Tallahassee Eagle Scouts Need Your Help

Posted by Joe Manausa on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 10:13am.

I received an email from my Mother yesterday that brought a smile to my face, it was filled with pictures of my brothers and myself, each taken on the day that we became Tallahassee Eagle Scouts. Of course, the email went out to "all the boys," and it did not take long before the whole family was trading barbs back and forth.

Then came the simple email from my sister-in-law Nikky (married to Bo). She had to make it a competitive issue (something you really don't want to do in a family of all boys). She simply wrote:

I married the best looking scout.

Now anybody who has seen my youngest brother Bo would immediately chuckle at this comment, because we all know my older brother Mike has the Hollywood looks in the family. Bo had to become a Doctor because it was the only way anybody would take him seriously.

I figured that rather than take my word at it, I would just simply ask our wise and practical readers to choose the Tallahassee Eagle Scout who is best looking so that we can put this issue to rest once and for all. I have included a very simple ballot form at the bottom of this blog, if you would just choose the obvious choice I will tally-up the votes and announce the consensus "Best Looking Tallahassee Eagle Scout" from among the four finalists.

For those of you who know our family, there are five boys. The eldest, Trent, nearly made Eagle Scout, but he was too busy becoming an All-American swimmer in high school to complete the last step. Of course, he would have no chance at the "best looking" category anyway.

Help 4 Tallahassee Eagle Scouts

Here they are, in age order, so that you will be able to make your selection below:

1. Mike Manausa Picture of Tallahassee Eagle Scout Mike Manausa
2. Joe Manausa Picture of Tallahassee Eagle Scout Joe Manausa
3. Danny Manausa Picture of Tallahassee Eagle Scout Mike Manausa
4. Bo Manausa Picture of Tallahassee Eagle Scout Mike Manausa
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The Boy Scouts Could Use Your Help

OK, so here's the part of the blog where I ask for a little help... Take 5 minutes and a few bucks to help the Boy Scouts out. No matter where you live, this link will allow your donation to be used in your local market area. Click this link, even if you only give $10, you can help this great organization that produces solid Americans.

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