

Betton Area Housing Report January 2016

If you are seeking the ultimate in "location, location, location," then you likely will take a long look at the Betton Area.

The popular Northeast Tallahassee neighborhoods are located inside of I-10 and along Thomasville Road just north of midtown, and comprise the heart of the 32308 zip code.

The Betton area (Betton Hills, Betton Hill, Betton Woods, Betton Estates, Betton Place and Betton Oaks) has been highly popular with homebuyers for the past 80 years, and I suspect the next 80 will be no different.

We have compiled average home prices, home values, and home size trends in Betton, and we include all current Betton area listings in the Tallahassee MLS and all closed home sales going back...

Hey Homebuyer, Are You Really In A Bidding War?

Hey Homebuyer, Are You Really In A Bidding War?

I ask you this, because if you plan on buying a home in Tallahassee within the next few months, you are likely to be told that you are bidding against another buyer for the home. But will that be truth?

A Dilemma For Homebuyers

Hey Homebuyer, Are You Really In A Bidding War?So you find the home of your dreams and decide to make an offer. Your agent writes up the offer and calls the listing agent to submit the offer.

The listing agent says (or so you are told by your buyer's agent) that the seller has already received...

Tallahassee Zing - Hidden Agenda Or Just Ignorance?

If you have something to say ... step up and say it.

But say it and own it.

The Tallahassee Democrat's daily Zing! attracts anonymous comments, which by definition is not a "zing."

Anonymous OpinionA true "zing" requires quick wit. The wit I see in most Zing!'s is of the nit variety.

The Urban Dictionary defines a zing as "An interjection commonly used after making a witty joke at someone else's expense while they are present."

Note that it says "while they are present."

But Tallahassee Democrat readers use the daily Zing! to attempt being funny, at somebody else's expense,...

Piney Z Real Estate Report January 2016

Piney Z is a 15ish year old Tallahassee neighborhood that has much to offer buyers who favor an active lifestyle.

Walking trails, lakes, Tom Brown Park and Lincoln High School are all within walking distance, and the homes are all relatively new.

If you are planning on buying a home in Northeast Tallahassee, then consider the Piney Z neighborhood with "access to everything."

Our Piney Z neighborhood report shows graphs featuring average home prices, home values, and home sizes in Piney Z, as well as all current listings in the Tallahassee MLS and all closed home sales in Piney Z going back to 1999 when the first homes were built and sold.

For each of the three real estate graphs found in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns,...

Indian Head Acres And Lehigh Home Sales Report January 2016

My favorite street names can be found in the Indian Head Acres neighborhood in central Tallahassee.

Names like "Heechee Nene" and "Toochin Nene" are there to remind you that this is Seminole Territory, and these Seminole Indian Trails are a great place to live.

You will find Indian Head Acres and it's southern neighbor on the east side of Magnolia Drive, just south of Apalachee Parkway. Homes here were constructed from the 1940s to recent times, so this is one part of town where you really have to qualify the "effective age" of a home based upon is current level of renovation or modernization.

Recent buyers have told us they love these two neighborhoods due to their proximity to shopping, nightlife, Starbucks and the new Cascades Park Amphitheater. You hardly need a car if you choose to live in Lehigh or Indian Head Acres.


Killearn Lakes Plantation Housing Report January 2016

Killearn Lakes Plantation was the top selling neighborhood (again) in the Tallahassee real estate market in 2015.

When you ask homeowners what's so special about Killearn Lakes, they respond with the community motto ... “You’ll Love Your Neighbors!”

Scores of walking trails, parks, and lakes creates a friendly and close-knot community. Wildlife is still very much active in the area, as it is not uncommon to see fox, bald eagles, deer and turkey roaming throughout the conservation easements.

KLP is the largest, most active neighborhood in the 32312 zip code and continuously ranks among the top 3 places to live in Tallahassee.

To provide a clear picture for home sales activity occurring in KLP, our report includes graphs of home prices, home values, and home sizes, as well as current listings...

How To Be A Cash Buyer With No Money Of Your Own

Everybody knows that "cash is king" and that cash buyers have an edge in the real estate market.

If you are planning on buying a home in Tallahassee in the coming months and you know you'll need to borrow money, does this mean you have to be at a disadvantage to the fortunate buyers who are currently paying cash?

Well, not if you know how to be a cash buyer with little or no money of your own!

Why Cash Is King In Real Estate

Negotiate to win in real estateThey say that cash is king in real estate, but have you ever wondered why?

In order to understand this phenomenon, where a seller will take...

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