Cay Newell
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Cay Newell
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Cay Newell

Cay was born and raised in Alabama, but has been a Floridian since her teens. After graduating from high school, Cay attended Florida Junior College in Jacksonville, Florida before joining the workforce. 

Cay moved to Tallahassee in 1990 with her husband, Dave Newell.  Cay and Dave have three children. Caitlin is 33 and works in Property Management in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Emily is 28 and works as a veterinary tech in Pensacola, Florida.  Jacob is 24 and works as an Assistant Manager for a Dispensary in Pueblo, Colorado. In June of 2022, Cay and Dave welcomed their first grandson, Maverick, who lives in Pensacola, Florida.

Cay has worked in the real estate field for all forty years of her professional career, spending fourteen years on the lending side of real estate.  In 1994, Cay began working for the Department of Environmental Protection, Division of State Lands. Cay began her career with the DEP, as the Personal Assistant to the Division Director, working directly with Land Acquisition Agents, as well as State of Florida Cabinet Aides, to acquire State Lands to be used for Conservation purposes, or State Parks. Cay moved to the Bureau of Land Acquisition, where she was responsible for the Closing Section for the Division of State Lands. In this role, Cay was responsible for ensuring the due diligence was performed for any contract approved by the Governor and Cabinet, and making sure all closings were completed in a timely manner.  After leaving the State of Florida, Cay worked as a Property Manager, responsible for over 250 rental properties.

In 2015, Cay joined the Joe Manausa Real Estate team, as the Transaction Coordinator. Since 2018, Cay has held the role of Office Manager.  Although it took her almost thirty-two years, Cay has finally found her final stop in her career.
Cay loves spending time with her family, and travels to visit them every chance she gets.  Her favorite hobbies include boating, or any activity on the water, and playing with her fur babies, Bella, Honey, Bailey and Callie.  Cay is an avid Auburn fan, so on any Saturday during the Fall, if she isn't attending an Auburn football game, she is somewhere watching her Tigers!  

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