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Amy Mclean
Office: Joe Manausa Real Estate Office
Office: 850-888-0888

Amy has always considered Tallahassee her home town (after all, she was born here). She does know the ins and outs of moving, packing, and unpacking since she has moved over 15 times mostly due to her father being a contract consultant. Amy finally settled in Tallahassee about 15 years ago.

Amy has worked in administrative/clerical positions for almost 20 years now. She was employed by one of the largest realty companies in the area while residing in upstate New York. During her employment there she developed an interest for more knowledge of different aspects in the real estate world. 

After Amy recently became a single mom of her two sweet and loving daughters, Genevieve who is 7 and Kaydence who is 5, she was presented with the opportunity to experience a new adventure with Joe Manausa Real Estate that she couldn't pass up. Amy and her daughters love to read books, watch movies and spend time with their family every chance they get. Family is important to Amy. Her family is deep rooted in Tallahassee since they have been in this area since the early seventies. 

Amy's friends and family describe her as meticulous, loyal, and dedicated. Her mantra is "Carpe diem, always live each day to the fullest."

Amy is excited to join our team and is looking forward to assisting our company and our clients. It's time to find your forever home with Amy's help. 

What The Increase In Tallahassee Realtors Means For Real Estate Consumers

What The Increase In Tallahassee Realtors Means For Real Estate Consumers

The real estate market continues to out-perform previous years going back more than 10 years, yet the average Realtor in Tallahassee is selling fewer homes. This might appear to be just "industry news" for those in real estate, but home sellers and buyers should pay attention to what it also means for them.

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