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Victoria Shelton
Communications Specialist
Office: Joe Manausa Real Estate Office

Victoria has lived near or in Tallahassee her entire life. Born and raised in Crawfordville, just 20 minutes south of Tallahassee, Victoria attended Florida State University to earn her Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees.

During her time at Florida State, Victoria became involved in research, and discovered her love for writing and networking. Victoria has been published multiple times in peer-reviewed research journals and presented at various national and state conferences.

Due to a passion for helping and serving others, Victoria and her husband moved to Tallahassee in 2014 to work as Family Teachers at Boys Town where they lived with and cared for girls in foster care. Victoria then transitioned into a supervisory role where she supported and trained other Family Teachers.

In the various career roles she has held, Victoria has always thrived in those that require high levels of communication and organization. After several years working in direct care social services, Victoria decided to branch out to the private sector and joined Joe Manausa Real Estate as a Communications Specialist.

When she is not working, Victoria enjoys DIY projects and outdoor adventures. You can often find her and her husband building something or playing outdoors with their two border collies, Leeland and Maverick.


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Waverly Hills Home Listings And Housing Report June 2019

Waverly Hills Home Listings And Housing Report June 2019

Waverly Hills is located along the west side of Thomasville Road just north of Midtown, only minutes away from everything to include shopping, dining, parks, entertainment, and major traffic thoroughfares. If you're looking to live in a "real" Tallahassee neighborhood, make sure you include the homes in Waverly Hills which are built around a small pond and sit on nice-sized lots.

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