How To Build A House In Less Than Ten Minutes

I will be away from the computer for the next few days so I thought I would post a quick note about something that I find completely fascinating.

Amazingly, you're going to see a home built from the ground-up in just ten minutes.

A good friend of mine, Rod Presnell, built a large home near where I live.

I took a picture of it almost every day as it went through each cycle of construction.

When completed, I assembled it into a movie and posted the Watch A  Home Being Built movie on YouTube as a way to see a home being built, from start to finish, in a relatively quick time.

Watch A Home Being Built

Please watch the video below and if you like it (it is the first video I've created), please give it a "thumbs up" on Youtube to help spread the word.

What I find so amazing is that this video has been viewed more than 130,000 times.

Please comment on the video (did you like the music?) and then share with anybody else you know that will find it either entertaining or enlightening. Help push this to a million views!

While it is not a viral miracle by today's standards, I do find it amazing nevertheless. I hope you enjoy the show!

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